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                     Chinese Artificial Brain Administration

There are two things I would  like to see  happen soon in China concerning  Artificial Brains –

a) That China participates in a major way in  the worldwide “Species Dominance Debate”

b) That China sets up a CABA, a Chinese Artificial Brain Administration


a) “Species Dominance Debate”

The US is leading the  world in debating whether humanity should build artilects (artificial intellects, machines with mental capacities trillions of trillions of times about human levels). In the year 2011, this issue is going  main stream in the US media. This issue will dominate our global politics this century. If China aims to be the dominant culture this century, and it may very well achieve that goal (which is  why I live in China), then it should play the leading role in  the species dominance debate. The planet’s dominant culture should lead the debate on the  planet’s dominant issue. 

There is some debate on this topic in  China. My first book was published in China in 2007, resulting now in about 210,000 hits on if you type in my Chinese name 雨果。德。加里斯   Unfortunately, due to China’s clumsy writing system (the only country in the world that does not use an alphabet, see an essay of mine on this problem) I cant read the discussion.

b)  CABA

The decade of the 2010s will see many artificial brain research projects established. See the tab Artificial Brains on this website for a summary of the major projects currently under way. In the 2020s, AB based industries will be big time. For example, the Korean government aims to put a home robot (controlled by an AB) in every Korean  household by 2020. Bill Gates is saying by 2030, the home robot industry will be one of the biggest and richest in the world, since everyone will be prepared to spend more money than on a car to buy a genuinely useful intelligent home robot that can walk the dog, babysit the kids, read you a story, educate you, clean the  house, wash the dishes, etc.

China should thus create a CABA, a Chinese Artificial Brain Administration, similar in size and scope to America’s NASA, i.e. a national organization of 10,000 engineers and  scientists whose job would be to design and build artificial brains (artificial intelligences) for China’s home robot industry (and other applications).  China did the same recently for high speed rail and now has more high speed track than the rest of the world combined. It is currently designing a train that can travel at 500 km/hr.

Creating a CABA would be a test case for China. The Three  Gorges Dam, the High Speed Train efforts were all essentially “catch up” projects, i.e. using technology  developed outside China. CABA would be China’s first real attempt to pioneer world wide something of great significance and allow  it to win  Nobel Prizes (of which China has won zero science Nobels).

To establish a CABA, I suggest top western creative scientists be invited to form the nucleus around which young talented Chinese can be nurtured into creative modern researchers. By 2013 China will be producing more science papers than the US. The  IMF says that by 2016 China’s economy will be larger than America’s.  The time is ripe for China to start planning for the creation of a CABA to fuel China’s huge and rich artificial brain industry that it will have within a decade. Creating CABA will be a question of national pride for China- “Can China create?” “Can China lead the world scientifically?” “Can China win Nobel Prizes?”

If China creates a CABA, then of  course other major high  tech countries will have to  do the same. So within a decade, we can  imagine the creation of a NABA, EABA, JABA, IABA, KABA, etc.

Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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