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Cambridge New Mathematical Monographs (CNMM) Books List

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Cambridge New Mathematical Monographs (CNMM) Books List

CNMM01   Representation Theory of Finite Reductive Groups, Cabanes, Enguehard  (unfree)

CNMM02   Harmonic Measure, Garnett, Marshall  (unfree)

CNMM03   Free Ideal Rings and Localization in General Rings, Cohn  (unfree)

CNMM04   Heights in Diophantine Geometry, Bombieri, Gubler  (unfree) look inside

CNMM05   Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs, Ionine, Shrikhande  (unfree)

CNMM06   An Introduction to Involutive Structures, Berhanu et al  (unfree)  look inside

CNMM07   Hilbert’s Tenth Problem, Diophantine Classes and Extensions to Global Fields, Shlapentokh  (unfree)

CNMM08   Theory of Finite Simple Groups, Michler  (unfree) look inside

CNMM09   Logarithmic Forms and Diophantine Geometry, Baker, Wustholz  (unfree) look inside

CNMM10   Monopoles and Three-Manifolds, Kronheimer, Mrowka  (unfree)

CNMM11   Kazhdan’s Property (T), Bekka et al  (unfree)

CNMM12   Algebraic Methods in Unstable Homotopy Theory, Neisendorfer  (unfree)

CNMM13   Directed Algebraic Topology, Models of Non-Reversible Worlds, Grandis  (unfree)

CNMM14   Theory of Finite Simple Groups II, Commentary on the Classification Problems, Michler  (unfree) look inside

CNMM15   Complex Multiplication, Schertz  (unfree) look inside

CNMM16   Lectures on Algebraic Cycles, 2nd. edn., Bloch  (unfree) look inside

CNMM17   Pseudo-Reductive Groups, Conrad et al  (unfree) look inside

CNMM18   Entropy in Dynamical Systems, Downarowicz  (unfree) look inside

CNMM19   Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories, From Segal Categories to n-Categories and Beyond, Simpson  (unfree) look inside

CNMM20   The Theory of H(b) Spaces I, Fricain, Mashsreghi  (unfree) look inside

CNMM21   The Theory of H(b) Spaces II, Fricain, Mashsreghi  (unfree) look inside

CNMM22   Non-Hausdorff Topology and Domain Theory, Selected Topics in Point-Set Topology, Goubault-Larrecq  (unfree) look inside

CNMM23   Differential Geometry of Singular Spaces and Reduction of Symmetry, Sniatycki  (unfree) look inside

CNMM24   Categorical Homotopy Theory, Riehl  (unfree) look inside

CNMM25  Cubical Homotopy Theory, Munson, Volic  (unfree) look inside

CNMM26   Pseudo-Reductive Groups, 2nd. edn., Conrad et al  (unfree) look inside

CNMM27   Sobolev Spaces on Metric Measure Spaces : An Approach Based on Upper Gradients, Heinonen et al  (unfree) look inside

CNMM28  Symplectic Topology and Floer Homology, Vol. 1 : Symplectic Geometry and Pseudoholomorphic Curves, Oh  (unfree) look inside

CNMM29   Symplectic Topology and Floer Homology, Vol. 2 : Floer Homology and its Applications, Oh  (unfree) look inside

CNMM30  Convergence of One-Parameter Operator Semigroups : In Models of Mathematical Biology and Elsewhere, Bobrowski  (unfree) look inside

CNMM31  Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory, Vol. 1, Costello, Gwilliam  (unfree) look inside

CNMM32  Discriminant Equations in Diophantine Number Theory, Evertse, Gyory  (unfree) look inside



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