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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


One of the basic assumptions of the masculist political program, i.e. the creation of a FIP Society, in which both sexes are socialized and educated to be FIPs (financially independent persons) so that no one sex parasites off the other, is that women will be able to fight, i.e. overcome, their evolved parasitic nature.

This flyer examines this basic assumption. Is it reasonable? Is it realistic, or is it like ploughing the sea (to use Bolivar’s famous quip.)

Before launching into my opinions on this, I ought to set the stage a bit more, explaining just what it is that the masculists want for society, how masculists plan to socially engineer society, so that men get liberated from female parasitism, forcing women to FIP up or be punished by men, by not getting one.

Masculism and MGTOW (men going their own way) exist largely as a result of the massive injustices committed against men by the feminazis, the worst example is that of the divorce courts, which financially massacre and destroy the lives of a quarter of married fathers, who lose his kids with a 90% probability, lose his house to his fluffie ex-wife, lose half his possessions, pay child support to his kids he may be allowed to visit only twice a month, and often pay alimony to his ex-wife so that she can continue to parasite off him after the divorce as she did before the divorce.

There is no Parer (paternity rejection right) equivalent to women’s Marer (maternity rejection right) a.k.a. abortion right, so that women have the legal right to reject an unwanted pregnancy, but men don’t. Why does this massive injustice against men exist? Men are seen by society, and especially by women, as manslaves, to be manipulated by women as women want.

But the feminazis have gone too far, so that men are waking up to their manipulations and are fighting back, and with a vengeance. In the major western countries now, two thirds of young men under 35 reuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves.

Once the number of these MGTOW men has become large enough, that the broadcast media becomes conscious of what is happening, i.e. that these MGTOW are causing the population to crash, due to their rejection of paternity, then the masculists will be able to educate society that things have to change, that women have to learn to pull their weight or be punished by men, by not getting one, thanks to the MGTOW boycott of marriage and paternity.

Once society has the attention of the men’s libbers (i.e. the MGTOWs and masculists) the masculists will be in a position to tell society and particularly women, that women must FIP up, become FIPs and pull their financial weight, not expecting, fluffie style (a fluffie is a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man) to be able to become what the masculists see as “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin” to be wiped out.

Masculists will tell women, that it is in women’s self-interest to join with men to vote in favor of the menfairing of the gender laws, even though at face value, it appears to be against women’s interests, in the divorce courts, to give up the current divorce law status quo, in which women get sole custody of the kids, child support, his house, half his possessions, and often alimony sometimes for life.

Masculists will tell women and the broadcast media that there is something even more valuable to women than what they have traditionally won (i.e. stolen) from men in the divorce courts, and that is being able to have babies again, by making the gender laws men fair, so that men will be willing to be fathers again, knowing that they will not have to risk paying the horrible price of being financially massacred in today’s divorce courts, with the heavy feminazi bias in favor of women, given that the divorce courts were taken over by the feminazis in the 70s.

Young women today are starting to panic as they become conscious of the rise and rise of the MGTOWs, who have the power to refuse to give women their sperm, so that women are being forced into babylessness. Young women are really starting to panic now.

The masculists can use the media to make a bargain with women, especially young women. This bargain goes as follows. “You women vote together with men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, so that divorce law is made fair to men, so that the Parer is brought in, so that those menunfair gender laws that still exist are removed, across the board.

Do that, and we men will then be prepared to be fathers again. If you don’t help men force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, then we men, we young men, will continue to reject paternity, and you women will not be able to have babies, which is your absolute top priority in life, i.e. what you evolved to do. It’s written into your DNA.”

Thus the masculists will bargain with women to get what the masculists want, i.e. the FIPing of women, in order to create a FIP Society, so as to liberate men, so that the masculists can fulfil their main political goal of freeing men from manslavery, i.e. working for women, worldwide, this century.

The masculist are very conscious that men have the financial power to force women to FIP up, i.e. become FIPs by getting a career competent education at high school and university, so that women can be FIPs, i.e. financially responsible adults in their 30s and beyond.

There is still a long way to go in the FIPping of women, because in today’s world, it is still the case that some three quarters of young women at age 16, choose to study career incompetent majors, i.e. the “soft option,” of intellectually easy, intellectually lazy, memory based, majors such as English literature, history, languages, etc., instead of the “hard option” of the analytic majors such as math and the sciences, so that women who do study these topics at high school can then go further at college and get degrees in the STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) or the professions, which will enable them to be real FIPs, making good money instead of becoming fluffie crappers with a fluffie crap diploma that the economy does not value and hence pays poorly.

The masculists will put enormous moral pressure on young women to FIP up, accusing fluffies of being immoral manslaving parasites, whom the masculists plan to wipe out, by ignoring them to death, making women afraid to be fluffies through fear of being totally rejected by society for expecting to be able to parasite off men, which is something the masculists aim to make a real taboo in the near future.

Thus, the masculists have a political and ideological agenda. They want to menfair society, to free men from manslavery, by forcing the FIPping of women, that we men have the financial power to do, because a fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some gullible manslave, but the supply of such gullible fools is drying up, thanks to the influence of the ideas of the masculists and MGTOWs, who are persuading young men that marriage and paternity are such rotten deals for men, that the only sane strategy for men is to avoid them, so as to avoid the horrible risk of being financially massacred in the hated feminazi controlled divorce courts.

Thus the masculists give women no choice. Women must FIP up, or be severely punished by men, by not getting one. A fluffie will rot on the shelf, utterly rejected by men, treated as a pariah, to be spat at.

Once the masculists have the ear of the broadcast media, they can educate the public about what the masculist agenda is and how the masculists plan to achieve it, as explained above, with the female masculists voting together with men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, or women will continue to not be given men’s sperm, so that women remain babyless, and whole populations get wiped out. Men will win this battle.

BUT, there is a big question mark in all this, and that is, can women fight their own genetic parasitism, i.e. can women overcome the way they evolved to be, i.e. to be parasites off the money of men?

Women have been parasites off men for the past few million years. Women evolved that way. The baby’s head doubled in size over a mere million years, forcing women to give birth prematurely, so that the baby’s head could continue to grow after the birth. But prematurely born babies are useless and require constant attention from the mother, which prevented women from hunting for days away from the home.

Thus women became critically dependent for their survival on men, i.e. on men’s scarce male hunted meat. To adapt to this new situation, women evolved to become prostitutes to men, bribing men with female sex for men’s meat. Women’s brains evolved to manipulate men, so that men could be persuaded, manipulated, bribed, nagged, coerced, into giving women and their babies male hunted meat.

Thus it is in women’s nature to be parasitic on men, to see men as objects to be manipulated, as sources for scarce male hunted meat. Women don’t love men. They love men’s exploitability. If a man lost his ability to be a meat provider, then his woman would coldly, disloyally dump him quickly in favor of a more exploitable man whose penis she would accept, for the sake of the survival of herself and her babies.

Women evolved to be parasites on men, so how can the masculist political agenda succeed if what the masculists want from women goes against women’s evolved, genetically determined nature?

That is the big question, and the main question of this flyer. The human brain is flexible. Women are human beings, so have the ability to adapt, to learn, to fight against their own nature, IF THEY ARE FORCED TO.

The task of the masculists is to create a situation, in which women are forced to, i.e. by not giving women any choice other than to FIP up, or face the threat of being babyless, which is something that women are truly terrified of, given their deepest nature, i.e. their drive to create the next generation, something their whole DNA is geared towards.

How will women cope when masculists become a major force in society, putting enormous moral pressure on women to FIP up or be totally rejected by men? If they are fighting their evolved behavior of parasiting off men’s money, parasiting off men’s provision of resources to women, then how can women go against their own nature?

Women may have a difficult time doing this, but at least they are capable of doing it. They may not be happy doing it, since it goes against their grain, against their evolved nature, but since the masculists will give them no choice, forcing them to FIP up or die out, then women will FIP up.

Those choosing not to FIP up, will indeed die out, rotting on the shelf to extinction, removing their fluffie genes from the gene pool, utterly rejected by men for being the immoral parasitic manslaving vermin that they are.

Is there any evidence that women are up to the task of FIPping up to the extent that the masculists demand? There are encouraging signs. In the US, the percentage of 16 year old young women who choose to study the “hard option” of math and the sciences is now equal to the percentage of young men doing the same.

At college, in the US, the percentage of women who study STEM or the professions is at about two third of the male percentage and rising, so that is encouraging.

From my own experience in China as a computer science professor, teaching masters level courses, I had classes in which a third of the students were female, so it looks as though young women are FIPping up increasingly, which is good news for the masculists.

Of course, as the masculist agenda becomes widely known to the public, including young women, they will become more motivated to FIP up, through fear of being spat at by men for being fluffies and threatened by men with babylessness.

Women are herd animals and follow fashion more readily than men. Look at women’s fashions. So all the masculists have to do is to push the masculist agenda onto the broadcast media so that it becomes well known to everyone. Young women will then FIP up, get career competent educations, and become FIPs as adults, not expecting to be fluffies to gullible manslaves.

As the supply of manslavable men keeps falling and women continue to not be given men’s sperm, the level of babylessness amongst young women, will cause alarm bells to go off across the world, until women in desperation, vote together with men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, thus freeing men from the oppression and from the massive injustices committed by the hated feminazis against men.

The feminazis will become hated by BOTH sexes, since women will be taught by the masculists that the root cause of women’s babylessness is the feminazi takeover of the divorce courts, making them toxic for males, so that young men refuse to marry and refuse to have kids.

By menfairing the gender laws, marrying and having kids again, will no longer be toxic for men, so they will be more willing to be fathers again. A lot of men want to have kids, but in today’s fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce court system, don’t dare to, due to the one chance in four risk of being financially massacred by the hated feminazi divorce courts judges and lawyers.

With the feminazis dead, and the gender laws made menfair, the birth rate should then rise again, so that populations fall less quickly. Perhaps further measures may be needed to get the birth rate back up to replacement rate, but that is another story.

The moral of this flyer is that yes, probably women are capable of fighting their genetic parasitism, by learning to adapt to the gender landscape as engineered by the masculists. Men have the financial power to FORCE women to FIP up.

As more and more men become MGTOW and masculists, the stronger the moral pressure will be on women to FIP up. They will have no choice. They will HAVE to learn to fight their genetic parasitism if they are to survive, even if women are not happy about it. Women have no choice. We men have that power.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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