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Algebraic Geometry, Computational

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Papers on Algebraic Geometry, Computational

Hestenes, A New Algebraic Framework for Computational Geometry  (free)

Books on Algebraic Geometry, Computational

Cojocaru et al (eds.), Computational Commutative and Non-Commutative Algebraic Geometry  (unfree)  (full-text)

Corso et al (eds.), Commutative Algebra Geometric, Homological, Combinatorial and Computational Aspects  (unfree)

Cox et al, Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms, An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Eysette, Galligo (eds.), Computational Algebraic Geometry  (unfree)

Schenck, Computational Algebraic Geometry  (unfree)  (free20p)

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