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ARCing is “after retirement careering.” Many MGTOWs/masculists are ARCers, they study hard in their youth in FIP majors (FIP = financially independent person) that allow them to earn good money in careers that the economy rewards well with high salaries, e.g. the STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math). They save hard, invest hard, live frugally, don’t spend money on women, don’t have kids, don’t have life insurance, so they save up enough to retire rather early in life, say in their 40s. By moving to a poor third world country, they can retire even earlier, because they can afford to save less and see their savings’ purchasing power multiply by moving to a country with a lower cost of living.

ARCing is a popular lifestyle with MGTOWs/masculists for the above reasons. There are considerable advantages to this kind of lifestyle for men. If men can ARC for the second half of their lives, they will have a feeling of being free for half their lives, and that is important. Many MGTOWs/masculists look upon life as “all about ARCing” because that is what life is oriented towards.

A male lifetime can be split into three main phases. The preping phase (i.e. education, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels); the waging phase (i.e. earning a wage, or a salary, so that one can save in preparation for the third phase, of ARCing, in which one is free to do what one loves doing, being free of being a wage slave to some employer who dictates what the employee must do, given that the employer is paying money to the employee to do what the employer wants. The MGTOW/masculist ARCer is also free from manslavery, because he is a MGTOW/masculist, utterly rejecting the idea of working for a woman, so that she can have a kid, living in a middle class house that she raises it in, and having her and the kid(s) paid for by a manslave.

As a MGTOW/masculist ARCer, you are free to do what you love doing. What you do during your day is entirely up to you to choose. Typically, if you are free to do what you want, you will choose to do something that you love, that impassions you.

Some MGTOW/masculist ARCers may choose to fritter away their lives, doing nothing special, but what a waste of an ARCing life that would be. It is far more enjoyable and self fulfilling if an ARCer (after all his investment in himself as a preper and as a wager) decides to do something that not only he loves doing but also has some real benefit and impact on society. When one is truly dedicated to something, investing a lot of time and energy to it, doing something that is challenging and rewarding, then the satisfaction of achieving what you want, is considerable, even ennobling.

I can give my own case as an example. I retired fairly early in my professorial life (63) and for the past 5+ years have been (what I call) a globacator (global educator) making YouTube lecture videos in Pure Math and Math Physics at PhD level to teach students at this level in these fields across the planet FOR FREE. I feel what I’m doing is of great significance, because it enables very bright students who are poor, across the planet, to educate themselves. Students who are smart enough to get a PhD can teach themselves. All they need is the material to do that with. I provide them with the lectures on YouTube and I make e-libraries in these fields by putting up links to books and research papers that these students can read for free.

SO, you can see I feel I’m helping to revolutionize education, by making it free. Its a win win for me. I love learning, so I learn well, because as is well known, the best way to learn something is to have to teach it. I stand in front of my white board facing my Camcorder and give lectures. Hopefully I’ll be doing this for the next 20 years if I can live long enough. (I’ll be 69 in 2016, so I hope I can still be alive in my 90s. I think I inherited my father’s longevity genes. He’s 97 in 2016, and still going strong.)

What impact will millions of ARCing MGTOWs/masculists have on society? I think it will be enormous. When people are doing what they really love, their curiosity is peaked. They will be far more motivated and have the time to pursue their dreams. I see the creativity level of society sky rocketing, as millions of creative males ARC and pursue their passions.

What about women, what will they do if millions of men choose to ARC half way through their lives? They will not be able to rely on men to be their manslaves. If they don’t bother to study FIP majors, then they will become fluffies (traditional women who expect to parasite off the money of a man), but since the supply of manslavable men is rapidly drying up, they will be poor. If they do have a kid, the kid will also be poor. So millions of women will know that if they are to have a kid AND NOT be poor, they will be FORCED to become FIPs. They will study hard not so much to become an ARCer in the second half of their lives, the way many men do, but to be able to afford to have a middle class house to raise the kid in, and to afford a nanny, while she’s out of the house pursuing her career.

Thus society will polarize. Men will see life as ARCing. Women will see life as becoming FIPs to be able to afford to fulfill their dream, their biological destiny, of being mothers. Women will put enormous moral pressure on men to be fathers, nagging men, “How selfish men are!” MGTOWs/masculists can slam them back with the “hundred times” argument, i.e. that those women who expect men to be manslaves to women, so women can be fluffies, parasiting on men so that women can be mothers, living in a middle class house to raise her kids in, and have her, and the kids all paid for by her manslave, that kind of fluffying is “a hundred times more selfish!”

At a macroeconomic level, I see men working less, women working more in well paid jobs, and the general creativity level skyrocketing. It is not at all sure that having millions of men ARCing will cause the GNP to fall. The productivity level of the economy will rise as people work smarter due to superior ideas and technology. There will be far less parasitism, as women are forced by MGTOWs/masculists to get off their immoral, parasitic lazy bums and pull their own financial weight, because if they don’t, no one else is going to pull it for them. A decade or more from now, most men will be on the ARCer track.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis



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