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ARCing (After Retirement Careering)

The True Focus of a MGTOW’s Masculist’s Life

A revolution is underway in the average man’s life, called ARCing (after retirement careering).

The traditional role of the male was to be a wage-slave to some employer, to earn his living, and to be a man-slave to a fluffie wife, to pay her to raise her kids in his house that he pays for.

This traditional lifestyle is now crashing down, as the circumstances in men’s lives have changed radically over the past few decades. The biggest change occurred in the 60s with the invention of the contraceptive pill, which allowed women to have reliable control of the number of kids they wanted. They wanted, on the whole, 0, 1 or 2, which meant that women then faced 50 years of career time, so parents began to socialize their daughters to be as much career women as their sons were raised to be career men.

Women, with their contraceptive pill, their household gadgets, and higher education opportunities, poured into the work force. Some of them (i.e. those who studied career competent majors, such as the professions, or the techs, and made good money) became FIPs (financially independent persons) who did not need to parasite off a traditional man’s money. They were able to make their own good money, and could afford to buy their own middle class house to raise their kids in.

The increase in the number of FIP women, freed men from the existential burden of being the sole bread winner of the family, so that he could afford to work less, have a less stressed lifestyle, and live a bit longer.

Then came feminism, and the fluffie feminist takeover of the divorce courts in the western countries. (A fluffie is a traditional woman, who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money. A fluffie feminist is a woman who has had her feminist consciousness raised but not her masculist (men’s lib) consciousness raised, so by default, still has traditional fluffie attitudes towards men, i.e. seeing them as exploitable checkbooks.) The fluffie feminists persuaded the gender politicians to give them favorable status in the divorce courts, which resulted in tens of millions of US divorcing fathers being financially massacred, losing custody of their kids with 90% probability, losing their house that is taken by the ex-wife to raise HER kids in, forced to pay child support to kids he will see maybe twice a month, and alimony to his fluffie ex-wife with no legal obligation on her to become a FIP, so she continues to parasite upon him after the divorce as she did before the divorce.

The toxicity of divorce to men has made them see traditional marriage as TOXIC, so now, 70% of young men under 35 in the US, refuse to marry and have kids. This will cause the US population to be wiped out within a century. Therefore it is only a question of time, before the gender politicians are forced to pass menfair gender laws, e.g. reforming divorce laws, passing a Parer (paternity rejection right). etc. But that will probably take a decade or more.

The toxicity of marriage was the main reason for the rise of the MGTOW (men going their own way, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, spending their money on themselves) movement, and similarly with the masculists, who are more politically active than the MGTOWs (who merely passively walk away from the marriage market, and for some, have nothing to do with women at all, not even sexing them.)

Combining the toxicity of traditional marriage with a fluffie, and the rise of FIP, career-competent women, has allowed a new lifestyle for masculists/MGTOWs, called “twaytweffing” (i.e. “2A2F”ing, i.e. two apartments, two FIPs, i.e. a relationship between a FIP man and a FIP woman, each with their own apartment, which gives them regular sex, and companionship. When the relationship goes sour, they both simply return to their own apartments, cost free, because no divorce, because no marriage, no kids, so no child support, and no alimony, because both are FIPs. If the woman starts to nag, or loses interest in sex, the man can warn her, and if that doesn’t work, he can quietly walk out the door, cost free. This ability just to walk out, puts real pressure on the woman to be polite and civil to the man, and not nag him, not try to mould him the way SHE wants. Twaytweffing keeps partners behaving civilly.

Twaytweffing opens up huge possibilities for a man. He is not under pressure to buy a “Macmansion” by a fluffie wife. He can live very modestly, saving and investing heavily, so that he can retire very early in life (e.g. half way through, i.e. in his 40s), and then become an ARCer (after retirement careerer) doing what he LOVES to do, and no longer being a wage-slave to some employer, i.e. being forced to do what the employer wants and pays him to do, and no longer being a man-slave to some fluffie, parasitic wife. He is now free to pursue his own dreams, and have a new career based on what HE wants to do. This is utterly liberating for men.

An ARCing male can continue to twaytwef if he wants, but many men in the final two decades or so of their lives, lose their libido, so no longer need women sexually, so many ARCing older males simply become “arcing hermits” devoting themselves entirely to their own arcing passions, and being greatly fulfilled by such a lifestyle.

Hence ARCing can be seen as the main focus of a man’s life. Life can be divided into three main phases, labeled Prepping (i.e. childhood and preparing to wage, by getting an education), Waging (i.e. earning a wage, a salary, a living, to be able to save and invest, by living modestly), and ARCing (after retirement careering) living off savings from the Waging phase. By prepping well, i.e. by studying career competent majors at university, a man can earn good money as a Wager, which he can then save and invest strongly, because he lives modestly. He can then realistically retire half way through his 80 years and then begin the true focus of his life, i.e. ARCing, i.e. doing what HE loves, and being free to spend HIS time as HE chooses. Hence ARCing is the focus of his life. He preps to wage, and he wages to arc. So prepping and waging are in a manner of speaking, both prepping for his main focus in life, namely to arc. Life then for a man, is all about arcing. It is life’s focus for the modern man.

Once the gender politicians finally create menfair gender laws, then more men will be prepared to “waytwef” (i.e. “1A2F”, i.e. one apartment, two FIPs, AND have kids), but that may take decades, and MGTOWs and masculists are alive now, and are impatient to increase the quality of their lives, freeing themselves from wage-slavery and man-slavery. They want to arc. They want to refocus their lives now.

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