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Banach Algebras

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Papers on Banach Algebras

Bauschke, Borwein, Continuous Linear Monotone Operators on Banach Spaces  (free)

Beaver, Banach Algebras of Integral Opertators, Off-Diagonal Decay and Applications in Wireless Communications  (free)

Bennett, Banach Function Spaces and Interpolation Methods  (free)

Coleman, Banach Algebras and Spectral Theory  (free)

Ivashchuk, Infinite-Dimensional Grassmann-Banach Algebras  (free)

Johnson, Lindestrauss, Basic Concepts in the Geometry of Banach Spaces  (free)

Muller, Spectral Theory of Linear Operators, and Spectral Systems in Banach Algebras  (free)

Simons, The Hahn-Banach-Lagrange Theorem  (free)

Su, The Banach-Tarski Paradox  (free)

Winkler, Das Paradoxon von Banach-Tarski  (free)

Books on Banach Algebras

Albiac, Kalton, Topics in Banach Space Theory  (unfree)

Alexander, Wermer, Several Complex Variables and Banach Algebras  (unfree)

anon, Chapter IV Banach Algebras

Baker et al (eds.), Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions  (unfree)

Banach, Theory of Linear Operations  (unfree)

Banach, Theory of the Integral  (unfree)

Cembranos, Mendoza, Banach Spaces of Vector-Valued Functions  (unfree)

Constantinescu, C*-Algebras, Vol 1, Banach Spaces  (unfree)

Dales et al, Introduction to Banach Algebras, Operators, and Harmonic Analysis  (unfree)

de La Harpe, Classical Banach-Lie Algebras and Banach-Lie Groups of Operators in Hilbert Space  (unfree)

Diestel, Sequences and Series in Banach Spaces  (unfree)

Erdelyi, Lange, Spectral Decompositions on Banach Spaces  (unfree)

Fabian et al, Banach Space Theory, The Basis for Linear and Nonlinear Analysis  (unfree)

Fell, Doran, Representations of *-Algebras, Locally Compact Groups, and Banach *-Algebraic Bundles, Vol. 1, Basic Representation Theory of Groups and Algebras  (unfree)

Fell, Doran, Representation of *-Algebras, Locally Compact Groups, and Banach *-Algebraic Bundles, Vol. 2, Banach *-Algebraic Bundles, Induced Representations  (unfree)

Fleming, Jamison, Isometries on Banach Spaces, Function Spaces  (unfree)

Fleming, Jamison, Isometries on Banach Spaces Vol. II, Vector-Valued Function Spaces and Operator Spaces  (unfree)

Harmand et al, M-Ideals in Banach Spaces and Banach Algebras  (unfree)

Jarosz, Perturbations of Banach Algebras  (unfree)

Kaniuth, A Course in Commutative Banach Algebras  (unfree)

Lindenstrauss, Tzafriri, Classical Banach Spaces, Vols. 1, 2  (unfree)

Megginson, An Introduction to Banach Space Theory  (unfree)

Mejlbro, Topological and Metric Spaces, Banach Spaces

Muller, Spectral Theory of Linear Operators and Spectral Systems in Banach Algebras  (unfree)

Rickart, General Theory of Banach Algebras  (unfree)

Ryan, Introduction to Tensor Products of Banach Spaces  (unfree)

Upmeier, Symmetric Banach Manifolds and Jordan C*-Algebras  (unfree)

Vieira, Theorems of Banach–Stone Type for Algebras of Holomorphic Functions on Infinite Dimensional Spaces

Wagon, The Banach-Tarski Paradox  (unfree)

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