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I define a gender crime to be a criminal act committed by a member of one gender against a member of the other gender. For example, a man raping a woman, would be a gender crime. Prison rape of a man by a man, although obviously a crime, is not a gender crime, by definition. Since I’m a masculist, this flyer concentrates on the major gender crimes committed by women against men. I will list some of them first, and then elaborate on them later.

Some of the major gender crimes that women commit against men are :- fluffie crapping, manslavery, financial massacring when divorcing, misandry, gender lying, gynocratic oppression, etc.


Fluffie Crapping is when young women, aged about 16, decide to study fluffie crap, i.e. the intellectually easier majors at high school, i.e. the “soft option”, not the “hard option” of math and the sciences, in their final two years of high school. This is seen as a gender crime by masculists because these fluffie crappers (well over three quarters of young women at US high schools) then doom themselves to becoming fluffie crappers at university, because the STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) departments reject them from studying STEM majors because these fluffie crappers did not study math and the sciences at high school. So fluffie crappers graduate with a fluffie crap diploma, that the economy does not value much, so that these fluffie crappers are then, for the most part, unable to afford to buy themselves a middle class house to raise their kids in, so they then look around in their 30s for some manslave to pay for her to have a house, pay for the kids, and pay for her.

Masculists/MGTOWs see fluffie crappers as lazy, immoral, parasitic and contemptible, and committing a gender crime, because these young women are making a decision to become a manslaver, and manslavery in slavery, and slavery in a war issue, and the masculists/MGTOWs are at war against the fluffies. Hence fluffie crapping is equivalent to deciding to be a manslaver, to sexploit some gullible manslave, and live off his money, living off his labor, while she sits on her fat parasitic arse, living in his house, to raise her kids, with him paying for it all. Masculists piss on fluffie crappers, and advise men strongly, not to have anything to do with them, not even sexing them, as a form of punishing them for choosing to be manslavers. Fluffie crappers are vermin to be wiped out, by being ignored to extinction.


There are millions of women who live their whole lives parasiting off the money of a man. Look at the Japanese and Korean wives, who don’t have a job and live off the salary of their husbands. In Japan, the average salary man works 11 hour days, 3 hour commute times, comes home so late, he doesn’t see his kids who are already asleep, so he becomes a stranger to them. He gives over his pay check each month to his totally fluffie wife, who then gives him a small allowance, and spends the rest of it on the kids, the household, and herself. This is slavery indeed. No wonder in Japan, there are the “herbivore” men, a social movement of young men under 35, 70% of whom refuse the traditional salaryman role of the male, who refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their time and money on themselves.

Herbivores have been doing this for a decade or so longer than the MGTOWs in the US, so the Japanese population is starting to fall as a result of the herbivore rejection of paternity. The Japanese politicians are so concerned about the Japanese population being wiped out in a mere century, that they have appointed a “Minister of Population” who so far has only pushed men to “man up,” utterly missing the point that being a manslave to some Jap fluffie is the opposite of what they want. The minister of population needs to study some MGTOW/masculist ideas, and then make some radical changes, e.g. pushing Japanese women to become FIPs, so that men are more prepared to be fathers, and to reform the divorce laws, so that men are not financially massacred in them, etc.


One of the main ideas of the MGTOWs is what they call the “red pill,” i.e. the idea that women do not love men for their personalities, but for their exploitability. A woman’s vagina is more likely to moisten at the site of a rich man leaning up against a Lamborghini, than the same man in a McDonald’s uniform. Women evolved to sexploit men for resources, because women were so dependent on men giving them protein from the hunt, so that women could feed themselves and their babies. They evolved to become the sexiest of mammals to bribe men with their vaginas to give them protein. This makes perfect Darwinian sense. Women evolved to choose the most exploitable man she could get her financial claws into, a trait that is usually labeled “hypergamy.” If a more exploitable man comes along, she will coldly drop her current man and begin sexing the new guy.

To see the true colors of women, and their attitudes towards men, consider the fact that roughly one married woman in four in the US will willingly financially massacre her husband in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court, forcing him to lose his kids, his house, pay child support and often alimony. So many women do this, that there is even a market for “divorce parties.” The fact that so many women feel no compassion towards the men whose lives they are ruining, shows what women really think of men.

This financial massacring is a major crime, and has to be stopped. This financial massacring in the divorce courts is the major reason for the rise of the MGTOW movement in western countries. Millions of young men see what happened to their fathers, and vow not to repeat the same mistake, so they go MGTOW, they refuse to marry, they refuse to have kids, they refuse to spend money on women, they spend their money and their time on themselves. Many MGTOWs are so pissed off with women’s true nature, i.e. the red pill, that they don’t even date women, which is commonplace in Japan amongst the herbivore men. In the US and Japan today, 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids. This phenomenon is the most important of our era, because if it continues, then whole populations get wiped out in a mere century. It is critically important that this major gender crime be stopped.


Feminism (the second and third waves) have been around for half a century, so most young and middle aged women have absorbed its lessons, with the result that they tend to see men as the enemy, and use their new found career power, especially in the media,  to put men down, making them look stupid and ineffective. This misandry has to stop, because we are talking about a mishandling of half the population, i.e. men. Boys are surrounded by a majority of primary school teachers who are female, and increasingly at high school as well, even in the sciences and math. When these males get to university, the majority (60%) of students are female. They feel they are living in a female dominated world, and absorb the constant put downs from women, from the media, TV, and Hollywood. No wonder, 70% of young men refuse to marry and refuse to have kids. They are fed up, and are going on strike. Society has to change, or our population gets wiped out.

Masculists particularly need to harangue these misandrist feminists, teaching them that women oppress men too, and that men are going on strike in massive numbers, that there is a massive backlash against feminists by men. Men are expressing their hatred against feminazi bitches at a growing rate, so that young women are seeing this hatred, and are learning to suppress their feminist leanings, so that they do not suffer immediate rejection by men, because women evolved to want babies. Raising babies as a single mother is not easy, so most women want to have a man around who will help out with the finances, so cannot afford to piss off men the way the feminazi bitches do (who are then punished by men who reject them as the first category of female to be avoided.)

MGTOWs/masculists need to approach the media, and teach society, the teachers, the professors, the gender politicians, that men need to be respected, because in reality, men are the superior sex, as shown by any scientifically measurable test. Men have a greater GMV (greater male variance) on such tests so have better scores at the top end of the scale, e.g. men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so it is not surprising that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes and all the Abel prizes (math).

If all the females suddenly died, men would survive quite readily for another century, since they are capable of running a modern society. If all the males suddenly died, then the female population would crash catastrophically back to the Stone Age, because females are incapable of running a modern society.


Feminism is too often just PC bullshit, not caring much about scientific accuracy, believing what they want to believe, without evidence, rather like the religionists. There is so much gender lying coming from the feminists, for example, saying that women are just as capable as men. Crap! The genii are males. Men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes. Men vastly outperform women in general achievement, dominating the entries in the Who’s Who books. Men have much higher testosterone levels than women, so are more aggressive, more ambitious, more dogged and persist at completing difficult tasks, whereas women are more wishy washy and give up more easily.

MGTOWs/masculists need to push the idea onto society, that men are the superior sex, and kill two birds with one stone, i.e. counter the feminist misandry, and raise men’s status in society, by attacking the women who push their feminist gender lies onto boys and the media. When young boys hear that men are the superior sex, that will galvanize them and give them pride instead of being constantly deflated by the current misandry, and feminist hegemony of the gender ideas spread in the schools and the media.


There is real gynocratic oppression of men occurring in the divorce courts. This monstrosity has to stop, and that is what MGTOW/masculism/MRM is largely about. Another major gender crime is the lack of a Parer, a blatant sexual discrimination against men. Women have the Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right) but men have no Parer (paternity rejection right) so that he can refuse an unwanted pregnancy, so that if the woman continues the pregnancy, then she is legally obliged to pay the full costs of the kid.

Fluffies fight the Parer tooth and nail. They know full well that if the Parer comes in, then that will force women, all women, to become FIPs (financially independent persons) and to have to grow up and take full responsibility for their own lies, instead of expecting some manslave to solve their financial problems for them. The lack of a Parer is a major oppression against men, strongly pushed by fluffie feminists, in all their hypocrisy.

Most feminists are fluffies in their attitudes towards men. They have had their feminist consciousness raised, but not their masculist consciousness, because most feminists have never even heard of MGTOW or masculism, so by default they have traditional attitudes towards males, i.e. they see men as cash machines, to be sexploited for women’s financial benefit. With masculists pushing hard for the legislation of the Parer, women will be forced to become FIPs, to become adults, to grow up, to take responsibility for their own lives, a prospect that scares most fluffies shitless. Fluffie feminists are profoundly hypocritical, because they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want equal rights for women, but not equal obligations for women. They still want to be able to parasite off men instead of being adult female FIPs.

There are many other examples of gender crimes that women commit against men. The above are just some of the main ones.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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