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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer reports on some experiments and investigations I undertook to try to find an alternative to YouTube as the video hosting company of preference for MGTOWs and masculists, given that YouTube is now censoring MGTOW and masculist videos. As this flyer will show, I was only partly successful.

My first preference was for VID.ME, as my previous video shows, in which I recommended to the MGTOW masculist communities, that VID.ME become the new video hosting company of preference for the two movements, but ironically, within 5 minutes of having uploading it to YouTube, and after uploading some of my 260+ masculist videos to VID.ME, I learned that VID.ME is bankrupt, so you can cross off VID.ME, which is a pity, because its software was user friendly and it advertised freedom of speech (despite the fact that it was CEOed by two Jews, one of whom worked previously for Goldman Sachs.)

I then looked systematically at a string of other possibilities, that I list here, and will later give reasons why I crossed them off –, SoundCloud, iTunes, gab.AI, BitChute, Patreon, Vimeo. has a hopeless user interface. I had real trouble trying to learn how to simply upload a video to their site. An alternative to YouTube needs to have simple user-friendly user interface that certainly doesn’t have, so I crossed it off.

VID.ME is dead, so no further discussion.

SoundCloud seemed to be just for pop music, so not appropriate for MGTOW-Masculist videos. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

iTunes, I need to investigate more. Anything with “i” as a prefix means Apple, so you probably have to pay for the service?!

Gab.AI is unsuitable because it has an upper limit of 200MB max per video. Some of mine are nearly 1T in length, so no go.

BitChute was a mystery to me, totally user unfriendly, a definite reject.

Vimeo is probably the next biggest to YouTube, but has a video size limit of 500 MB, so a bummer. Many of my videos are larger than that, so Vimeo is not practical as a storage site.

Patreon, isn’t a video hosting site, but had a mature user interface, easy to use, so it caught my attention. You can use Patreon for free and store links to YouTube videos on it, so that is what I came away with, and am now busy uploading links to it to my YouTube videos.

You may ask, “What’s the point? By using Patreon, you still depend on YouTube as a storage site, i.e. as the primary video host, so what is gained? YouTube can still kill your channel, like it did to Big John of MGTOW is Freedom.”

That’s true, but there are some advantages to this Patreon-YouTube combination. If you go searching for MGTOW masculist content using Google, Google will often give you results that place the content you’re looking for, well down in the hit list. This is annoying.

With the Patreon-YouTube combination, you have everything at your fingertips. The MGTOW-masculist who created the videos listed on Patreon (with links to YouTube) gives you everything he has made, and in a user friendly format, since Patreon software is also mature and easy to handle, to upload, and to view.

So here is a suggestion to the MGTOW- masculist communities, particularly to the MGTOW masculist content makers – use the Patreon-YouTube combination. Since most of you already have your videos on YouTube, you can quickly and easily create a free Patreon account, and upload links to it to your YouTube videos, so that users of your Patreon accounts can get easy quick access to your full video repertoire. That is a plus, and I recommend it.

To see what I’m talking about, take my own collection of MGTOW Masculist Flyer videos (nearly 270 of them at the time of writing).

Click on

and you will see my collection, with a screen shot for each video, a title, a short description, etc. To play a particular video, just click on it.

I realize this is not what I wanted. I wanted a real alternative to YouTube, i.e. a video hosting company, with no limit to video size, nor to upload quantity, and has freedom of speech, unlike YouTube, which is now on a suicidal path, a downward spiral, as the demand for an alternative will create rival video hosting companies which do offer these services.

But, it’s an interesting compromise. You can go to Patreon ( and search without Google censoring you, by putting the content you want, low in the hit list.

From now on when I send my links to my MGTOW masculist flyers to the comments section of other MGTOW masculist content providers, I will include my Patreon link as well, for easy access to all my MGTOW masculist videos. Perhaps other MGTOW masculist video content providers might be interested to do the same?!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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