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Academic Press Books List (philosophy)

Academic Press Books List (philosophy)

Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness, Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, Baars, Gage  (unfree)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies, Chadwick  (unfree)

An Economic Analysis of Crime and Justice, Theory, Methods, and Applications, Schmidt, Witte  (unfree)

Equity and Justice in Social Behavior, Greenberg, Cohen  (unfree)

Ethical Justice, Applied Issues for Criminal Justice Students and Professionals, Turvey, Crowder  (unfree)

Ethics in Forensic Science, Downs, Swienton  (unfree)

Feminists in Politics, A Panel Analysis of the First National Women’s Conference, Rossi  (unfree)

Freudianism : A Marxist Critique, Cole  (unfree)

Handbook of Religion and Mental Health, Koenig  (unfree)

Historical and Philosophical Roots of Perception, Carterette, Friedman  (unfree)

Labor, Class, and the International System, Portes, Walton  (unfree)

Language and the Brain, Representation and Processing, Grodzinsky  (unfree)

Philosophical Practice, Marinoff  (unfree)

Positive Social Behavior and Morality, Socialization and Development, Staub  (unfree)

Poverty and Policy in American History, Katz  (unfree)

Religion in Personality Theory, Walborn  (unfree)

Social Discourse and Moral Judgement, Robinson  (unfree)

The Social Structure of Right and Wrong, Black  (unfree)

Words, Meaning, and Messages, Theory and Experiments in Psycholinguistics, Rommetveit  (unfree)

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