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BBC Books Philosophy Books List

BBC Books Philosophy Books List

100 Ideas that Changed the World, Osman  (unfree)
The Ascent of Man, Bronowski  (unfree)
de Bono’s Thinking Course, de Bono  (unfree) 
Earth Story: The Shaping of our World, Lamb, Sington  (unfree)
The Great Philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy, Magee  (unfree)
The Human Sexes, Morris  (unfree)
Life on Earth : A Natural History, Attenborough  (unfree)
Men of Ideas: Some Creators of Contemporary Philosophy, Magee  (unfree)
The Mind Machine, Blakemore  (unfree)
Minds, Brains and Science: The 1984 Reith Lectures, Searle  (unfree)
Protestors for Paradise, The Story of Christian Reformers from the Thirteenth to the Twenty-First Century, Gumley, Redhead  (unfree)
The Trouble with Medicine, Konner  (unfree)
Words, Amis et al  (unfree)
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Flannery, Pirsig  (unfree)
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