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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


In a year or so, I will have to make a decision, because I will be faced with a watershed moment in my life. I will leave China, where I have lived for 11 years so far of my life, and return to Melbourne, Australia, my first (of 7) countries, where I grew up, due to the generosity of my younger sister, who will buy a one bedroom apartment and let me live in it rent free.

If it had not been for her generosity, I would probably have moved to Cambridge UK, where I lived in the 70s for four years, and felt most at home in, being surrounded by likeminded people, i.e. sages who love playing with ideas.

When I return to Melbourne after having been away for half a century, I will be faced with a choice that millions of men, who have been influenced by MGTOW and masculist ideas, have to make, once they have decided to go MGTOW, i.e. they reject marriage, they reject having kids, and spend their money on themselves, avoiding fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man) like the plague.

The choice as I see it, is between twaytweffing or going MGTOW monk. It is a decision that millions of western men are now being confronted with, so I’m hoping my own thoughts on this question might be useful to others who are reading this.

Before launching into discussion about this choice, I ought to say a bit about my current situation, because it is both similar and different from my future life style. Currently, I’m married to my second Chinese wife, my fourth wife, and will leave her behind when I move to Australia. The relationship with her has died.

I’ve already made several flyer videos on my relationship with her, so will not go into any detail on that point. But just quickly, to set the scene, my first Chinese wife ended up stealing half of my savings, which I could not get back from the Chinese criminal court system, because it favors its own citizens, especially those who are daughters of generals who were on the long march with Mao Zedong.

I got fired from my professor job in China after making remarks to the president of my university that it would be difficult to attract western researchers and professors to come to a new brain building research center in the city I live in, that I was pushing to set up, because as western intellectuals, they know that Mao was history’s greatest tyrant, killing about 80 million Chinese (45 million in the great famine that he caused in 58-62, 27 million in the laogai (the Chinese gulags) and more millions in the cultural revolution and anti-rightist campaigns.)

He told me I had broken the law, and a few months later my contract was not renewed. My second Chinese wife than began to see me as poor once I retired, since I had been blacklisted from ever being a professor at a Chinese government controlled university again. Her hypergamy kicked in strongly, and of course, the sex dried up. She gradually became more cynical, surly, bad tempered, bitchy, and obnoxious.

To compound things, she was simultaneously going through menopausal craziness and was developing diabetes, finally succumbing to epileptic fits half a year ago from the time of writing. Any affection I had for her at the beginning of the relationship when she saw me as a success object, earning two and a half times more than she did, as a PhDed full research professor, slowly died.

I got tired of her nagging, her bad temper. I only stuck around to get a green card, which she did finally agree to help me apply for, that I’m still waiting for. At one time, her bad temper got so bad, she came at me with a meat cleaver. If I had not been a man and a lot stronger than her, she could have done me severe physical harm. I just constrained her physically, until she calmed down.

I only stick around in China to scan my paper libra, living in her apartment, paying rent, and buying and cooking my own food, living more as a renter/tenant than a husband, closing my bedroom door, with my computers next to my bed, working through the night, and perhaps saying only a few words to her each day. The relationship is dead. I suspect also that she may have some kind of borderline personality disorder, since I find her behavior childlike, and with some degree of bipolarity (i.e. manic/depressive).

For the past two years I’ve been listening to MGTOW YouTube videos and have learned a lot from the MGTOW community, and have contributed a lot to it as well. I make a MGTOW/masculist video based on a 2-3 page essay that I write almost daily. I have about 240 of these flyers, as I call them.

I’ve had 4 wives. With the first one, I felt enslaved, as a father of 2 kids, doing work I didn’t like, just to get a better salary to support a parasitic wife and the 2 kids that she stayed at home to raise. The following 3 wives I married largely for visa reasons. With the second, I lived with her for 8 years, and finally married so she could come with me to Japan where I was to do a 2 year postdoc.

That marriage wasn’t too bad, but she was 10 years older than me, and aged badly. There were times I would look at her and see an old woman. The third wife, Chinese, stole half my savings, and the fourth, also Chinese, turned into an insufferable, nagging, bad tempered, bitch.

I’m currently waiting on a decision on whether I will get a Chinese green card, which will take about a year. In the meantime I’m busy converting my paper library into electronic form by annotating my paper books and then scanning them, before handing them over to the local city library. I don’t want to lose use of these expensive math and physics books. It will take me a year’s work, after which I will move to Melbourne to take up my sister’s generous offer.

So, with such a marital background, you can understand that combined with the knowledge I have learned from the MGTOW community, there is no way I will marry again. I will go MGTOW. The question now is to what degree? Will I compromise a bit with women by living the twaytwef lifestyle, or will I go fully MGTOW monk?

I’ve already done several videos on twaytweffing, so I’ll only summarize it here. Twaytwef is short for 2A2F, i.e. two apartments, two FIPs (financially independent persons), i.e. a man and a woman have a (sexual) relationship where both have their own apartment, and both are FIPs so that there is no financial parasiting of one off the other.

The great advantage of twaytweffing for the man, is that when the relationship fails, as nearly all do, the two of them simply return to their own apartments, cost free for the man. There is also another main advantage of twaytweffing for the man, and that is it forces the woman to remain nice to him, because she knows that the only thing holding the relationship together is its quality.

If the woman starts nagging the man, withholds sex, tries molding him, etc., then the man can so easily walk away, so she is strongly motivated to remain nice to her man.

All MGTOWs should know about twaytweffing. It is an important compromise between freeing oneself from the parasitism of fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man) and wanting regular sex from a woman. Twaytweffing gives a man the best of both worlds, i.e. freeing him from financial parasitism, because his female partner is a FIP, and getting regular sex that younger men need.

The other major alternative to twaytweffing for a MGTOW, is to MGTOW totally, i.e. to MGTOW monk, i.e. completely avoiding women, not having anything to do with them, other than the inevitable interactions with them at supermarket checkouts etc.

Right now, I’m not sure which of these two alternatives I’ll adopt when I return to Melbourne. There are pros and cons to both options. There are probably millions of men around the world who are facing or have faced this fundamental lifestyle choice.

Here is my current thinking on this question. I’m now 70, so my libido is definitely lower than when I was even 10 years younger. I no longer feel “cunt driven,” looking on women as “walking cunts,” as I did for most of my adult life. I’m now much less driven to have a girlfriend in order to have regular orgasms inside her vagina.

My father had a shitty marriage, and was so burned by his hysterical, nagging bitch of a wife, that he chose to live the rest of his life alone. He is still alive at 98, and has been a MGTOW for 3 decades, i.e. long before the term MGTOW was invented.

In many respects, I am like my father. I think I have his longevity genes and hope also to become a centenarian, so it may very well happen that I too end up living the next 3 decades of my life as he does, i.e. alone, preferring the peace and quiet of the MGTOW monk lifestyle than the constant, life expectancy reducing, stress of female bitchiness.

On the other hand, what if I meet someone whom I find “nice” with whom I could twaytwef with, forcing her to remain nice to me, otherwise I could so easily walk back to my own apartment, and she to hers.

I think probably what I will do, is start off living the MGTOW monk lifestyle and see how I like it. Actually, I’ve been living MGTOW monk in practice for the past few years in my current marriage, so it is definitely not a new phenomenon for me.

I have a real passion in my life as a globacator (global educator) learning PhD level pure math and math physics and then teaching these subjects (120 courses) by making YouTube lecture course videos for students around the world for free. My aim is to revolutionize graduate level education in math and physics, by making these YouTube lecture courses, as well as making e-libraries with links to 10,000s of full content books in these subjects, supplied by Google.

This work will keep me busy for 30 years. I find it fascinating, because the two subjects of pure math and math physics are fascinating. The best way to learn these subjects is to have to teach them, so I kill two birds with one stone. I get to learn them by being strongly driven to do so, by knowing that I have to teach them, so I had better damn well understand the courses thoroughly. I don’t want to fluff the exposition in front of the camera and make myself look a fool.

In other words, I have a strong focus, a strong passion in my life that is usually considered by most MGTOWs as essential to be able to live the MGTOW monk lifestyle successfully. I don’t have to worry about lacking a focus in my future life. I have a very clear and engrossing goal in life.

In fact, I would say that it gives me peace of mind, in the way that the Buddhists aim for. In practice I do the opposite of what the Buddhists do. Instead of vacating my mind, Buddhist style, I do the very opposite. I fill it so totally, by becoming totally engrossed by what I’m studying and thinking about, i.e. the mathematical works of the planet’s smartest men.

I am in awe at what these genii males are capable of. Fortunately I’m smart enough to be able to understand what they have done, but could never compete with them, because they are the smartest men on the planet, with not a single female amongst them. Not a single one.

I’ve found that the best way for me to attain peace of mind is to plunge into this work, studying these works of genius, getting totally engrossed, so that regularly I get what I call “Wow moments!” i.e. when something profound, something beautiful, something powerful, clicks, and I understand, when a new world opens up, and suddenly I can see clearly a whole new conceptual vista, with deep implications for further thought.

When I get totally engrossed, I get very happy. I am content. I have peace of mind. In many ways I feel sorry for the 999 people out of 1000 who are incapable of understanding this powerful, deep, beautiful mathematics. They are like animals who can only see in black and white in a world of color that they will never see. I feel sorry for them that all that mathematical depth, power and beauty, they will never be conscious of.

So, one of the definite prerequisites for living as a MGTOW monk, i.e. a strong focus, a strong passion in one’s life, I definitely have.

So I feel I’m all set to start the MGTOW monk lifestyle once I arrive in Melbourne to live in my sister’s “gift” apartment. What then happens I think I will leave to chance. If I meet a woman who is nice, whom I respect, (and that is very difficult for me, because I’m a PhDed, full research professor, who makes YouTube PhD level courses in pure math and math physics, topics that women are inferior at and not interested in, so I’ve always looked down on women for that reason) then maybe I might try twaytweffing with her.

I can’t share my intellectual passions with the femalien brain, (all 10% smaller volume of it, relative to the male brain). So, with my lower 70 year old libido, I may very well decide not to twaytwef, if I find living the MGTOW monk lifestyle suits me fine.

There is another consideration that I need to keep in mind. Sandman, in some of his videos, has talked about how annoying it is to date women, after a man has learned a lot about MGTOW ideas. He found that his MGTOW knowledge made him contemptuous of women’s negative nature, women’s hypergamy, their female manipulation, female deception, etc. It disgusted him, so eventually he just said to himself “Fuck it! I’ve had it with women. I’m so fed up with their negative traits, that I prefer to live the MGTOW monk lifestyle.”

I may go through a similar experience. Probably millions of MGTOWs have been through similar experiences, i.e. the five stage process of –

  1. Getting burned by female nature.
  2. Learning about MGTOW and masculist ideas.
  3. Going MGTOW monk for a while.
  4. Getting back into dating and finding women intolerable.
  5. Returning to MGTOW monking with greater conviction.

The above process may happen to me. I will be open minded about it, giving it a test. So my approach will be the following, which I hope may interest MGTOWs reading this, who are faced with a similar situation.

  1. Start off as MGTOW monk.
  2. If I meet a woman whom I can respect, whose company I enjoy, and the sex is good, then try twaytweffing with her for a while.
  3. If the woman inevitably turns into just another obnoxious bloody femalien, then dump her, and return to the MGTOW monk lifestyle.
  4. Perhaps the above steps might be repeated a few times, until one becomes confident of the inductive conclusion – “All my previous twaytweffing attempts ended badly, because of femalien nature, therefore the next one will too, so it’s better to not even try another time. Just be content to MGTOW monk for the rest of my life, like my father.”

So that’s my plan, my strategy, for the next few years of my life. I will simply see how it goes.

My brother has had a string of girlfriends. So have I, about 20 of them, and 4 wives. In most of these cases, it was I who dumped the woman, due to the great difficulty of finding a woman whose mental interests and traits I admired. But for most of these women, I was still cunt driven.

Now that I’m entering the last decades of my life, that is no longer true, so it would not surprise me at all if I go MGTOW monk totally like my father, and for similar reasons. He seems quite happy, and he definitely lives a stress free life, since he is a good financial investor, so has absolutely no money worries. Being stress free from women too, may be a factor in his long life, besides good genes, that I think I’ve inherited too. My father’s grandfather and great grandfather lived to 97 and 99. It runs in the family.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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