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American Mathematical Society (AMS) Book Series (and Journals) List (m)

American Mathematical Society (AMS) Book Series and Journals List (m)

NOTE : This list consists of two major parts, namely, books, and journals. The book series list links are followed by links to the free access AMS journals. Scroll down to see the math journals.

Undergraduate Level (Books)

6, 22, 149

AMS Berkeley Mathematics Lecture Notes (BMLN)  (link)   done   11

AMS IAS/PCMI The Teacher Program Series (SSTP)  (link)   done  3

AMS Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts (AMSTEXT)  (link)   done   24

AMS Mathematical World (MAWRLD)  (link)   done  29

AMS MSRI Mathematical Circles Library  (MCL)  (link)   done  16

AMS Natural Math (NMATH)  (link)  6

AMS Not in Series Books  (link)  149

AMS Student Mathematical Library (STML)  (link)   done   76

AMS What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences (HAPPENING)  (link)   done   9

AMS XYZ Book Series (XYZ)  (link)  22


Graduate Level (Books)

1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11, 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, 19, 22, 22, 24, 26, 26, 29, 37, 66, 96,

AMS Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM)  (linkdone  45

AMS Advances in Soviet Mathematics (ADVSOV)  (linkdone  23

AMS Asterisque (AST)  (link)  96

AMS Berkeley Mathematics Lecture Notes (BMLN)  (link)  3

AMS Chelsea Publishing (CHEL)  (link)  375 !

AMS/IP (International Press) Studies in Advanced Mathematics (AMSIP)  (link)   done   50

AMS CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education (CBMATH)  (link)   done   17

AMS CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics  (CBMS)  (link)  122

AMS Clay Mathematics Monographs (CMIM)  (link)   FULL TEXTED

AMS Clay Mathematics Proceedings (CMIP)  (link)   FULL TEXTED

AMS Collected Works (CWORKS)  (link)   done   42

AMS Colloquium Publications (COLL)  (link)   61

AMS Conference Proceedings, Canadian Mathematical Society (CMSAMS)  (link)   done   29

AMS Contemporary Mathematics (CONM)  (link)   645 !!

AMS Courant Lecture Notes (CLN)  (link)   done   26

AMS Cours Specialises (COSP)  (link)  11

AMS CRM Monograph Series (CRMM)  (link)   done   36

AMS CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes (CRMP)  (link)   done  56

AMS DIMACS : Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, (DIMACS)  (link)   76

AMS Documenta Mathematica (DOCMATH)  (link)  2

AMS Documents Mathematiques (SMFDM)  (link)  8

AMS EMS Heritage of European mathematics (EMSHEM)  (link)  11

AMS EMS Industrial and Applied Mathematics (EMSIAM)  (link)  1

AMS EMS IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (EMSILMTP)  (link)  22

AMS EMS Lectures in Mathematics and Physics (EMSESILEC)  (link)  9

AMS EMS Monographs in Mathematics (EMSMONO)  (link)  6

AMS EMS Munster Lectures in Mathematics (EMSMLM)  (link)  1

AMS EMS Series of Congress Reports (EMSSCR)  (link)  11

AMS EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics (EMSSERLEC)  (link)  26

AMS EMS Textbooks in Mathematics (EMSTEXT)  (link)  18

AMS EMS The QGM Master Class Series (EMSQGM)  (link)  2

AMS EMS Tracts in Mathematics (EMSTM)  (link)  26

AMS EMS Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics (EMSZLEC)  (link)  22

AMS Fields Institute Communications (FIC)  (link)   done  61

AMS Fields Institute Monographs (FIM)  (link)   done   34

AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics (GSM)  (link)   done   164

AMS Hindustan Book Agency (HIN)  (link)  66

AMS History of Mathematics (HMATH)  (link)   done   42

AMS IAS/Park City Mathematics Series (PCMS)  (link)   now FULL TEXTING

AMS International Press of Boston, Inc. (INPR)  (link)  4

AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics (IPSAM)  (link)   done   51

AMS Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings (IMCP)  (link)  13

AMS Lectures in Applied Mathematics (LAM)  (link)   done   33

AMS Lectures on Mathematics in the Life Sciences (LMLS)  (link)   done   26

AMS Mathematical Reviews  (link)

AMS Mathematical Surveys and Monographs (SURV)  (link)   done  217

AMS Memoires de la Societe Mathematique de France (SMFMEM)  (link)  37

AMS Memoirs of the AMS (MEMO)  (link)  1174  !!   now doing

AMS MSRI Mathematical Circles Library (MCL)  (link)  19

AMS Open Math Notes (link)

AMS Panoramas et Syntheses (PASY)  (link)  24

AMS Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics (STEKLO)  (link)   207

AMS Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics (PSAPM)  (link)   72

AMS Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics (PSPUM)  (link)   done  90

AMS Reprints from the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (RBAMS)  (link)   done   2

AMS Selected Tables in Mathematical Statistics (STMS)  (link)   done   11

AMS Selected Translations in Mathematical Statistics and Probability (STMSP)  (link)   done   15

AMS Seminares et Congres (SECO)  (link)  29

AMS SIAM-AMS Proceedings (SIAMS)  (link)   done  13

AMS Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)  (link)  15

SMF/AMS Texts and Monographs (SMFAMS)  (link)   done  15

AMS Theta Foundation International Book Series of Mathematical Texts (THETA)  (link)  19

AMS Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society (MOSCOW)  (link)

AMS Translations, Series 1  (TRANS1)  (link)   done   10

AMS Translations, Series 2  (TRANS2)  (link)   234

AMS Translations of Mathematical Monographs (MMONO)  (link)   250

AMS University Lecture Series (ULECT)  (link)  done   62

AMS Vieweg Advanced Lectures in Mathematics (VWALM)  (link)  4

AMS Vieweg Aspects of Mathematics (VWAM)  (link)  10

AMS Vieweg Monographs (VW)  (link)  7


AMS (Free Access) Journals List  (link)













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