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AMS Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM) Books List

AMS Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM) Books List (70)

AMS Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM) Books List  (link)




ASPM23  Spectral and Scattering Theory and Applications, (ed.) Yajima  (unfree)


ASPM25  Cr-Geometry and over Determined Systems, (eds.) Akahori et al  (unfree)

ASPM26  Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces and Representation Theory of Lie Groups, Okayama-Kyoto, (eds.) Kobayashi et al  (unfree)

ASPM27  Arrangements–Tokyo 1998, (eds.) Falk,  Terao  (unfree)




ASPM31  Taniguchi Conference on Mathematics Nara 1998, (eds.) Maruyama, Sunada  (unfree)

ASPM32  Groups and Combinatorics—In Memory of Michio Suzuki, (eds.) Brannai et al  (unfree)

ASPM33  Computational Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics, (ed.) Hibi  (unfree)

ASPM34  Minimal Surfaces, Geometric Analysis and Symplectic Geometry, (eds.) Fukaya et al  (unfree)

ASPM35  Higher Dimensional Birational Geometry, (eds.) Mori, Miyaoka  (unfree)

ASPM36  Algebraic Geometry 2000, Azumino, (eds.) Usui et al  (unfree)

ASPM37  Lie Groups, Geometric Structures and Differential Equations—One Hundred Years After Sophus Lie, (eds.) Morimoto et al  (unfree)

ASPM38  Operator Algebras and Applications, (ed.) Kosaki  (unfree)


ASPM40  Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups, (eds.) Shoji et al  (unfree)

ASPM41  Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics in Kyoto: In Honour of Kiyosi Itô, (eds.) Kunita et al  (unfree)

ASPM42  Complex Analysis in Several Variables: Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka’s Centennial Birthday, Kyoto/Nara 2001, (eds.) Miyajima et al  (unfree)

ASPM43  Singularity Theory and its Applications, (eds.) Izumiya et al  (unfree)

ASPM44  Potential Theory in Matsue, (eds.) Aikawa et al  (unfree)

ASPM45  Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Geometry (Kyoto, 2004), (eds.) Mukai et al  (unfree)

ASPM46  Singularities in Geometry and Topology 2004, (eds.) Brasselet, Suwa  (unfree)

ASPM47.1  Asymptotic Analysis and Singularities: Hyperbolic and Dispersive PDEs and Fluid Mechanics, (eds.) Kozono et al  (unfree) look inside

ASPM47.2  Asymptotic Analysis and Singularities: Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and Related Problems, (eds.) Kozono et al  (unfree) look inside

ASPM48  Finsler Geometry, Sapporo 2005: In Memory of Makoto Matsumoto, (eds.) Sabau, Shimada  (unfree) look inside

ASPM49  Probability and Number Theory—Kanazawa 2005, (eds.) Akiyama et al  (unfree)

ASPM50  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia—Hanoi 2005, (eds.) Konno, Nguyen-Khac  (unfree)

ASPM51  Surveys on Geometry and Integrable Systems, (eds.) Guest et al  (unfree)

ASPM52  Groups of Diffeomorphisms: In Honor of Shigeyuki Morita on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, (eds.) Penner et al  (unfree)

ASPM53  Advances in Discrete Dynamical Systems, (eds.) Elaydi et al  (unfree)

ASPM54  Algebraic Analysis and Around: In Honor of Professor Masaki Kashiwara’s 60th Birthday, (eds.) Miwa et al  (unfree)

ASPM55  Noncommutativity and Singularities: Proceedings of French–Japanese Symposia Held at IHÉS in 2006, (eds.) Bourguignon et al  (unfree)

ASPM56  Singularities—Niigata–Toyama 2007, (eds.) Brasselet et al  (unfree)

ASPM57  Probabilistic Approach to Geometry, (eds.) Kotani et al  (unfree)

ASPM58  Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces (Sapporo 2007), (eds.) Nakamura, Weng  (unfree)

ASPM59  New Developments in Algebraic Geometry, Integrable Systems and Mirror Symmetry (RIMS, Kyoto, 2008), (eds.) Saito et al  (unfree)

ASPM60  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia (Seoul, 2008), (eds.) Keum et al  (unfree)

ASPM61  Exploring New Structures and Natural Constructions in Mathematical Physics, (eds.) Hasegawa et al  (unfree)

ASPM62  Arrangements of Hyperplanes—Sapporo 2009, (eds.) Terao, Yuzvinsky  (unfree)

ASPM63  Galois–Teichmüller Theory and Arithmetic Geometry, (eds.) Nakamura et al  (unfree)

ASPM64  Nonlinear Dynamics in Partial Differential Equations, (eds.) Ei et al  (unfree)

ASPM65  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia—Taipei 2011, (eds.) Chen et al  (unfree)

ASPM66  Singularities in Geometry and Topology 2011, (eds.) Blanlœil, Saeki  (unfree)

ASPM67  Variational Methods for Evolving Objects, (eds.) Ambrosio et al  (unfree)

ASPM68  School on Real and Complex Singularities in São Carlos, 2012, (eds.) dos Santos et al  (unfree)

ASPM69  Development of Moduli Theory—Kyoto 2013, (eds.) Fujino et al  (unfree)

ASPM70  Minimal Models and Extremal Rays (Kyoto, 2011), (eds.) Kollár et al   (unfree)

ASPM71  Schubert Calculus—Osaka , (eds.) Naruse et al 

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