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Papers on Chaos-Complexity

anon, An Introduction to Mathematical Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry  (free)

Baranger, Chaos, Complexity and Entropy. A Physics Talk for Non-Physicists  (free)

Becker et al, Aspects on Data Analysis and Visualization for Complex Dynamical Systems  (free)

Bernsdorf, Simulation of Complex Flows and Multi-Physics with the Lattice-Boltzmann Method  (free)

Blum, A Machine-Independent Theory of the Complexity of Recursive Functions  (free)

Chopard et al, Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Techniques, An Approach to Model and Simulate Complex Systems  (free)

Fang et al, Switching Manifold Approach to Chaos Synchronization  (free)

Kuppers, The World of Biological Complexity Origin and Evolution of Life  (free)

Marwan et al, Recurrence Plots for fhe Analysis of Complex Systems  (free)

Meyer-Lindenberg, The Evolution of Complexity in Human Brain Development  (free)

Rajeev, Advanced Classical Mechanics (Chaos)  (free)

Smillie, Complex Dynamics in Several Variables  (free)

Venkatasubramanian et al, Intelligent Systems for HAZOP Analysis of Complex Process Plants  (free)

Vitanyi, An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and its Applications  (free)

Wall, Architectural Modeling and Analysis of Complex Real-Time Systems  (free)

Wheeler, Morris, Complexity Theory and Negotiation  (free)

White et al, The Evolution of Organizations, Suggestions from Complexity Theory about the Interplay between Natural Selection and Adaptation  (free)

Books on Chaos-Complexity

Abraham et al (eds.) Applied Soft Computing Technologies, The Challenge of Complexity  (unfree)

Bonchev, Rouvray (eds.), Complexity in Chemistry, Biology and Ecology  (unfree)

Bovet, Crescenzi, Introduction to the Theory of Complexity  (unfree)

Butts, The Complexity of Social Networks

Calude (ed.), Randomness and Complexity, From Leibniz to Chaitin  (unfree)

Castiglione et al, Chaos and Coarse Graining in Statistical Mechanics  (unfree)

Cull et al, Difference Equations, From Rabbits to Chaos  (unfree)

Davies, Gribbin, Auf dem Weg zur Weltformel, Superstrings, Chaos, Komplexität, Über den neuesten Stand der Physik  (unfree)

Dorfman, Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics  (unfree)

Efetov, Supersymmetry in Disorder and Chaos  (unfree)

Embrechts, Selfsimilar Processes  (unfree)

Evans, Domain-Driven Design, Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software  (unfree)

Field, Golubitsky, Symmetry in Chaos  (unfree)

Flum, Grohe, Parameterized Complexity Theory  (unfree)

Gharajedaghi, Systems Thinking, Managing Chaos and Complexity, A Platform for Designing Business Architecture, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Gaspard, Chaos, Scattering and Statistical Mechanics  (unfree)

Goldreich, Introduction to Complexity Theory

Gros, Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems  (unfree)

Iooss, Joseph, Elementary Stability and Bifurcation Theory, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Ivancevic , Complex Nonlinearity, Chaos, Phase Transitions, Topology Change and Path Integrals  (unfree)

Kearns, The Computational Complexity of Machine Learning  (unfree)

Klages, Microscopic Chaos, Fractals and Transport in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics  (unfree)

Lam, Nonlinear Physics for Beginners, Fractals, Chaos, Solitons, Pattern Formation, Cellular Automata and Complex Systems  (unfree)

Lesne, Renormalization Methods, Critical Phenomena, Chaos, Fractal Structures, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Li, Halang, Chen (eds.), Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Theory  (unfree)

Mainzer, Symmetry and Complexity, The Spirit and Beauty of Nonlinear Science  (unfree)

Mainzer, Thinking in Complexity, The Computational Dynamics of Matter, Mind and Mankind 5th. edn.  (unfree)

Rothe, Complexity Theory and Cryptology,  An Introduction to Cryptocomplexity  (unfree)

Sambrook, Whiten, On the Nature of Complexity in Cognitive and Behavioural Science

Schuster, Just, Deterministic Chaos, An Introduction, 4th. edn.  (unfree)

Scott (ed.), Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science  (unfree)

Semmes, Real Analysis, Quantitative Topology, and Geometric Complexity

Sudan, Advanced Complexity Theory

Talbot, Welsh, Complexity and Cryptography, An Introduction  (unfree)

Wegener, Complexity Theory, Exploring the Limits of Efficient Algorithms  (unfree)

Wegener, The Complexity of Boolean Functions  (unfree)

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