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Browsing, Filling Knowledge Gaps with My Publisher Series e-Library

Browsing, Filling Knowledge Gaps with My Publisher Series e-Library

I’m being constantly surprised and delighted by my experience of building my publisher series e-library. At the time of writing (March 2017) I’m putting up links to books published by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Springer Verlag, etc. I’m putting up the links of the sample pages of these books provided by the publishers, as well as amazon’s “Look Inside” and “Surprise Me” features. Combined, this makes it possible for readers to read about 15-20% of the book, which is definitely in the “browsing” category. I’m putting up 1000s of such links, so readers will have a feast of browser reading.

I also noticed, that it is so easy to read these samples – just a click of the mouse, that I had the idea to put up links to topics that I am not familiar with, e.g. law, classical studies, etc.  Doing this will allow me, and hence the rest of the world, to fill in knowledge gaps by browsing topics readers are not familiar with.

As I keep having these revelations, I become ever more convinced of the enormous power of “super education” that is enabled by what I’m doing. It will have a huge impact on the general level of culture and education on the planet, as “alfas” (people in the top percentile of IQ) are given the intellectual tools to race ahead in learning far more than traditional class room lectures and paper books allowed. Traditional-learning and super-learning are like night and day.

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