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Spelling It Out to Teenage Fluffies


This flyer is aimed at 16 year old girls.

You are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your lives, that will have repercussions on you getting a future husband, having a baby, and your standard of living, so please pay attention, it is really, really important for you.

You are about to decide for your junior and senior years at high school, whether you will study the “soft option” or the “hard option” or as you might call it euphemistically the “career option” or the “creative option.” In concrete terms it means you have to choose whether to study calculus and the sciences on the one hand or the less analytic subjects on the other, such as English literature, history, languages etc.

If you choose NOT to study calculus and the sciences in the final two years of high school, i.e. the “hard option” then that choice will have consequences, and perhaps, and in fact very probably, severe consequences for you for the rest of your life

I hope I’m beginning to scare you, because that is the intention.

So, what will probably happen to you if you choose not to study the hard option?

In a nutshell, you will probably not only not have a baby, you will probably not even get a man, and if that happens, you may spend the rest of your life, manless, loveless, babyless and poor.

Why do I say this?

To understand why, you need to know some background facts, that I give you now.

In the 70s, the fluffie feminists took over the divorce courts. A fluffie is a masculist (men’s libber) label for a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite on a man’s money. She expects she will find some manslave who will pay for a middle class house that she can have her kids in.

The feminists were powerful in the 70s and persuaded male feminist gender politicians to create new divorce laws that were highly favorable to fluffie wives, and toxic to the divorcing husbands.

About one married man in four in today’s America will be financially massacred by a divorce. He will typically a) Lose custody of his kids with about 90% probability. b) He will lose his house to his ex wife who will use it to raise HER kids in. c) He will have to pay child support to kids he will barely see, maybe twice a month on weekends. d) If his wife is a fluffie, he may have to pay her alimony, so that she can remain being a fluffie after the divorce the way she was before the divorce, with no legal or moral obligation on her to become a FIP (financially independent person) and stop living off her ex husband’s money.

Young men watched what was happening to their fathers and older male friends and came to the conclusion that “MARRIAGE IS TOXIC!” With the odds of a married man being one in four of being financially massacred in a divorce, it is not surprising that young men have decided that these odds are too risky, and have decided to boycott marriage and having kids.

The reality in the US today, is that about 70% (two thirds) of young men under 35, refuse to marry and refuse to have kids. By the time you are in your 30s with your biological clock ticking hard, you will look around for some man to be the father of your kid(s) and to help pay for them. But by the time you are in your 30s, i.e. two decades later, the proportion of men who will be willing to take the risk of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system will probably be under 10%. By then, most males will have the attitude that “Only dumb, uninformed men marry nowadays. They don’t know about  the toxicity of divorce.”

In the US, half of marriages end in divorce. In Belgium its 70%. 70% of divorces are started by women. So potentially about a third (0.5*0.7=0.35) of divorcing husbands in the US could be financially massacred. Since not all divorcing wives want to destroy their ex husbands financially, the actual figure is closer to about a quarter of married men have their lives destroyed by vindictive, bitter, divorcing wives.

OK, that’s the background knowledge, so how does it affect you and your choice whether or not to choose the “hard option”. You can probably guess already where all this is going.

Largely as a result of the toxicity for men of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, men’s lib groups started up. One branch is called MGTOW (men going their own way) who are men who refuse to marry, and refuse to have kids. They spend their money on themselves and utterly refuse to be manslaves to fluffies, whom they see as “immoral, parasitic, manslaving, vermin” to be wiped out (not by killing them, but by refusing to have relationships with them, forcing them to “rot on the shelf to extinction.”

Some MGTOWs don’t even date or sex women. Others date and sex women, but that’s all. When the woman starts talking seriously about having kids, she gets dumped.

Many MGTOWs live the so-called “twaytwef” lifestyle, i.e. “2A2F” = two apartments, two FIPs (financially independent persons) i.e. the man and the woman have a relationship with each of them being FIPs and each having their own apartment.  There is no marriage, no kids, and no financial parasitism of one on the other, because both are FIPs. When the relationship fails, they return to their own apartments. There is no divorce because there was no marriage, no child payments, because no children, no alimony because the woman is a FIP.

Lets jump ahead two decades, when you are in your 30s and your biological clock is ticking and you want a kid. Well, you’re not going to get one easily. Probably by then, about 90% of men will refuse to give you a kid. You could go to a bar and pick up some male slob and get pregnant from him, but the quality of the kid you’ll have will be a big disappointment in your later life.

So you wont have a kid, until the gender politicians change the gender laws, e.g. making the divorce laws fair to men, and bringing in a Parer (paternity rejection right) so that men are given the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy (equivalent to the Marer, maternity rejection right) the way women can since the 70s, commonly called the abortion right. The fact that no country has a Parer is a major sexual discrimination against men and makes the MGTOWs and masculists (men’s libbers) very angry.

SO no kid, but how about even getting a man? If you become a FIP (- starting to get the picture?) you might be able to persuade some FIP male to twaytwef with you. So at least you may get a man, and get regular sex and companionship, but no kid.

But say you are a fluffie, hoping to find some manslave, some robot male, who is prepared to pay for you to live in the middle class house that you cannot afford to buy yourself because you are a fluffie. What will your fate be if you are a fluffie?

Pretty grim. You wont get a man. Men will sex you with an attitude of “pump and dump” because they see you as only a “cunt on legs.” They will quickly learn that you are a fluffie and that you want, you need, a manslave to have a decent standard of living.

But in two decades, fluffies will be shunned, avoided like the plague, because masculism (men’s lib) will be as much part of the social fabric as is feminism now. Nearly all men will avoid fluffies. They will absolutely refuse to be manslaves to fluffies.

So you will be used sexually. You will be pumped and dumped in a regular pattern, and you will not find a man (with high probability) who is prepared to have a kid with you and is prepared to pay for most of the costs involved.

You may become increasingly bitter towards men, moaning “Where have all the good men gone?” Your fluffie moaning will only repel men all the more, and you will lock yourself into a vicious circle. Your fluffiness will make the FIP males avoid you. They will choose only FIP women to have twaytwef relationships with. They wont go near a fluffie.

So, let’s spell it out. If you choose to study the “soft option” for the next 2 years in high school, you will be excluded from studying “FIP major” subjects at university, such as the professions (medicine, dentistry, architecture, law, etc) or the techs (math, physics, computer science, engineering, chemistry, etc) because these FIP majors have as prerequisites for entry into their departments at university, a knowledge of high school calculus and the sciences.

In other words, “No calculus, no baby!” If you choose to study the soft option at 16, you will be forced to study what the masculists call “fluffie crap” at university, i.e. the soft option subjects such as English literature, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc). These soft option majors will cause you to earn a lot less money after you graduate than the professions and the techs, i.e. the FIP majors.

You will then be much more likely to be unable to afford on your own to buy a middle class house, so you will start looking around for some manslave, some robot male, to have him pay for your lifestyle. But you wont find one (very probably) because the supply of such men will have dried up by the time you are in your 30s. Women then will be under enormous moral pressure to be FIPs. Society will be using slogans, such as “Be FIP or be manless!” “Fluffies can rot on the shelf.” “No calculus, no baby!”

You will not get a man, and you will not have a baby, and you will live a rather impoverished life because you are NOT a FIP. You cant afford a middle class lifestyle because you did not have a FIP major education at university. You were excluded from entering the FIP major departments at university, because you did not take FIP major subjects at high school. You chose the soft option, the fluffie crap option, and now you are paying the price. You are now a fluffie, you are shunned by society, you are manless, loveless, sexless, babyless and poor, and its all your own damned fault, because you were too lazy to “woman up” to tackle the hard option.

So, there you have it, young woman! You should study the hard option when you’re 16, or you will have a miserable future, as is spelt out above. If you at least want to get a man, in a twaytwef relationship, then you must be a FIP. If you do become a FIP, I hope you will join men (MGTOWs, masculists) in pushing the gender politicians to make the gender laws (divorce, Parer, etc) menfair. Only then will men be prepared to start having kids again.

If men continue to refuse to marry and have kids, then with the younger generation reproducing only a third of their number, the US population gets wiped out in a mere century (a third of a third of a third of a third is about 1%, so the US population is decimated. The gender politicians MUST react sooner or later. With you becoming a FIP and joining with the MGTOWs and masculists to put political pressure on the gender politicians, perhaps you can help in turning things around.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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