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Papers on Avicenna

Avicenna, Ibn Sina, A Treatise on Love  (free)

Back, Imagination in Avicenna and Kant  (free)

Joosse, Pormann, Decline and Decadence in Iraq and Syria after the Age of Avicenna  (free)

Judy, The Use of Avicenna’s Metaphysics, VIII, 4 in the Summa Contra Gentiles  (free)

Wippel, The Latin Avicenna as a Source for Thomas Aquinas’s Metaphysics  (free)

Books on Avicenna

Avicenna, Avicenna on Theology  (unfree)  (unfree)

Bertolacci, The Reception of Aristotles Metaphysics in Avicenna’s Kitab al-Sifa, A Milestone of Western Metaphysical Thought  (unfree)  (free)

Lagerlund (ed.), Forming the Mind, Essays on the Internal Senses and the Mind-Body Problem, From Avicenna to the Medical Enlightenment  (unfree)  (free15p)

Wisnovsky, Avicenna’s Metaphysics in Context  (unfree)  (free)

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