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This flyer makes suggestions on what university MGTOW/masculist groups can do.

  • Top priority is to educate young men not to marry, not to have kids. Teach them of the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts. Tens of millions of American men have been financially massacred in these divorce courts. They lose their kids, their house, and are forced to pay child support for kids they barely see, and alimony if their ex-wife is a fluffie. Regular lectures on this theme should be given on campus.
  • Put ads in the student newspaper or internet blog with key words such as “MGTOW”, “masculist” “Sandman”, “Turd Flinging Monkey” “Thinking Ape” etc so students of both sexes can educate themselves in men’s lib ideas.
  • Push for the creation of “Men’s Studies” courses on campus. Lobby the university administration to set up Men’s Studies, and to have the Men’s Studies professors write text books on men’s issues.
  • Approach the broadcast media. Prepare press releases and send them to the broadcast media, radio, TV, magazines, etc. to educated society on men’s issues.
  • Lobby the gender politicians. Make the male feminist gender politicians conscious that if they don’t make the gender laws men fair, men will accuse them of being genocidal criminals, because it is they who changed the divorce laws to favor women, and to financially massacre men. Threaten them with a bloc male vote against them.
  • Have regular MGTOW/masculist meetings. For example every two weeks. Have a speaker give a talk on some MGTOW/masculist theme followed by discussion. Help raise male consciousness that men have severe gender issues, e.g. the divorce courts, no Parer (paternity rejection right), fluffie parasitism, etc.
  • Create flyers that can be handed out. Create flyers that can be distributed at public lectures on MGTOW/masculist themes.
  • Make YouTube videos on MGTOW/masculist themes. Make regular YouTube MGTOW/masculist videos that can be used by new members of the group to educate themselves.
  • Generate MGTOW/masculist publicity by attacking fluffie students. Hand out MGTOW/masculist flyers during lectures of career incompetent subjects that are popular with fluffie students. Write up the reactions in campus wide pubilicity. Make fluffie students conscious that they will not get a man.
  • Do research into MGTOW/masculist issues. For example, how should the divorce laws be made men fair, or how could a Parer be implemented in law, or how can women be persuaded to study career competent subjects, such as the professions or the techs, etc.
  • Set up  MGTOW/masculist booths at public events. The public can be given flyers. The public can read large posters at the booth presenting the main MGTOW/masculist ideas. MGTOWs and masculist members can answer the questions of the public.
  • Invite ideas from group members. Invite group members to think of ways to spread MGTOW, masculist consciousness. Be creative.
  • etc.
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