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Addison Wesley, Frontiers in Physics (FIP) Books List

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Addison Wesley, Frontiers in Physics (FIP) Books List

FIP1  Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation, Bloembergen  (unfree)

FIP2  S-Matrix Theory of Strong Interactions, Chew  (unfree)

FIP3  Quantum Electrodynamics, Feynman  (unfree)

FIP4  The Theory of Fundamental Processes, Feynman  (unfree)

FIP5  Problem in Quantum Theory of Many Particle Systems, van Hove et al  (unfree)

FIP6  The Many-Body Problem, Pines  (unfree)

FIP7  The Mossbauer Effect, Frauenfelder  (unfree)

FIP8  Quantum Statistical Mechanics : Green Function Methods in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Problems, Kadanoff, Baym  (unfree)

FIP9  Paramagnetic Resonance : An Introductory Monograph, Pake  (unfree)

FIP10  Concepts in Solids, Lectures on the Theory of Solids, Anderson  (unfree)

FIP11  Regge Poles and S-Matrix Theory, Frautschi, Pines  (unfree)

FIP12  Electron Scattering and Nuclear and Nucleon Structure, Hofstadter  (unfree)

FIP13  Nuclear Theory : Pairing Force Correlations to Collective Motion, Lane  (unfree)

FIP14  Mandelstam Theory and Regge Poles, An Introduction for Experimentalists, Omnes, Froissart  (unfree)

FIP15  Complex Angular Momenta and Particle Physics, Squires  (unfree)

FIP16  The Equilibrium Theory of Classical Fluids, Frisch, Lebowitz  (unfree)

FIP17  The Eightfold Way, Gell-Mann, Ne’eman  (unfree)

FIP18  Strong-Interaction Physics, Jacob, Chew  (unfree)

FIP19  Theory of Interacting Fermi Systems, Nozieres  (unfree)

FIP20  Theory of Superconductivity, Schrieffer  (unfree)

FIP21  Nonlinear Optics, Bloembergen  (unfree)

FIP22  Phase Transitions, Brout  (unfree)

FIP23  An Introduction to the Theory of Superfluidity, Khalatnikov  (unfree)

FIP24  Superconductivity in Metals and Alloys, deGennes  (unfree)

FIP25  Pseudopotentials in the Theory of Metals, Harrison  (unfree)

FIP26  Phenomenological Theories of High Energy Scattering, An Experimental Evaluation, Barger, Cline  (unfree)

FIP27  The Anharmonic Crystal, Choquard  (unfree)

FIP28  Augmented Plane Wave Method, A Guide to Performing Electronic Structure Calculations, Loucks  (unfree)

FIP29  Algebraic Theory of Particle Physics : Hadron Dynamics in Terms of Unitary Spin Current, Ne’eman  (unfree)

FIP30  Current Algebras and Applications to Particle Physics, Adler, Dashen  (unfree)

FIP31  Nuclear Theory : The Quasiparticle Method, Migdal  (unfree)

FIP32  The Quark Model, Kokkedee  (unfree)

FIP33  Approximation Methods in Quantum Mechanics, Migdal  (unfree)

FIP34  Nonlinear Plasma Theory, Sagdeev  (unfree)

FIP35  Quantum Kinematics and Dynamics, Schwinger  (unfree)

FIP36  Statistical Mechanics, A Set of Lectures, Feynman  (unfree)

FIP37  Photon-Hadron Interactions, Feynman  (unfree)

FIP38  Combinatorics and Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory, Caianiello  (unfree)

FIP39  The Redshift Controversy, Field et al  (unfree)

FIP40  Hadron Physics at Very High Energies, Horn, Zachariasen  (unfree)

FIP41  Basic Principles of Plasma Physics, A Statistical Approach, Ichimaru  (unfree)

FIP42  The Physical Principles of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Pake  (unfree)

FIP43  Theory of Nonneutral Plasmas, Davidson  (unfree)

FIP44  Greens Functions for Solid State Physicists, Doniach, Sondheimer  (unfree)

FIP45   Dual Resonance Models, Frampton  (unfree)

FIP46  Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena, Ma  (unfree)

FIP47  Hydrodynamic Fluctuation, Broken Symmetry, and Correlation Functions, Forster  (unfree)

FIP48  Qualitative Methods in Quantum Theory, Migdal  (unfree)

FIP49  Condensed Matter Physics, Dynamic Correlations, Lovesey  (unfree)

FIP50  Gauge Fields : Introduction to Quantum Theory, Faddeev, Slavnov  (unfree)

FIP51  Field Theory : A Modern Primer, Ramond  (unfree)

FIP52  Heavy Ion Reactions, Lecture Notes Vol. 1, Elastic and Inelastic Reactions, Broglia, Winther  (unfree)

FIP53  Heavy Ion Reactions, Lecture Notes Vol. 2, Broglia, Winther  (unfree)

FIP54  Lie Algebras in Particle Physics, From Isospin to Unified Theories, Georgi  (unfree)

FIP55  Basic Notions of Condensed Matter Physics, Anderson  (unfree)

FIP56  Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions, Quigg  (unfree)

FIP57  Crystal Optics and Additional Light Waves, Pekar  (unfree)

FIP58  Superspace or One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry, Gates et al  (unfree)

FIP59  Semi-Simple Lie Algebras, and their Representations, Cahn  (unfree)

FIP60  Grand Unified Theories, Tobia  (unfree)

FIP61  Condensed Matter Physics, Dynamic Correlations, Lovesey  (unfree)

FIP62  Gauge Field Theories, Frampton  (unfree)

FIP63  High Energy Astrophysics, Katz  (unfree)

FIP64  Experimental Techniques in High Energy Physics, Ferbel  (unfree)

FIP65  Modern Kaluza-Klein Theories, Appelquist et al  (unfree)

FIP66  Statistical Field Theory, Parisi  (unfree)

FIP67  Techniques in Low-Temperature in Condensed Matter Physics, Richardson, Smith  (unfree)

FIP68  Quantum Many-Particle Systems, Negele, Orland  (unfree)

FIP69  The Early Universe, Kolb, Turner  (unfree)

FIP70  The Early Universe, Reprints, Kolb, Turner  (unfree)

FIP71  Collider Physics, Barger, Phillips  (unfree)

FIP72  Computational Plasma Physics, Tajima  (unfree)

FIP73  The Physics of Laser Plasma Interactions, Kruer  (unfree)

FIP74  Field Theory : A Modern Primer, 2nd. edn., Ramond 

FIP75   Quantum Field Theory of Point Particles and Strings, Hatfield  (unfree)

FIP76  Introduction to Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Physics, Sokolsky  (unfree)

FIP77  Applications of Perturbative QCD, Field  (unfree)

FIP80  The Higgs Hunter’s Guide, Gunion et al  (unfree)

FIP81  Physics of Nonneutral Plasmas, Davidson  (unfree)

FIP82  Field Theories of Condensed Matter Systems, Fradkin  (unfree)

FIP83  Gauge Fields, Faddeev, Slavnov  (unfree)

FIP84  Heavy Ion Reactions, Parts I and II, Broglia, Winther  (unfree)

FIP85  Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group, Goldenfeld  (unfree)

FIP86  Plasma Confinement, Hazeltine, Meiss  (unfree)

FIP87  Statistical Plasma Physics, Vol. 1, Basic Principles, Ichimaru  (unfree)

FIP88  Statistical Plasma Physics, Vol. 2, Condensed Plasmas, Ichimaru  (unfree)

FIP89  Density Waves in Solids, Gruner  (unfree)

FIP90  Statistical Thermodynamics of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Membranes, Safran  (unfree)

FIP91  Veiled Reality, An Analysis of Present Day Quantum Mechanical Concepts, d’Espagnat  (unfree)

FIP92  Solar Neutrinos : The First Thirty Years, Bahcall et al   (unfree)

FIP93  Feynman Lectures on Gravitation, Feynman et al  (unfree)

FIP94  An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, Peskin, Schroeder  (unfree)

FIP95  Feynman Lectures on Computation, Feynman  (unfree)

FIP96  Semiclassical Physics, Brack, Bhaduri  (unfree)

FIP97  Weak Neutral Currents, Cline  (unfree)

FIP98  Plasma Astrophysics, Tajima, Shibata  (unfree)

FIP99  Quantum Transport Theory, Rammer  (unfree)

FIP100  The Framework of Plasma Physics, Hazeltine, Waelbroeck  (unfree)

FIP101 Journeys beyond the Standard Model, Ramond  (unfree)


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