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In todays western colleges, about two thirds of female students are studying what the masculists call “fluffie crap” i.e. non FIP subjects that will almost inevitably result in these women becoming fluffies in their 30s when they start looking around for some robot male manslave to pay for the middle class house she wants to raise her kids in.

FIP majors are more valued by the economy because the students studying them, learn real skills that make them useful to the employers, so they get paid a lot more, e.g. the professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, architecture, law, etc) or the techs (computer science, engineering, math, physics, chemistry, geology, etc).  Fluffie majors, i.e. non FIP majors (e.g. psychology, philosophy, English lit, women’s studies, sociology, arts, history, etc) do not teach students economically valuable skills on the whole, so they earn much less on graduation, so they will be much less able to afford to buy a middle class house on their own income, so they will then start looking for a manslave to help them or to pay for it all. They will choose to become immoral parasitic manslaving vermin.

Masculists have a hatred of fluffies. Fluffies are manslavers. They expect men to work for them without payment by the female, i.e. manslavery is slavery, and slavery is a war issue. The masculists/MGTOWs are at war against the fluffies, who are labeled, immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin. The primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe them out by refusing to have relationships with them, forcing them to rot on the shelf to extinction.

With the fluffies removed, that leaves only FIP women, and with nearly all women being FIPs, most the gender role problems that men face would be solved overnight. The gender politicians would then pass menfair gender laws, the divorce courts would be reformed, the Parer (paternity rejection right) would be legislated, etc. The realization that the FIPping of fluffies would solve men’s gender problems, is why masculists place such critical importance on wiping out the fluffies, so that all  women become FIPs, to create a FIP Society.

Given that about two thirds of todays college female students are studying fluffie crap, implies that the other third are studying FIP majors, so are much more likely to become FIPs, earning good income so that they can become by definition, financially independent persons.

This fraction of a third, gives masculists, and MGTOWs who choose to date and sex women, a powerful tool, a potent means, to punish fluffies for being fluffies, who expect to be able to manslave a man. This tool, can be expressed in the form of a simple masculist slogan “Fuck Only FIPs” i.e. don’t fuck fluffies.

All women know that their primary attraction to men are their vaginas. Men evolved that way. It is a biological universal that males want to put their penises in females vaginas. I have a female dog. When she gets in heat and I put her on a leash, male dogs will go to enormous lengths to follow her until I eventually get in the elevator to my apartment. One dog, smarter than the rest, actually got out at my floor outside my door, waiting for someone to come out.

So, if masculists and MGTOWs go on a political campaign not to fuck fluffies, that will be a major insult to them. Fluffies will interpret this visceral rejection as a real insult, a real slap in their faces, that masculists/MGTOWs so despise them, that “THEY WONT EVEN FUCK THEM!”

MGTOWs/masculists now have plenty of FIP women they can fuck instead, because a third of female college students study FIP majors, so roughly a third of female graduates are FIPs. That’s millions of FIP women, so masculists/MGTOWs can direct their penises at these women and let the fluffies rot on the shelf, not only not wanting to marry them, not wanting to give them babies, but they don’t even want to fuck them, the ultimate insult, a clear message of how despised fluffies are by men’s libbers.

As word gets out that masculists/MGTOWs refuse even to fuck fluffies, that will scare a lot of young women, as they learn that not only wont they get a husband, no babies, but they wont even get penised by men, no dates, no male attention, only hatred and contempt. Young women will be strongly influenced by this attitude and political campaign of the MGTOWs/masculists as their influence amongst men spreads and spreads.

This fear of young female students will motivate them more to choose FIP majors in high school at age 16, when they usually make a choice between the hard option (math and sciences) or the soft option (non analytical subjects, where opinion is often more important than facts and reason.)

The real damage done by women to men, from the masculist perspective, occurs at age 16, when the majority of young women choose the soft, easier, option, thus locking them into the soft option at college, because they do not have the prerequisites studied at high school to enter a FIP major department at university. Thus the critical decision to become a fluffie is taken at age 16 by young women, so the masculist emphasis of scaring fluffies into becoming FIPs needs to be directed at these young women. “Be FIP, or be manless!” can be made even more explicit “Be FIP or be dry!” (i.e. her vagina will  not have the opportunity to moisten to accommodate a penis.)

Imagine this political campaign to reject fluffies sexually by the masculists/MGTOWs catches on strongly, then we can expect in the near future a conversation like the following. Two male high school friends are chatting about a girl that one of them knows better than the other.

B1 : “I really have the hots for Jill.” B2 : “Jill, oh stay away from her. She’s a fluffie. She’s intellectually lazy and chose the soft option. If you want to help men get liberated, choose that girl you said you had the hots for last month. Jane wasn’t it?” B1 : “Yeh, Jane’s not bad. I wouldn’t mind getting into her panties.” B2 : Well, she’s in my math and physics classes and wants to do electronic engineering she told me. She wont parasite on some manslave in the future.” B1 : “Hmm, ok. I have a hatred of fluffies. Don’t we all. Look what they do to men in the divorce courts, to those men still stupid enough to marry and have kids. So, OK, I’ll try to date Jane. It will be cheaper too, because she is a real FIP woman and expects to pay half. Thanks for the warning.”

Fluffies are hated by the masculists, because they are manslavers. They expect a man to work for them without payment. To help wipe them out, masculists/MGTOWs can “slap them in the face” by deeply viscerally insulting them by refusing not only to marry them, to give them babies, but NOT EVEN FUCKING THEM, the ultimate insult a woman can receive from a man.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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