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Bloomsbury Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

Bloomsbury Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

Aesthetics  (250)  (link)

Analytic Philosophy  (50)  (link)

Ancient Philosophy  (140)  (link)

Asian Philosophy  (15)  (link)

Chinese Philosophy  (15)  (link)

Contemporary Philosophy  (10)  (link)

Continental Philosophy  (500)  (link)

Critical Theory  (60)  (link)

Epistemology  (90)  (link)

Ethics and Moral Philosophy  (170)  (link)

History of Western Philosophy  (30)  (link)

Indian Philosophy  (15)  (link)

Introductory Philosophy  (70)  (link)

Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy  (20)  (link)

Metaphysics  (25)  (link)

Modern Philosophy (16th to 18th Century)  (150)  (link)

19th Century Philosophy  (60)  (link)

Philosophy – Other  (130)  (link)

Philosophy of Education  (140)  (link)

Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality  (40)  (link)

Philosophy of Language  (30)  (link)

Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic  (40)  (link)

Philosophy of Mind  (30)  (link)

Philosophy of Religion  (200)  (link)

Philosophy of Science  (50)  (link)

Primary Reading  (10)  (link)

Skills and Methods  (6)  (link)

Social and Political Philosophy  (280)  (link)

20th Century Philosophy  (110)  (link)

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