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This comment provides suggested statements that MGTOWs and masculists can use in public when fluffie feminists are dumping on men.

Fluffie feminists think they have a monopoly on gender discourse, which MGTOW/masculists need to disabuse them of. Here is some suggested ammunition that may help in that regard.

“You fluffie feminist hypocritical bitches are indirectly wiping out the population, because you have taken over the divorce courts and made marriage TOXIC for men, so 70% of young men in the US refuse to marry and have kids as a result, which in a mere century will WIPE OUT THE US POPULATION.  That makes you fluffie feminist bitches genocidal criminals.”

“To you young women in the audience, you can blame these fluffie feminists for the fact that you are finding it virtually impossible to find a man who is willing to have a kid with you and help pay for it. The fluffie feminist vermin you see on the stage is the reason why you cant get a man, cant have a kid, the cause of you living a lonely manless life. These fluffie feminists have taken over the divorce courts and made marriage toxic for men, so men avoid marriage and fatherhood, letting women rot on the shelf. So express your hatred of fluffie feminists and help wipe them out, and while you’re at it, put real moral pressure on the male feminist gender politicians who passed the divorce laws in the 70s that allowed fluffies to financially massacre their ex-husbands. One in four married men in the US get financially massacred by a divorce!”

“You fluffie feminist hypocritical bitches are the first category of women to be rejected by the MGTOWs and the masculists. We wont go near you, because you are repulsive to men. So you can continue to rot on the shelf to extinction, because NO MAN WANTS YOU. You are hypocrites because you push for equal rights for women, but NOT FOR MEN. You still expect to be able to parasite on a man’s money so that you fluffie feminist bitches can sit on your fat arse after a divorce in HIS house, with YOUR kids whom you have taken away from him after the divorce, and you expect him to pay for child support for kids he barely sees, and if you are a fluffie as many of you feminists are, you expect him to pay for you so you continue to parasite off his money after the divorce, they way you did before the divorce. You want your cake and to eat it to. You are hypocrites. You want equal rights for women, BUT NOT FOR MEN. You are hated by MGTOWs and masculists, so we punish you by ignoring you, letting you rot on the shelf to extinction.”

“Fluffies and fluffie feminists are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, whom the masculists/MGTOWs are in the process of wiping out, by refusing to have relationships with them. They can rot on the shelf. Man-slavery is slavery. Slavery is a war issue. The MGTOWs and masculists are at war against the fluffies. The primary political goal of the masculists (who are much more political than the politically passive MGTOWs) is to wipe out fluffiedom. Fluffiedom is man-slavery. The masculists are the 21st century equivalent of the northern abolitionists of the 1800s in the US. The abolitionists were so disgusted at negro slavery they invaded the south to stop slavery (and to keep the US from being broken in two.) Masculists and MGTOWs  have the same hatred of fluffie manslavers and strive to wipe them out by refusing to give them kids. ”

“You are a gender politician. You are the most hated of all the enemies of the MGTOWs/masculists. It is politicians like you who made marriage toxic for males due to your changes of the divorce laws in the 1970s that were made so biased in favor of women, and so toxic to males. You don’t give a shit about men’s interests. So we men, will bloc vote you out of power. If you don’t MENFAIR the gender laws (e.g. divorce law reform, passing the Parer) then we MGTOWs and masculists WILL WIPE OUT THE WHOLE POPULATION BY REFUSING TO REPRODUCE!!! As the sex war really heats up, and the population crashes (with the young generation only reproducing a third of their number, then in a mere century, the US population is wiped out) you will be the prime targets for assassination, since it is you gender politicians who have caused this population crash, by having made divorce and hence marriage so toxic for men. So you menfair the marriage laws, you pass the Parer, you remove legal discriminations against men, or sooner or later you will be assassinated by hate driven men who cant get gender justice, or by hate driven women who cant get a man and babies.”


I suggest you use such statements at public meetings to teach the public of the ideas of the MGTOWs and masculists. Make the public conscious that a catastrophe is looming, namely, the US population being wiped out in a mere century, due to the fact that 70% of men under 35 in the US today refuse to marry and have kids. They have GONE ON STRIKE. They see marriage for what it is, a form of manslavery by fluffie bitches who expect men to work for women. Now that women can work, they MUST WORK. ANYTHING ELSE IS PARASITISM ON MEN’S LABOR. Fluffiedom is to be wiped out. Women must study FIP (financially independent person) majors at high school (i.e. math and the sciences) and at university, so that they become FIP adults, earning a good salary, so that they don’t expect to manslave and parasite off some man in their 30s when they want to have kids. Fluffies are vermin – immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, whom the MGTOWs and masculists are in the process of wiping out, by refusing to have relationships with them, not paying for them, not giving them babies. FLUFFIES ARE VERMIN!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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