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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer proposes means to stop the feminazis wiping out whole populations, using a progression of steps starting from verbal ridiculing to physical warfare.

The feminazis are now genociders, indirectly wiping out whole populations, because they have taken over the divorce courts and made them so toxic for men, that two thirds of young men under 35, in a string of countries, now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves, i.e. they have gone MGTOW (men going their own way), thus crashing the birth rate and within a century, will wipe out whole populations.

The direct cause of this paternity strike, is the toxicity of the divorce courts, created by the hated feminazi bitches, who apply their hypocritical fluffie feminist standards onto men in these courts, i.e. they want equal rights with men, but reject equal obligations with men, i.e. they reject the moral obligation imposed on them by the masculists, to become FIPs (financially independent persons) by bothering to get a career competent education, so that they can be FIPs as adults, and not need to parasite off the money of a man, in order to survive financially as an adult when they have kids.

The fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce courts are a glaring symptom of this hypocrisy of the feminazis, that has to be stopped, otherwise we wipe ourselves out, so it is only a question of time, as society takes notice of the fall of the population size, that measures have to be taken to persuade men to be fathers again.

This flyer proposes a series of means to achieve that end, beginning with more benign methods, and progressing towards much more violent methods, ending up with all-out war against the feminazis, killing them in a true sex war, if necessary, but since women are so much weaker than men physically, once they see that men are collectively opposed to them, they will passively submit to male will, and drop their feminazi ideas, or it will eventually cost them their lives.

This series of proposals is split into three categories, a) benign opposition, b) moderate violence, c) sex war.

a) Benign Opposition to the Feminazis

b) Moderate Violence towards the Feminazis

c) Sex War against the Feminazis


a) Benign Opposition to the Feminazis

The title of this flyer labels the main proposal to the benign form of opposition to the feminazis, i.e. it suggests a form of verbal violence against feminazis, aiming to so discredit them, that society, including most women, utterly reject feminism, as a form of deeply malevolent doctrine that has destroyed families and is indirectly wiping out whole populations, so has to be stopped.

One way to destroy the feminazis is to totally crush them intellectually, which is the main thrust of this flyer (hence the title). So, how to crush them intellectually? By so destroying the level of intellectual credibility of the main ideas of feminism, and placing such heavy moral pressure against it, and against feminazis themselves, that nearly all women will feel the enormous moral disapproval of feminazi doctrine and shy away from it.

This process is already starting to happen, with people making statements such as “Feminism is cancer!” as is the very use of the term “feminazi” itself.

I make a distinction between second and third wave feminism. Second wave feminism was far more reasonable than third wave feminism. Second wave feminism was about getting equal rights for women, which they largely achieved in the 70s.

In fact they went overboard, to the cost of men, particularly in the divorce courts. Second wave feminism wanted to give women equal pay for equal work, equal access to the professions for women, the right to an abortion, i.e. the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy (which men still don’t have).

To any liberal male, second wave feminism, seemed reasonable, so it is not surprising that many men went along with the second wave feminists, and gave them what they wanted. I’m personally pretty much a second wave feminist, i.e. I sympathize with what the second wave feminists were pushing for.

Third wave feminism, to the extent that I understand it, is far more vicious, and distinctly anti male. Third wave feminism, is about the creation of gynocracy, i.e. the creation of female power, at the expense of men, whom the third wave feminists see as “toxic males,” whose power needs to be taken from them, and given to women, so that women can create a more peaceful world, free from male military violence, free from war, free from male exploitation etc.

There’s just one problem with such a third wave feminazi program, and that is that men are half the population, so that the third wave feminazis are proposing to suppress half of the population, a half which is both smarter and a lot more violent than the other half, i.e. the female half, so good luck with that.

There is also a strong dose of female neuroticism in third wave feminism. Many third wave feminists are hostile towards men, not so much for intellectual reasons, as written in books by academic minded third wave feminists, but for emotional, irrational reasons that have more to do with seeking revenge against men for being rejected as women by men.

Have you noticed how many active feminists are not very bright, are fat, rather ugly, with no boyfriend, and hence are sexless, loveless and particularly babyless? Such women often feel real resentment against being rejected by men. This rejection is partly unfortunate in the sense that these women cannot help their looks, which are largely genetically determined, but they can certainly do something about their weight, their fatness, and their misandrist attitudes.

A third of women in many countries are now fat. Another third are even obese, so off the bat, two thirds of women are fat or obese, which causes men to be sexually repelled by such women, so do not approach them for sex, and certainly not for relationships, because such women are seen by men as being “cock shrinkers” i.e. any man with an erection seeing such a fat/obese/ugly woman would be so repelled by her that his sexual desire would rapidly flow from him, the blood to his penis would retract and his penis would become flaccid. She would be a cock shrinker.

Many such women are in fact triply handicapped in terms of getting a man to have a relationship with them. They are labeled by the masculists as “triple F”ers i.e. fat, four, feminazis, i.e. fat, four out of ten in looks, and feminazi bitches, whom men utterly reject. Triple F women almost certainly rot on the shelf, utterly rejected by men, not even getting pumped and dumped by men.

These triple F women often then turn to feminism as a form of revenge against men for rejecting them. They like the feminazi ideas of third wave feminism, because third wave feminazis are so openly hostile towards men.

These triple F women are often not very bright. One major difference between second and third wave feminism, is that second wave feminism was started by female sages, i.e. intellectuals, so were from the female intellectual elite. Third wave feminists are more from the masses, i.e. with average intelligences and hence incapable of the intellectual abstractions of the second wave feminist sages.

The ideas that these third wave peaker feminists (peaker = people of average IQs which place them in the peak of the IQ bell curve, with IQs between plus and minus one standard deviation from the mean, i.e. between 85 and 115 IQ scores, which comprise about two thirds of the population.

These third wave feminists have greater difficulty compared to the second wave feminist sages in seeing the abstractions of feminist thought. They are less capable of seeing the hypocrisy of their desires, particularly concerning their attitudes towards divorce.

In the divorce courts, they want to have their cake and to eat it too. They want women to behave as politicians in the parliaments, i.e. pushing for equal rights for women, but want to behave as traditional fluffies (i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money and labor of a man) in the divorce courts, expecting men to pay for them after the divorce as before the divorce.

The obvious hypocrisy of these third wave feminist values does not seem to penetrate their mediocre minds. They are quite happy having the best of both worlds, i.e. gaining the advantages of having equal rights with men, and gaining from the massive injustices committed against men in the divorce courts which give divorcing women sole custody of the kids with 90% probability. They are awarded the house so that they can raise their kids in it. They get child support from the ex husbands, half of his assets, and often if the ex-wife is a real fluffie, she will get alimony for life, allowing her to remain a manslaving parasite off her ex-husband after the divorce the way she was before the divorce.

To fluffie feminist hypocrites, the fact that they are financially massacring their ex-husbands, they seem not to care about. They are peaker fluffie feminist hypocrites with female brains, that are 10% smaller than men’s, and have the typical amorality of women when it comes to reproduction, with an attitude that “all is fair in love and war,” i.e. they take a solipsistic attitude by giving themselves the benefits of the divorce courts but not caring about the men they financially massacre and whose lives they destroy.

It is largely due to the toxicity of the divorce courts for men, that led to the rise of the MGTOW movement (men going their own way). Young men have seen the awful damage done to their fathers, their uncles and older male friends, and decided they wanted no part of marriage, nor having kids, because they considered the one in four risk of being financially massacred and having their lives destroyed by solipsistic, amoral females is utterly unacceptable, and hatable.

These fluffie feminists also oppose hotly the idea that men should be given equal rights concerning unwanted pregnancies, i.e. concretely the Parer (paternity rejection right) which would allow a man to reject an undesired pregnancy, so that if the woman who has his child, wants to continue the pregnancy, then she will have to take full financial responsibility for the costs of the kid on herself, by law.

The legislation of the Parer would force women to grow up, to become FIPs, but most fluffie feminist women utterly reject this idea, showing clearly their utter hypocrisy, wanting their cake and to eat it too, and not caring about the glaring hypocrisy of the fact that women have the Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right) and that men don’t have the Parer.

It is this kind of hypocrisy of the third wave feminists that the masculists despise them for. It is this kind of hypocrisy of the feminazis that masculists use to discredit the feminazis by approaching the media, lashing out verbally against what the feminazis are now doing, i.e. making marriage and paternity so toxic for men, that young men refuse to marry and be fathers, so that indirectly these feminazi bitches are wiping out whole populations, and hence have to be stopped.

The intellectual leaders of the MGTOW and particularly the masculists, (who are a lot more politically active than the passive MGTOWs) need to talk to the journalists so that the masculist heavy critique against the feminazis reaches the general public, so that everyone can see the enormous damage against society that the hated feminazi bitches, the fluffie feminist hypocrites, are committing against society, ultimately wiping it out, so that the general public becomes really hostile towards the feminists, i.e. the third wave feminists, who are so openly misandrist, aiming to take female power, stripping men of their power.

The masculists can also point to the hypocrisy and isscienacy (i.e. ignorance of science, unable to reason scientifically) of the feminazis, in pointing out to the general public, that men are taller, bigger, stronger, fiercer and smarter than women, for the simple reason that in the distant past, women sexually selected men to be like that.

Thus men evolved the way they are now, i.e. bigger, stronger, taller, fiercer, and smarter than women, because women wanted it that way, because a smarter man made a better hunter, more able to kill animals to bring home the meat to feed her and her babies. A bigger, taller, stronger, fiercer man would be more likely be able to defend her against the big, tall, strong, fierce men of enemy tribes when they invaded her tribe.

Thus the feminazis, when they complain about the qualities of today’s men, seem ignorant of the simple fact they today’s men are the way they are because women’s ancestors in the distant past sexually selected men to be like that.

Feminazis are quite hypocritical about what they want in a man intellectually, when they sprout their third wave feminazi dogmas, and what type of man they choose to give their vaginas to, i.e. the bigger, taller, stronger, fiercer, smarter man.

Women have evolved to want to mate with men who are superior to them in strength, looks, intelligence, etc, so that their children can be given superior DNA, resulting in higher quality children. This all makes good Darwinian evolutionary sense, but since most third wave, peaker, feminazis are isscienate (i.e. ignorant of science) the above hypocrisy, as made obvious by the masculists on the broadcast media, these feminazis are unaware of. The inconsistency and hypocrisy of their third wave push for gynocracy, i.e. rule by women, goes over their heads. They just don’t see it.

The masculists need to push the broadcast media hard on the hypocrisy of the feminazis, discrediting them, causing society to learn to despise the feminazis as public enemies, because indirectly the feminazis are wiping out whole populations, so must be stopped.

The masculists need to spread their message that feminism is toxic and has to be destroyed, otherwise feminism will destroy societies by wiping them out, due to the rejection of paternity that the feminazis have caused via the toxicity for men of the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce courts.

Masculists need to create men’s lib groups in every high school and every campus to spread the word that feminism is toxic and needs to be killed off. Women need to be taught on campus and via the broadcast media, that “No man wants a relationship with a misandrist, man dumping feminazi bitch! Women like that are the most hated category of female, utterly rejected by men, who ignore them like the plague, forcing such women to be left rotting on the shelf, not even being pumped and dumped, being manless, loveless, sexless,  BABYLESS, poor, and spat at.”

Masculists need to put enormous moral pressure on women to FIP up, i.e. to bother to get a career competent education to become FIPs as adults. Masculists need to paint such a negative picture of feminazis, that young women don’t dare become one, because if they do, then they know they will pay a horrible price, i.e. they won’t get a man. They should be taught the masculists slogans “Be FIP or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby!” and teach men “Rather a FIP than a fluffie!” and to teach the divorce court judges and lawyers who financially massacre men, that they will be the first targets to be murdered if things reach the sex war stage, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thus there are many means that the masculists can use, to benignly persuade society to destroy the feminazis by utterly discrediting feminazi ideas, and placing such heavy moral pressure against feminazi ideas, that the ideology effectively dies out, so that almost no women want to be feminazis, due to the horrible cost they will pay if they are, i.e. not getting a man, being rejected by society who see feminazis as vermin, to be spat at.

Women are not original thinkers, contributing almost nothing to world culture. Women have 10% smaller brains than men, so it is not surprising that women cannot compete with men in producing works of genius. The genii are males, as shown clearly by the fact that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes, and all the major math prizes. Women lack genius, because they are the inferior sex. Women sexually selected smarter men, so surprise, surprise, men are smarter than women.

Masculists need to combine all the above suggestions to intellectually smash the feminazis so that they get wiped out, are no longer believed in, so that the feminazis are silenced, so that the divorce courts can be menfaired, the Parer brought in, and gender discrimination and inequalities against men can be removed systematically across the board.

b) Moderate Violence against the Feminazis.

But imagine that the above benign approach of the masculists doesn’t work sufficiently well, so that the divorce courts remain toxic for males, the Parer is not brought in, and the population continues to decline, due to young men continuing to reject paternity, continuing to be MGTOW in their lifestyles, what then?

Obviously the masculists will have to up their game, by escalating the level of violence against the feminazis. Here are some suggestions of the types of actions they could undertake to force society to silence the feminazis. I’ll start with the divorce courts, because they are the source of the greatest hatred coming from the masculists.

The masculists need to form political action groups to attack the divorce courts, divorce court judges and divorce court lawyers. Masculists could paint signs on the divorce court buildings “Crime Scene Against Men” and perform negative acts towards the divorce court judges and lawyers who have reputations of being particularly nasty and biased towards men, by smashing their car windows, their house windows, letting down their car tires, calling them on the phone at 3am at night, hacking their internet, so they can’t use their computers, infecting their computer with viruses, etc.

Feminazi groups at universities, could be collectively bitch slapped at their meetings by brown shirted masculists storm troopers, who break up these feminazi meetings, and certainly bitch slap feminazis who try to break up masculist talks by prominent masculist speakers. Masculist groups could approach the presidents of universities and demand that men’s lib groups be allowed on campus, that men’s studies be established, and men’s studies professors be hired to teach masculist ideas to men and women on campus.

Feminazis need to be harangued by masculists, so that they fear speaking in public due to the hostile reaction of the public towards the fact that feminazis have become genociders, wiping out whole populations.

Masculists, in their social lives, need to express much more vocally, their hostility and hatred of feminazis when they hear women express approval for what the feminazis are doing. As millions of women feel the moral and social pressure against them, they will bow to social force.

Women are not intellectual innovators. They are much more sheep like, following the crowd. Look at women’s fashion. It is the men who invent the ideas, so masculists need to push masculist ideas, to put moral pressure on women to FIP up and to teach women to hate the feminazis, telling women that feminazis are the first category of women to be rejected by men, so that if women are stupid enough to state publically that they are feminists, then they will know that that will be the kiss of death for them in terms of getting a man.

Masculist action groups could throw paint over the cars and houses of prominent feminazi divorce court judges and lawyers. Death threats could be emailed to them, telling them that they are genociders and have to be stopped.

Masculists need to become a lot more creative in how they perform moderate violence against the hated feminazi genociders. As the population continues to decline, more desperate measures will need to be taken, to stop the feminists, by wiping them out, not necessarily killing them, but putting such enormous moral pressure on them, that they lose interest in being feminists, considering that the social and personal price they will pay for being feminazis is just too high, so they follow the crowd, and reject their feminist beliefs.

c) Sex War against the Feminazis

But imagine that even with the above moderately violent tactics of the masculists against the feminazis that the divorce courts are still not made menfair, that the MGTOWs continue their rejection of paternity and the population continues falling. If this happens, then far more drastic measures will be called for, namely a sex war.

Masculists will then become soldiers. They will then do what the “Freikorps” did in Germany after WW1, when they smashed the communists, who were threatening to take over the German government, as they actually did in some German cities. The Freikorps went into the streets with armored cars and machine gunned communists, to smash any chance that the communists might rule.

Masculists would need to do the same for the sake of preventing the hated feminazis from wiping out whole populations. Black lists would be set up by the masculist military, for assassination. Top of the list would be the gender politicians who push feminazi ideas. Second on the list would be thousands of divorce court judges and lawyers who have been financially massacring and destroying the lives of millions of men over the years in the divorce courts, with their hypocritical fluffie feminist standards, seeing men as cash machines to be butchered, and abused.

These thousands of divorce court judges and lawyers would be surgically murdered, sending a wave of fear through the surviving, less prominent divorce court judges and lawyers, who still hold feminazi views. The latter group would fear for their lives, knowing that thousands of their peers and colleagues have already been murdered.

Prominent feminazi media personalities would also be targeted for murder, sending another wave of fear against any woman who speaks up for feminazi policies that have only succeeded in wiping out whole populations, or heading strongly that way.

The masculists will argue that desperate times demand desperate measures, and in the limit will go on a sex war to literally wipe out i.e. murder and assassinate, feminazis whose ideas and policies have led to young men rejecting fatherhood. The masculists will feel perfectly justified in their surgical drastic action, i.e. they will consider their sex war a “good war,” a justified war, undertaken for the sake of preserving the human species, to keep it in existence.

Another measure the masculists could undertake is to reason that it was the childlike, amoral attitudes of women that led to the rise of the feminazis that has caused whole populations to be wiped out, so that women will be deprived of their rights.

The masculists will argue that women are children, who do not have the mental capacity, with their 10% smaller brains, to think like responsible, mature, male, adults, who do not care for the bigger issue of the survival of whole populations, preferring the short term advantages of the biased divorce courts, and ignoring the massive injustices committed against men in a gynocratic society.

There is a limit to the level of patience and tolerance that men will accept against the onslaughts of the feminazis. The time will come when men will snap. They will take up arms, and they will start killing the feminazis for being the vermin they are. Feminazis are genociders. The feminazi genociders need to be rooted out, and that is what the militarized masculists will do to them. They will kill them.

Once women are stripped of the vote, once the prominent feminazis have been eliminated, then men can be given menfaired gender laws, and society can then live a more civilized, gender fair existence, unlike in the current situation, where men are being increasingly disadvantaged by a gynocracy with ever growing power.

Things have to change. If women don’t want the masculists to reach stage three, i.e. a sex war, then women need to speak up and help the masculists put down the feminazis, by helping the masculists discredit the feminazis by openly spitting at them for being genociders.

Masculists are today pushing women to become female masculists so that women vote with men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, so that a sex war is not needed. Society can be content to progress only to phase one, i.e. the benign stage, where feminazis are merely intellectually crushed into silence.

But if that doesn’t work, then the masculists will move into phase two, and if that doesn’t work as well, then there will be warfare, feminazis will be murdered, gender politicians will be assassinated, divorce court judges and lawyers will be murdered in their thousands, etc.

Of course, no one wants to see a sex war, but if things don’t change, if men are not given menfaired gender laws, then the time will come when there will be sex war, and all the horrors depicted above will come to pass. It is strongly up to women to ensure that this does not happen.

If women do nothing to change the gender status quo, then the masculists will be forced to take action, and eventually that action will be deadly to women, because they will be murdered. Women, be warned, there is a limit to male patience and tolerance. Be warned!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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