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Cambridge University Press (CUP) Brain Books : Neuroscience Books List

Cambridge University Press (CUP) Brain Books : Neuroscience Books List  (213)

Cambridge University Press (CUP) Brain Books : Neuroscience Books List  (link)


Action to Language via the Mirror Neuron System, Arbib  (unfree)

Adaptation and Well-Being, Social Allostasis, Schulkin  (unfree)

Adaptive Behavior and Learning, Staddon  (unfree)

Aggression and War, Their Biological and Social Bases, Groebel, Hinde  (unfree)

Animal Learning and Cognition, A Neural Network Approach, Schmajuk  (unfree)

Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers, Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, Stahl  (unfree)

Audiovisual Speech Processing, Bailly et al  (unfree)

Auditory Perception, An Analysis and Synthesis, Warren  (unfree)


Barrel Cortex, Fox  (unfree)

Beauty and Sublimity, A Cognitive Aesthetics of Literature and the Arts, Hogan  (unfree)

Behavioral Genetics of the Fly (Drosophila Melanogaster), Dubnau  (unfree)

The Behavioural Biology of Aggression, Archer  (unfree)

Behaviour and Neurodynamics for Auditory Communication, Kanwal, Ehret  (unfree)

The Berlin Aging Study, Aging from 70 to 100, Baltes, Mayer  (unfree)

Beyond IQ, A Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence, Sternberg  (unfree)

Beyond the Synapse, Cell-Cell Signaling in Synaptic Plasticity, Fields  (unfree)

Biolinguistics, Exploring the Biology of Language, Jenkins, Lyle  (unfree)

Biology and Emotion, McNaughton  (unfree)

The Biology and Psychology of Moral Agency, Rottschaefer  (unfree)

The Biology of Oligodendrocytes, Armati, Mathey  (unfree)

The Biology of Schwann Cells, Development, Differentiation and Immunomodulation, Armati  (unfree)

The Biophysical Basis of Excitability, Ferreira, Marshall  (unfree)

Bird Song, Biological Themes and Variations, Catchpole, Slater  (unfree)

Brain Circuits and Functions of the Mind, Essays in Honor of Roger Wolcott Sperry, Trevarthern  (unfree)

Brain Mechanisms of Behaviour in Lower Vertebrates, Laming  (unfree)

The Brain-Shaped Mind, What the Brain Can Tell Us About the Mind, Goldblum  (unfree)


Calcium Hunger, Behavioral and Biological Regulation, Schulkin  (unfree)

Cannabis Dependence, Its Nature, Consequences and Treatment, Roffman, Stephens  (unfree)

Catecholamines and Behavior, Mason  (unfree)

Causal Mechanisms of Behavioural Development, Hogan, Bolhuis  (unfree)

The Cerebellum and Adaptive Control, Barlow  (unfree)

Cerebral Hemisphere Function, Kinsbourne  (unfree)

The Circuitry of the Human Spinal Cord, Spinal and Corticospinal Mechanisms of Movement, Pierrot-Deseilligny, Burke  (unfree)

Cognition, Emotion and Psychopathology, Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Directions, Yiend, Jenny  (unfree)

Cognitive Adaptation, A Pragmatist Perspective, Schulkin  (unfree)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory, Slotnick  (unfree)

Color Vision, From Genes to Perception, Gegenfurtner, Sharpe  (unfree)

Colours and Colour Vision, An Introductory Survey, Kernell  (unfree)

Comparative Vertebrate Lateralization, Rogers, Andrew  (unfree)

Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature, Godfrey-Smith  (unfree)

Computational Models of Conditioning, Schmajuk  (unfree)

Computational Vision in Neural and Machine Systems, Harris, Jenkin  (unfree)

Computer Models of Mind, Computational Approaches in Theoretical Psychology, Boden  (unfree)

Computer Simulation in Brain Science, Cotterill  (unfree)

Computing Brain Activity Maps from fMRI Time-Series Images, Sarty  (unfree)

Consciousness and Language, Searle  (unfree)

Contemporary Animal Learning Theory, Dickinson  (unfree)

Cortical Mechanisms of Vision, Jenkin, Harris  (unfree)

Corticonics, Neural Circuits of the Cerebral Cortex, Abeles  (unfree)

Creativity and Mental Illness, Kaufman  (unfree)

Current Problems in Sociobiology, KING’S COLLEGE SOCIOBIOLOGY GROUP  (unfree)

Cyberpsychology and the Brain, The Interaction of Neuroscience and Affective Computing, Parsons  (unfree)


Depression and Bipolar Disorder, Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, Stahl  (unfree)

Developmental Psychobiology of Aggression, Stoff, Susman  (unfree)

Developmental Psychophysiology, Theory, Systems, and Methods, Schmidt, Segalowitz  (unfree)

Development of the Ocular Lens, Lovicu, Robinson  (unfree)

The Differences between the Sexes, Short, Balaban  (unfree)

Divided Brains, The Biology and Behaviour of Brain Asymmetries, Rogers et al  (unfree)

The Dopaminergic Mind in Human Evolution and History, Previc  (unfree)

Drawing and Cognition, Descriptive and Experimental Studies of Graphic Production Processes, van Sommers  (unfree)

Duplicity Theory of Vision, From Newton to the Present, Stabell, Stabell  (unfree)


Early Development of Body Representations, Slaughter, Brownell  (unfree)

Electrical Dynamics of the Dendritic Space, Korogod, Tyč-Dumont  (unfree)

Embodied Grounding, Social, Cognitive, Affective, and Neuroscientific Approaches, Semin, Smith  (unfree)

Enchanted Looms, Conscious Networks in Brains and Computers, Cotterill  (unfree)

Endocrine Pharmacology, Physiological Basis and Therapeutic Applications, Bentley  (unfree)

Essential Psychopharmacology, Stahl  (unfree)

Essential Psychopharmacology of Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers, Stahl  (unfree)

Event Representation in Language and Cognition, Bohnemeyer, Pederson  (unfree)

Everyday Cognition in Adulthood and Late Life, Poon et al  (unfree)

Evolutionary Anatomy of the Primate Cerebral Cortex, Falk, Gibson  (unfree)

Evolution of Sleep, Phylogenetic and Functional Perspectives, McNamara et al   (unfree)

Experimental Models in Serotonin Transporter Research, Kalueff, LaPorte  (unfree)


Foundations in Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience, Platek, Shackelford  (unfree)

From Neuropsychology to Mental Structure, Shallice  (unfree)

Frustration Theory, An Analysis of Dispositional Learning and Memory, Amsel  (unfree)


Gating in Cerebral Networks, Steriade, Pare  (unfree)

Genius, The Natural History of Creativity, Eysenck  (unfree)

Glial Cells, Their Role in Behaviour, Laming et al  (unfree)

Grounding Cognition, The Role of Perception and Action in Memory, Language, and Thinking, Pecher, Zwaan  (unfree)

Growing Points in Ethology, Bateson, Hinde  (unfree)


Handbook of Color Psychology, Elliot et al   (unfree)

Handbook of Experimental Neurology, Methods and Techniques in Animal Research, Tatlisumak, Fisher  (unfree)

Handbook of Functional MRI Data Analysis, Poldrack et al   (unfree)

Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement, Brette, Destexhe  (unfree)

Handbook of Psychophysiology, Cacioppo et al   (unfree)

How Sexual Desire Works, The Enigmatic Urge, Toates  (unfree)

The Human Brain, Glees  (unfree)

Human Motivation, McClelland  (unfree)

Human Organic Memory Disorders, Mayes  (unfree)

The Human Pain System, Experimental and Clinical Perspectives, Lenz et al    (unfree)

Hunger, Le Magnen  (unfree)


Imaging Dopamine, Cumming  (unfree)

Individual Development from 3 to 12, Findings from the Munich Longitudinal Study, Weinert, Schneider  (unfree)

Inflammatory Diseases of the Central Nervous System, Kilpatrick et al    (unfree)

Information Processing by Neuronal Populations, Holscher, Munk  (unfree)

Information Theory and the Brain, Baddeley et al   (unfree)

Integrative Action of the Autonomic Nervous System, Neurobiology of Homeostasis, Jänig  (unfree)

Interactive Minds, Life-Span Perspectives on the Social Foundation of Cognition, Baltes,
Staudinger  (unfree)

An Introduction to the Biology of Vision, McIlwain  (unfree)

Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Principles and Techniques, Buxton  (unfree)

An Introduction to Neuroendocrinology, Wilkinson, Brown  (unfree)

Introduction to the Senses, From Biology to Computer Science, Bossomaier  (unfree)

Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology, Vol.1, Linear Cable Theory and Dendritic Structure, Tuckwell  (unfree)

An Introduction to the Visual System, Tovée  (unfree)

Ion Channels, Molecules in Action, Aidley, Stanfield  (unfree)


Kin Recognition, Hepper  (unfree)

Knowing Hands, The Cognitive Psychology of Manual Control, Rosenbaum  (unfree)


Language in the Brain, Schnelle  (unfree)

Latent Inhibition, Cognition, Neuroscience and Applications to Schizophrenia, Lubow, Weiner  (unfree)

Latent Inhibition and Conditioned Attention Theory, Lubow  (unfree)

Lifespan Development and the Brain, The Perspective of Biocultural Co-Constructivism, Baltes et al  (unfree)


The Making of Cognitive Science, Essays in Honor of George Armitage Miller, Hirst  (unfree)

The Many Faces of Dependency in Old Age, Baltes  (unfree)

Measuring Behaviour, An Introductory Guide, Martin, Bateson  (unfree)

Measuring Stress in Humans, A Practical Guide for the Field, IceJames  (unfree)

Mechanisms in Classical Conditioning, A Computational Approach, Schmajuk  (unfree)

Memory, Fara, Patterson  (unfree)

Memory in Mind and Culture, Boyer, Wertsch  (unfree)

The Mind at Work, Singleton  (unfree)

Modelling Natural Action Selection, Seth et al  (unfree)

Modelling Perception with Artificial Neural Networks, Tosh, Ruxton  (unfree)

Motivation, A Biobehavioural Approach, Wong  (unfree)

Motivational Systems, Toates  (unfree)

Motor Learning and Synaptic Plasticity in the Cerebellum, Cordo et al  (unfree)

Movement Control, Cordo, Harnad  (unfree)


Nature and Nurture during Infancy and Early Childhood, Plomin et al  (unfree)

The Nature of Creativity, Contemporary Psychological Perspectives, Sternberg  (unfree)

Nerve and Muscle, Keynes et al  (unfree)

Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour, Simmons, Young  (unfree)

Neural Activity and the Growth of the Brain, Purves  (unfree)

The Neural Code of Pitch and Harmony, Langner  (unfree)

The Neural Crest, Le Douarin, Kalcheim  (unfree)

Neural Networks and Psychopathology, Connectionist Models in Practice and Research, Stein, Ludik  (unfree)

Neural Plasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System, Møller  (unfree)

Neurobiological Effects of Sex Steroid Hormones, Micevych, Hammer  (unfree)

The Neurobiology of Australian Marsupials, Brain Evolution in the Other Mammalian Radiation, Ashwell  (unfree)

Neurobiology of Grooming Behavior, Kalueff et al  (unfree)

Neurobiology of Obesity, Harvey, Withers  (unfree)

Neurobiology of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration, Zochodne  (unfree)

Neurochemistry of Sleep and Wakefulness, Monti et al  (unfree)

Neurodevelopmental Mechanisms in Psychopathology, Cicchetti, Walker  (unfree)

The Neuroendocrine Regulation of Behavior, Schulkin, Jay  (unfree)

Neuroethics, Challenges for the 21st Century, Levy, Neil  (unfree)

Neurohormones in Invertebrates, Thorndyke, Goldsworthy  (unfree)

Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Robots, Krichmar, Wagatsuma  (unfree)

Neuronal Dynamics, From Single Neurons to Networks and Models of Cognition, Gerstner et al   (unfree)

Neuronal Growth Cones, Gordon-Weeks  (unfree)

Neuronal Mechanisms of Memory Formation, Concepts of Long-term Potentiation and Beyond, Hölscher  (unfree)

Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus, Traub, Miles  (unfree)

Neuronal Substrates of Sleep and Epilepsy, Steriade  (unfree)

The NEURON Book, Carnevale, Hines  (unfree)

Neurones without Impulses, Their Significance for Vertebrate and Invertebrate Nervous Systems, Roberts, Bush  (unfree)

Neurophilosophy at Work, Churchland  (unfree)

Neuropsychological Impairments of Short-Term Memory, Vallar, Shallice  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Adolescence, Galván  (unfree)

Neuroscience of Birdsong, Zeigler, Marler  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Expertise, Bilalić  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Freedom and Creativity, Our Predictive Brain, Fuster  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Intelligence, Haier  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Language, On Brain Circuits of Words and Serial Order, Pulvermüller, Friedemann  (unfree)

The Neuroscience of Psychological Therapies, Folensbee  (unfree)

Neurotropic Viral Infections, Reiss  (unfree)

The New Brain Sciences, Perils and Prospects, Rees, Rose  (unfree)

Night Vision, Basic, Clinical and Applied Aspects, Hess et al   (unfree)

Non-Verbal Communication, Hinde  (unfree)

Noradrenergic Neurons, Fillenz  (unfree)


Oculomotor Systems and Perception, Ebenholtz  (unfree)

Olfaction, Taste, and Cognition, Rouby et al   (unfree)

On the Nature of Human Plasticity, Lerner  (unfree)

The Organization of Language, Moulton, Robinson  (unfree)


Perceptual Constancy, Why Things Look as They Do, Walsh, Kulikowski  (unfree)

Perspectives on Language and Thought, Interrelations in Development, Gelman, Byrnes  (unfree)

The Physiology of Excitable Cells, Aidley  (unfree)

Plasticity in Sensory Systems, Steeves, Harris  (unfree)

Pretending and Imagination in Animals and Children, Mitchell  (unfree)

Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience, Sterratt et al    (unfree)

Psychobiology of Personality, Zuckerman  (unfree)

The Psychology of Associative Learning, Shanks  (unfree)

Purpose and Cognition, Edward Tolman and the Transformation of American Psychology, Carroll  (unfree)


Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Regulation and Function, Mallick et al   (unfree)

Representations of Vision, Trends and Tacit Assumptions in Vision Research, Gorea et al   (unfree)

Researching the Autism Spectrum, Contemporary Perspectives, Roth, Rezaie  (unfree)

Retinal Development, Sernagor et al    (unfree)


Science, Psychoanalysis, and the Brain, Space for Dialogue, Marom  (unfree)

Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives in Neuroethics, Giordano, Gordijn  (unfree)

Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind, Churchland  (unfree)

The Self in Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Kircher, David  (unfree)

Sensorimotor Control of Grasping, Physiology and Pathophysiology, Nowak, Hermsdörfer  (unfree)

Shared Representations, Sensorimotor Foundations of Social Life, Obhi, Cross  (unfree)

Similarity and Analogical Reasoning, Vosniadou, Ortony  (unfree)

Sleep and Dreaming, Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations, Pace-Schott et al   (unfree)

Social Influences on Vocal Development, Snowdon, Hausberger  (unfree)

Sodium Hunger, The Search for a Salty Taste, Schulkin  (unfree)

Space and Time in Perception and Action, Khurana  (unfree)

Spatial Cognition, Spatial Perception, Mapping the Self and Space, Dolins, Mitchell  (unfree)

Startle Modification, Implications for Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Clinical Science, Dawson et al    (unfree)

Structural Information Theory, The Simplicity of Visual Form, Leeuwenberg, Helm  (unfree)


Talented Teenagers, The Roots of Success and Failure, Csikszentmihalyi et al   (unfree)

The Thalamus, Jones  (unfree)

Theoretical Approaches to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Jakes  (unfree)

Thirst, Rolls, Rolls  (unfree)

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Implementing the Neurophysiological Model, Jastreboff, Hazell  (unfree)

Tools, Language and Cognition in Human Evolution, Gibson, Ingold  (unfree)

Topics in Integrative Neuroscience, From Cells to Cognition, Pomerantz  (unfree)


Vision, Coding and Efficiency, Blakemore et al    (unfree)

Vision and Action, Harris, Jenkin  (unfree)

Vision in 3D Environments, Harris, Jenkin  (unfree)


When Language Breaks Down, Analysing Discourse in Clinical Contexts, Asp, de Villiers  (unfree)

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