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There is a sharp gender political divide between me and my sister over our very different attitudes towards who should pay for kids after a divorce.

My sister is what I label a “fluffie FIP” i.e. she a “half way house” woman, i.e. she is half way along the path that masculists/MGTOWs want women to take. She’s definitely FIP (financially independent person). Of the three siblings, she is far and away the wealthiest in financial terms. She studied medicine, and later set up a clinic that now employs two dozen doctors. My brother who was a finance/economics guy estimates she is worth about $5M. But she’s still a fluffie in terms of her traditional female attitudes towards men, i.e. her expectations of men.

In this flyer I will give my own case and the gender ideological clash I have with my sister as an example of how the two sexes are dividing and becoming increasingly mutually hostile. I have almost written off my sister, I’m so pissed off with her backward traditional attitudes towards men, and I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about me based on her traditional fluffie values.

In the early 80s I separated from my first wife, an Australian, after a 11 year relationship, and two kids. After 11 years in Europe she really wanted to return to her Australian roots. I hated Australia and thought I had left it forever, rejecting Australia’s “British working class” attitudes towards the intellectual upper class and intellectualism in general. I wanted to live in a culture that values my (intellectual) values, and left that intellectual backwater behind at the young age of 23, by moving to Britain, and later to Brussels to take advantage of two more superior cultures (France and Germany).

She gave me an ultimatum that she was leaving on a given date, and that I could come with her if I wanted. I did go, but after a few days, being a quadrilingual cosmopolitan by that time, I found Australia even more oppressive. Within six months and having worked and saved a bit, I returned alone to Europe. She kept the kids.

In the late 70s and early 80s I was a very active masculist, helping organize the European Masculist movement, getting on the media in four languages, teaching masculist ideas to a public tired of a decade of rabid feminism. As a masculist I expected my ex first wife to be a FIP, so if she keeps the kids, she pays. I was not prepared to pay for kids from whom I would not get not ANY benefit. As a FIP, if she were a FIP (like my sister) she should be easily able to afford the kids, because she only had herself and the kids to pay for. The traditional male had himself, the kids, AND a parasitic wife to pay for.

By moving to another country, Australia’s divorce laws had no jurisdiction over me, so I was not FORCED by a fluffie feminist dominated Australian government (under threat of physical force with guns, and prison) to pay money to my ex half fluffie wife. She was what I now call a “fluffie crapper” i.e. she chose to study fluffie crap at high school, and not FIP type subjects (i.e. not math and the sciences). Early on in the relationship I rejected her 3 times because of her poor educational level. (She was a nurse, but had the intelligence to be a doctor.) She went to London University to see what she could do to improve her academic qualifications to be seen as a worthier person in my eyes. (I ended up being a PhDed full research professor in computer science, teaching pure math, math physics, and CS).

The London University career adviser told her she could not study any of the topics she was interested in because she was a fluffie crapper. (Of course he didn’t use such words, but the message was the same.) She ended up studying philosophy, which is useless in the modern economy, so when I returned to Europe all she could do to earn her own money, was to be a nurse on a pitiful salary. Serves her right for being a fluffie crapper.

She has not communicated with me in three and a half decades, so I interpret that to mean she was pissed off that I expected her to pull her own financial weight as a FIP. My kids have also not communicated with me for nearly two decades, so I interpret that to mean she influenced them with her point of view.

On my last visit to Australia a few years ago, my sister made a comment to a gathering of family members about me “abandoning my kids” which really angered me. Its obvious to me that my sister still has fluffie attitudes towards men. She expects men to help pay for women to have kids. When I tell her about masculist ideas, that women should be FIPs and pull their own financial weight and not parasite on men’s money, its water on a duck’s back.

My suspicion is that women are genetically evolved to expect men to pay for them to have babies. Women evolved to trade female sex for male protein. Human females were unable to hunt because they had to stay at home looking after helpless infants and kids, while the males hunted. The females bribed males to give them protein by evolving to become the sexiest of all mammals.

So, given these ingrained attitudes of women towards “men paying for women’s kids” how to combat it?

Masculists have a hatred of fluffies and gender politicians (who created the divorce laws that now financially massacre one married man in four.) The fluffie feminists have persuaded the gender politicians to give them want they want. Most feminists are still fluffies when it comes to getting money from men to pay for their babies. So masculists talk about “fluffie feminists” and all the hypocrisy that that implies. Fluffie feminists want equal rights in the work place with men, but still expect men to pay for them to have kids, instead of being FIPs, earning their own good money, and pulling their own weight, so that if SHE takes the kids after a divorce, SHE pays for them.

I don’t see women changing their attitude on this issue. I’m suspicious it is genetically ingrained in them to expect men to support them when they have kids, so this fluffie attitude will have to be fought, so that men get menfair gender laws.

So how to fight them? By punishing them. Nearly all men are FIPs, so men have the power to FORCE women to be FIPs. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can manage to get her financial claws into some manslave who is stupid enough or ignorant enough of MGTOW/masculist ideas, that he simply accepts that his role in life is to be a manslave, and then run a one in four risk of being financially massacred by a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court, if he actually marries.

MGTOW/masculists are so angry at this massive injustice committed against them, that they are now prepared TO WIPE OUT THE WHOLE POPULATION unless the hated (genocidal criminal) gender politicians menfair the gender laws (e.g. particularly regarding divorce, and the Parer (paternity rejection right)).

The MGTOW/masculist movements are currently going through their first main development phase, i.e. of consciousness raising, i.e. becoming aware that there is a massive problem that men are now having regarding the menunfair culture we live in. Men are waking up in their millions and changing their attitudes towards women.

Millions of MGTOWs/masculists now spit at fluffies, and fluffie crappers in high school who don’t bother to study the FIP majors (preferring fluffie crap, the intellectually easy option, thus making them fluffies as adults, who will then start looking for a manslave to exploit when they want to have babies.)

MGTOW/masculists have the power to wipe out these fluffies (not by killing them, but simply ignoring them to extinction.) Masculists/MGTOWs are now telling women in their millions, that “Unless you are a FIP, and not expect to be able to parasite off my money, I will have nothing to do with you. You can rot on the shelf, you fluffie!!!!”

The MGTOW/masculist movements have yet to move into the second major phase of their development, i.e. the educational phase, i.e. teaching women and society (especially the journalists and media people) that if a woman is not a FIP, she wont have kids, because no man will even fuck her. In the form of a masculist slogan “Be FIP or be manless” and to fluffie crapping high school women, “No calculus, no baby!”

MGTOWs/masculists need to put ENORMOUS MORAL pressure on women (fluffies and fluffie feminists) to become FIPs, otherwise they will be severely punished. They just will not get a man.

But FIPping all women is only a necessary condition. The example of my fluffie FIP sister, shows that being FIP for a women in not sufficient for MGTOWs/masculists. Women also need to be taught that men HATE BEING TREATED AS EXPLOITABLE CASH MACHINES, so women need to be forced to suppress their fluffie natures.

MGTOWs especially, know that women don’t love men. Women love men’s financial exploitability. If a man she is involved with loses his exploitability, she is genetically evolved to then find him repulsive, and will move on to sexploit some other manslave. She is hardwired to act like that. That is just the way women are.

But, women are still human. They have human brains, and hence are capable of learning, of adapting. As phase two of MGTOW/masculist development is well advanced, i.e. both women and society are well educated concerning MGTOW/masculist ideas, then women will be FORCED to adopt non fluffie attitudes towards men, otherwise they will be rejected by men.

In the distant past, to be rejected by all men for a woman was death, because she could not even properly feed herself without protein. Women have thus an evolved fear of total male rejection, which makes them feel totally depressed, so MGTOWs/masculists can use that female trait as a weapon against them to force women to be FIP and anti-fluffie in their attitudes towards men.

MGTOWs/masculists need to give more time and energy to the general education of women and society concerning MGTOW/masculist ideas. Once most men become conscious of the massive injustice committed against them, they will get collectively angry and put “bloc vote” pressure on the gender politicians, who will fear this collective reaction from men and be motivated to menfair the gender laws.

At the moment, most women are still fluffies or fluffie feminists, and most men are still ignorant of MGTOW/masculist ideas,  so women have the bloc vote with gender politicians, so these gender politicians give fluffie women what they want.

But that will change, with MGTOWs/masculists refusing to have anything to do with fluffies. Fluffies will then convert in their billions to becoming FIPs, and will join forces with the men to pressure the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws. Millions of women will know that the major reason why men refuse to marry and have kids, is because of the massive injustice of the divorce laws against men. So, when women and men together push for menfairing, it will happen.

If the menfairing of the gender laws takes too long, then the population will continue to crash until far more drastic measures are taken, i.e. the gender politicians begin to be assassinated, because drastic situations like the population crash, will demand drastic solutions, i.e. assassination of the gender politicians by both men and women – by men because they are so angry at the injustice against them, and by women, who want to get a man who will give them a baby.

I look at my sister, and am conscious just how much more work the MGTOW/masculist movements have to do. We have to wake up all men, then teach women and society that women have to be FIP and anti-fluffie, or the whole population continues to crash as men continue the paternity strike.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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