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AMS Advances in Soviet Mathematics (ADVSOV) Books List

AMS Advances in Soviet Mathematics (ADVSOV) Books List (23)

NOTE : has yet to apply the “Look Inside” feature to nearly all of the books below.

ADVSOV1  Theory of Singularities and its Applications, (ed.) Arnol′d  (unfree)

ADVSOV2  Topics in Representation Theory, (ed.) Kirillov  (unfree)

ADVSOV3  Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics, (ed.) Sinaĭ  (unfree)

ADVSOV4  Algebraic K-Theory, (ed.) Suslin  (unfree)

ADVSOV5  Many-Particle Hamiltonians: Spectra and Scattering, (ed.) Minlos  (unfree)

ADVSOV6  Topological Classification of Integrable Systems, (ed.) Fomenko  (unfree)

ADVSOV7  Estimates and Asymptotics for Discrete Spectra of Integral and Differential Equations, (ed.) Birman  (unfree)

ADVSOV8  Lie Groups, Their Discrete Subgroups, and Invariant Theory, (ed.) Vinberg  (unfree)

ADVSOV9  Representation Theory and Dynamical Systems, (ed.) Vershik  (unfree)

ADVSOV10  Properties of Global Attractors of Partial Differential Equations, (eds.) Babin, Vishik  (unfree)

ADVSOV11  Entire and Subharmonic Functions, (ed.) Levin  (unfree)

ADVSOV12  Topics in Nonparametric Estimation, (ed.) Khasminskiĭ  (unfree)

ADVSOV13  Idempotent Analysis, (eds.) Maslov, Samborskiĭ  (unfree)

ADVSOV14  Nonlinear Stokes Phenomena, (ed.) Il’yashenko  (unfree)

ADVSOV15  Minimal Surfaces, (ed.) Fomenko  (unfree)

ADVSOV16  I. M. Gelfand Seminar, (eds.) Gelfand, Gindikin  (unfree)

ADVSOV16.1  I. M. Gelfand Seminar, (eds.) Gelfand, Gindikin  (unfree)

ADVSOV16.2  I. M. Gelfand Seminar, (eds.) Gelfand, Gindikin  (unfree)

ADVSOV17  Unconventional Lie Algebras, (ed.) Fuchs  (unfree)

ADVSOV18  Topology of Manifolds and Varieties, (ed.) Viro  (unfree)

ADVSOV19  Spectral Operator Theory and Related Topics, (ed.) Marchenko  (unfree)

ADVSOV20  Probability Contributions to Statistical Mechanics, (ed.) Dobrushin  (unfree)

ADVSOV21  Singularities and Bifurcations, (ed.) Arnold  (unfree)



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