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Addison Wesley Books List (philosophy)

Addison Wesley Books List (philosophy)

About Philosophy, Wolff  (unfree)

Applied Social and Political Philosophy, Smith,  Blocker  (unfree)

Coffee and Philosophy, A Conversational Introduction to Philosophy with Readings, Waller  (unfree)

Consider Philosophy, Waller  (unfree)

The Consolation of Philosophy, Boethius, Green  (unfree)

Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Core Readings, Baillie  (unfree)

Core Questions in Philosophy, A Text with Readings, Sober  (unfree)

Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy, Lafleur  (unfree)

Existentialist Philosophy, An Introduction, Oaklander  (unfree)

Experiencing Philosophy, Falikowski  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Philosophy, Stewart  (unfree)

God Matters, Readings in the Philosophy of Religion, Martin,  Bernard  (unfree)

History of Western Philosophy, Jordan  (unfree)

An Introduction to Philosophy, In Black, White and Color, McLaughlin  (unfree)

Legal Philosophy, Riley  (unfree)

Occasions for Philosophy, Edwards, MacDonald  (unfree)

Philosophy in America, Volume 2, Stanlick, Silver  (unfree)

Philosophy and Contemporary Issues, Burr,  Goldinger  (unfree)

Philosophy and Science, The Wide Range of Interaction, Mosedale  (unfree)

The Philosophy Student Writer’s Manual, Graybosch  (unfree)

Philosophy of Art Education, Feldman  (unfree)

Philosophy of History, Dray  (unfree)

Philosophy of Law, Golding  (unfree)

A Philosophy of Music Education, Advancing the Vision, Reimer  (unfree)

Philosophy of Religion, United States Edition, Hick  (unfree)

Philosophy of Science, Boersema  (unfree)

Political Philosophy, A History of the Search for Order, Wiser  (unfree)

The Practice of Philosophy, Handbook for Beginners, Rosenberg  (unfree)

Readings in the Philosophy of Religion, An Analytic Approach, Brody  (unfree)

Social and Political Philosophy, Shaw  (unfree)

Studying Philosophy, Arthur   (unfree)

Through Time and Culture, Introductory Readings in Philosophy, Iannone  (unfree)

Ultimate Questions, Thinking about Philosophy, Rauhut  (unfree)

Vicissitudes of the I, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, Phillips  (unfree)

Wonder and Critical Reflection, An Invitation to Philosophy, Christenson  (unfree)

World Philosophy, An East-West Comparative Introduction to Philosophy, Blocker  (unfree)

You Decide! Current Debates in Introductory Philosophy, Waller  (unfree)

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