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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer is another in a series with the title “Masculisting the …” This one is concerned with ideas on how masculists can transform the feminazied atmosphere of companies in today’s world.

Recently, a male engineer at Google was fired for writing a memo on gender issues at Google. This angered men, and shows just how bad things have become with the feminazi takeover of companies in the US. A similar story is happening in Sweden and other countries.

This flyer is about ideas on how men in these companies can use masculist rhetoric to combat and defeat the feminazi bitches in these companies who have taken over the gender discourse, making the work atmosphere in these companies toxic for males.

Men need to take back their peace of mind that has been taken from them by these isscienate, arrogant, ignorant, feminazi bitches. This flyer shows how.

A fundamental assumption in femnazi doctrine is that gender is a social construct, i.e. created by social conditions, i.e. not genetically determined. This is simply dumb, and wrongheaded. The scientific evidence showing that there is a definite genetic influence on people’s abilities, is overwhelming, if people only bother to look, but feminism doesn’t care about anything so banal as scientific evidence, or facts. Feelings are what matters to these child brain feminazi cretins. Facts are of no importance.

This feminazi attitude, that facts, i.e. science, are of secondary importance to women’s feelings, which are very important to women, but less to men, makes someone like me, who is both a masculist AND  a scientist (a PhDed full research professor before retirement) react as a bull to a red flag. I get very angry.

It makes me want to lash out, lambasting these isscienate feminazi ignorami fools with masculist and scientific rhetoric, crushing their femalien egos, dismissing them with real male intellectual rage, wiping the floor with them.

Intellectually armed with masculist ideas, this can be done fairly easily. For example, imagine you’re in a masculist-feminist conflict situation, in a public meeting with both men and women in the audience, in a company that has been taken over by feminazis, who impose their feminazi standards of gender discourse onto the meeting.

But over the past year, imagine a group of the younger men in the company has been studying MGTOW and masculist ideas, on the internet, who decide it is time for them to put their male foot down, and wipe away all this feminazi bullshit, so they decide to go on the attack. Imagine them saying in public something like the following.

“We men are fed up with you feminazi bitches. We despise your isscienate ignorance, and your imposition of your feminazi dogma on men. It’s crap. You women are NOT equal to men in performance, statistically speaking. You are the inferior sex, as shown by science, so stop pretending you are men’s equals, because you’re not.

Women are dumber than men on average, by 4 IQ points. Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so the morons and the genii are males, so it is not surprising that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes. Men have higher testosterone levels than women, so are more aggressive, more ambitious, more persistent, more dogged, more single minded, so achieve far more than women.

The female contribution to world intellect is negligible, a few percent at best. Women’s brains are 10% smaller than men’s so have 10% less neural processing capacity than men’s, so it is not surprising that women have invented almost nothing, created almost nothing, built almost nothing.

Women have been largely parasites off men for several million years. Women evolved to be baby factories and child minders, not to understand and manipulate the world. The feminazi pretense that women can perform at male levels at the top end of the scale is a delusion.

It is like a religion to women, telling them what they want to hear, but not based on scientifically verified realities. It is a fantasy that women are desperate to hear, because feminism preaches to women that women can do anything that men can do. Well they cant. Women don’t build anything, create anything, or invent anything. Where are the female composers, the chess grand masters, the Nobel prize winners, the Abel Prize winners in math, etc.

As masculists, listening to feminazi bullshit, makes us puke. We have lost patience with the feminazis. We hate them for what they have done in the divorce courts, financially massacring one married father in four, destroying his life. These hated feminazi bitches have now become genociders, indirectly wiping out whole populations, because these are the root cause of the rise of the MGTOW movement (men going their own way) refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, and spending their money of themselves. Two thirds of young men are now MGTOW in practice.

Sooner or later, the gender politicians will be forced to address the issue of the population decline as caused indirectly by the feminazi takeover of the divorce courts, making them so toxic for men, and hence making marriage toxic for men.

Society in general is now waking up to the toxicity of feminism, seeing it as a cancer that has to be eradicated. Well, we masculists in this company have decided to put our male foot down. We are FED UP hearing about your feminazi bullshit. You will stop complaining, stop blaming men for all your problems. You will grow up, take responsibility for your own lives, or suffer the masculist wrath from us.

Feminazi bitches are the most hated category of female. They are punished by men, by them not getting as man. No man wants a relationship with a misandrist, man dumping, feminazi bitch. Women like that rot on the shelf, spat at, despised.

What are you feminazis going to do when you get spat at by men, from all sides. You won’t have a leg to stand on. We men are FED up with your isscienate fairy, feminazi, PC, bullshit. It’s crap, It’s not real. You offend the scientists in us. You preach misinformation, stuff that just isn’t true, which makes you no better than flat earthers, or religionists.

You believe feminazi garbage, because you want to believe it, not because there is scientific proof for its dogmas.  You feminazis live in a fairyland of your own creation, and then dump on men because you women can’t perform at male levels at the top end of the performance scale, blaming men for male prejudice against women when in fact the real reason why you women can’t advance to the top end of the scale, is due to your own genetically determined inferiorities. You are your own worst enemies.

From now on, if you feminazi bitches come out with any more of your feminazi crap, expect to be harangued by us, the company’s masculists. We will smash you intellectually, discrediting you as isscienate fairies, as superstitious, isscienate, dogmatists, as contemptible and repulsive.

Most of you are fat fours anyway, so are easy to dismiss as females. You are not pretty. Your overweightness makes you sexually repulsive to males, so don’t blame men for your inability to attract men’s attention. Blame yourselves for your inability to attract men, for your lack of discipline in controlling the number of calories you stuff into your fat faces. You and only you are responsible for your own lives.

We men are FED UP with you feminazi bitches putting the blame on men for problems that you cause yourselves. Grow up you cowardly hypocritical feminazi bitches. We have totally lost patience and tolerance with you. You will behave as responsible adults, or you will be disciplined as a parent treats a child. Your behavior is childish. It is reprehensible.

A few months from now, the number of masculists and MGTOWs in this company will probably double and double again, so that you femaliens, will be faced with hot masculist opposition from just about any man you come across.

We masculists will make your lives miserable in this company if you don’t behave as civilized responsible adults. We will harangue you. We will insult you for your misandry. We will spit in your face and tell you that a lot of you are fat, sexually repulsive, land whales. You deserve to be ignored, made manless, sexless, loveless, babyless, and despised.”

Management of these companies will become painfully aware that the feminist-masculist war, has the potential to kill the company. If there is no rise of masculist consciousness in companies, and the feminazis continue to rule the day, then companies risk going bankrupt as the most creative, most productive males get fed up and leave the company, as is starting to happen today with Google, which used to have the reputation of being a progressive, creative, company, but now is being pulled down by the level of its feminazism, e.g. its censorship of masculist MGTOW channels on YouTube that Google owns, and the firing of the male engineer I mentioned earlier, that was hugely publicized, especially after he made a T shirt with the word Goolag in the characteristically colored letters (red, blue, green, yellow) of the Google logo, implying that his treatment by Google is what one would expect in the Stalin era, when millions of political prisoners were sent to the gulags, i.e. slave labor camps for political prisoners, as still happens in today’s shithole China (which has over 1000 laigai (i.e. Chinese gulags), with 3-5 million Chinese political prisoners).

The image of this former Google engineer in his Goolag T shirt may do more damage to Google’s reputation than even their hated censorship of YouTube channels. It is devastatingly effective and funny.

Personally I hope that Google dies. It deserves to, and it is likely that this will happen, because the Jewish CEO of YouTube is censoring the MGTOW and masculist channels, and others, so that these groups are migrating to other platforms. This will result in Google getting a reputation of being rather dull, because the bleeding edge thinkers will have nothing to do with YouTube. In time, viewership of YouTube will decrease, advertising revenues will then decrease, and in time YouTube will die.

Google is rapidly acquiring the reputation of being a censoring dictatorial company, which fires masculists, so talented creative young men will refuse to work there and chose other, more open minded companies. Google will then be doomed to a top heavy female based, mediocrity, and will then lose out in the competition with more male based creative companies, where the feminazi based misandrist suffocation does not exist.

So, if you work, as a male, in a company where the feminazi atmosphere is dominant, then take back your male pride and attain peace of mind, by masculisting your company. Learn masculist ideas and masculist facts, especially those that can be used to demote feminazi status, i.e. showing the genetically based inferiority of women. Smash their feminazi egos with scientifically based facts on female inferiorities, so that these feminazi bitches cannot refute them. Hit them hard with your masculist male venom, and make them shut up.

Tell management that if these feminazi bitch tactics don’t cease, they there will be a mass rebellion by the men, and that might cause the company to fail. Make management very conscious that this is not some storm in a tea cup. It is a storm that could sink the company ship in high feminazi seas, and needs to be taken very seriously.

Men are the most productive and most creative workers of a company. No company can afford to alienate its males and see them quit the company, to find less feminazi dominated companies elsewhere.

The feminazi takeover of companies, especially in countries like the US and Sweden, is an alarming phenomenon, that has to be stopped, or the companies themselves will be destroying themselves.

Once a company gets the reputation of being female top heavy, then that is the kiss of death for that company, because it will not be able to attract men who are intolerant of feminazi bullshit. Such companies will then lose out in the competition in the marketplace, because they are too female top heavy, less creative, and less productive.  They will not survive.

So to you in management, help your male employees to stamp out feminazi bitchery in your company if you want to survive. The feminazis have the potential to destroy your company. Be warned.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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