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Artificial Brains


The following 4 files show some of the main articles in the planet’s first special issue in an academic journal (Neurocomputing) on the theme of “Artificial Brains”.

The special issue was published on  December 2010. Vol. 74, Vols 1-3.

The 4 files are :-

a)  The cover of the special  issue (link)

b)  The guest editorial, written by Prof. Dr.  Hugo de Garis, and Prof. Dr. Ben Goertzel (link)

c)  “A World Survey of Artificial Brain Projects : Part I : Large Scale Brain Simulations” (link)

d) “A World Survey of Artificial Brain Projects : Part II : Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures” (link)

It is hoped this special issue, the first to be devoted to the topic of artificial brains, will help stimulate research in the field, that later will end up dominating the global politics of our century.  The development of massively intelligent artificial  brains will have more impact upon humanity, in time, than the development of the hydrogen bomb.

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