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There are so many MGTOWs/masculists nowadays, that alternative male lifestyles are flourishing. This flyer talks about these alternative lifestyles. Traditionally a man was a manslave to a fluffie. She stayed at home and raised the kids (hardly a full time job) and he earned the living to keep the whole family afloat financially. Now however, with the fluffie feminists having taken over the divorce courts, making divorce and hence marriage toxic for men, millions of young men are now adopting alternative lifestyles. They reject being manslaves for fluffies, and go their own way, spending their money on themselves, doing what they love, and to hell with women and kids.

Research shows that the happiest couples are childless and the unhappiest couples have teenage kids. The teen time is half of childhood, so why have kids at all?! Women are genetically programmed to want kids, but men aren’t, or much less so. As a result of the above factors, millions of men in western countries and Japan have rejected the manslave role and are branching out in a gamut of alternative life styles for men.

Consider what a man can do if he rejects being a manslave to a fluffie. He can spend his money on himself, doing what he loves and for a sizable fraction of his life. There are lots of options open to him, for example, he might choose to study hard as a teenager and early in his 20s, get a good well paid job from a STEM field education, work hard, save and invest hard, spend nothing on women, save up enough, so that early in life, he can afford to retire and then do what he loves doing for the second half of his life.

Another possibility, is that instead of working hard full time early in life, he works part time for most of his life, getting part time contract jobs that pay the bills for his meager life style. For the rest of his time, he is free to do what he wants, what he loves doing. These two alternatives are the major options of MGTOW/masculists who reject paying for fluffie parasites. Of course, some men will combine features of both these, e.g. working full time for a few years, then not working at all for a few years, living off his savings with a very frugal life style.

Some men deliberately make themselves look poor so as to be an effective fluffie repellent. This is something I do. I notice the Chinese young women turn up their noses at my disheveled appearance. That’s fine. I don’t want their attention, wasting my time, which I prefer to spend on high level pure math and math physics. This is easy for me to do, because I’m a fourth quarter male, i.e. living in the fourth quarter of my life, i.e. over 65, when my libido is pretty well dried up, so I don’t need women sexually any more.

Women aren’t interested in what impassions me intellectually, so talking with females is a waste of my time. Thanks to what I have learned from MGTOW’s psychology of women, I’m now deeply suspicious of women, when they try to get my attention. I look at them with real suspicion, thinking, “What does this woman hope to extract from me? Money? My time? Is she hoping I will entertain her, amuse her?” Since women don’t amuse me. They can’t compete with the male genii I study every day, so in practice I avoid them. I have nothing to do with women on a day to day basis.

So, to young men, if you have been brainwashed all your young life to be a manslave to a parasitic fluffie, consider an alternative lifestyle a la MGTOW/masculism. Ask yourself what you passion is, and then arrange your life so that you give yourself lots of time to pursue that passion. Try to arrange your life so that you can be busy pursuing that passion for about half of your life. You certainly won’t be able to do that if you are a manslave to a parasitic fluffie, so look upon fluffies as the enemy, to be avoided like the plague. Plan for your own happiness, so that if women want kids, they will have to pay for them themselves, which means they will have to become career competent, by studying FIP majors at high school and college.

With millions of men on paternity and marriage strike, women will have to have their kids on their own. As MGTOW/masculist lifestyles for men become increasingly popular, perhaps governments will set up “baby farms” and pay for women to have several kids, paid for by taxing men. These “bachelor taxes” cannot be too harsh, otherwise young men will simply emigrate to poor third world countries where the cost of living is much cheaper, so that their savings so much further. That is the main reason I live in China, even though the country is a political shithole.

Young men should talk amongst themselves about the lifestyles they choose for themselves. How to choose what they love? Do they know what that is, in their early 20s? Will they work full time for a decade or two to save hard and then retire for the rest of their life, or will they work part time and play part time for most of their lives? These MGTOW/masculist alternative life styles are a true liberation for men. They do not have to be manslaves to fluffie parasites. They can work for themselves, and spend their money on themselves, and women and kids can go to hell. Millions of men are now doing this, and benefitting enormously from their liberation.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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