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Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics Books List

Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics Books List (188)

Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics Books List   (link)

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, Dunn, Parberry

3D Origami Art, Mitani


A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences, Polyanin, Chernoutsan

A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics, Liebeck

A Course in Real Analysis, Junghenn

A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations, Mackay

A Handbook of Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers, Kenny

A Mathematical Look at Politics, Robinson, Ullman

A Number for your Thoughts: Facts and Speculations About Numbers from Euclid to the Latest Computers, Lines

A Primer in Fluid MechanicsDynamics of Flows in One Space Dimension, Brower

A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications, Walker

A Student’s Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics, Bindner, Erickson

A. D. Alexandrov Selected Works Part I: Selected Scientific Papers, Reshetnyak, Kutateladze

Abstract Algebra : A Gentle Introduction, Mullen, Sellers

Advanced Linear Algebra, Cooperstein

Against the Tide : An Autobiographical Account of a Professional Outsider, Woods

Algebra & Geometry : An Introduction to University Mathematics, Lawson

An Introduction to Linear Algebra, Agarwal, Flaut

An Invitation to Knot Theory : Virtual and Classical, Dye

Ancient Loons: Stories Pingree Told Me, Davis

Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB®, Klima et al

Applied Game Theory and Strategic Behavior, Geckil, Anderson

Astronomically Speaking : A Dictionary of Quotations on Astronomy and Physics, Gaither, Cavazos-Gaither


Basic Gambling Mathematics : The Numbers Behind The Neon, Bollman

Basic Matrix Algebra with Algorithms and Applications, Liebler

Basics of MATLAB and Beyond, Knight

Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Daintith


Calculus with Complex Numbers, Reade

Classic Set Theory : For Guided Independent Study, Goldrei

Combinatory Logic: Pure, Applied and Typed, Bimbó

Communicating Mathematics in the Digital Era, Borwein et al

Competitive Math for Middle School : Algebra, Probability, and Number Theory, Krishnamoorthy

Computing with Maple, Wright

Convex Analysis, Krantz

CounterExamples: From Elementary Calculus to the Beginnings of Analysis, Bourchtein, Bourchtein

Crafting by Concepts : Fiber Arts and Mathematics, Belcastro, Yackel

Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist, Baker, Goldstine

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics CD-ROM, Weisstein

CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica, von Seggern

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, Zwillinger

Crimes and Mathdemeanors, Hathout

Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes, Taimina

Cryptology : Classical and Modern with Maplets, Klima, Sigmon


Developments in Mathematics, Arnold, Monastyrsky

Dictionary of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Trigonometry, Krantz

Dictionary of Analysis, Calculus, and Differential Equations, Clark

Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists, Previato

Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics, Cavagnaro, Haight

Dictionary of Inequalities, Bullen

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks, Belcastro

Do I Count? : Stories from Mathematics, Ziegler

Drawbridge Up : Mathematics-A Cultural Anathema, Enzensberger

Dynamic Cosmos, Madsen


Easy Mathematics for Biologists, Foster

Elementary Probability with Applications, Rabinowitz

Elements of Advanced Mathematics, Krantz

Emmy Noether: The Mother of Modern Algebra, Tent

Essentials of Mathematical Thinking, Krantz

Ethnomathematics : A Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas, Ascher

Excursions into Mathematics : The Millennium Edition, Beck et al

Exercises in Algebra, Kostrikin

Exercises in Algebra: A Collection of Exercises, in Algebra, Linear Algebra and Geometry, Kostrikin

Experimental Mathematics with Maple, Vivaldi

Exploring Calculus: Labs and Projects with Mathematica, Arangala, Yokley

Exploring the Infinite : An Introduction to Proof and Analysis, Brooks


Finite-Dimensional Linear Algebra, Gockenbach

Foundations of Analysis, Krantz

Foundations of Module and Ring Theory, Wisbauer

From Zero to Infinity : What Makes Numbers Interesting, Reid

Functions of Two Variables, Dineen


Galois Theory, Stewart

Groups and Characters, Hill


Handbook and Atlas of Curves, Shikin

Handbook of Mathematical Induction : Theory and Applications, Gunderson

Handbook of Scientific Proposal Writing, Oruc

Handbook of Typography for the Mathematical Sciences, Krantz

Homage to a Pied Puzzler, Schoen et al


Introducing Game Theory and its Applications, Mendelson

Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Whitelaw

Introduction to Abstract Analysis, Light

Introduction to Enumerative and Analytic Combinatorics, Bona

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Whitelaw

Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Mendelson

Introduction to Mathematical Proofs, Roberts

Introduction To The Calculus of Variations And Its Applications, Wan

Introductory Concepts for Abstract Mathematics, Hummel

Introductory Mathematics for the Life Sciences, Phoenix


Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications Special Issue, Benedetto


Knot Projections, Ito


Legacy of the Luoshu: The 4,000 Year Search for the Meaning of the Magic Square of Order Three, Swetz

Leonhard Euler and the Bernoullis : Mathematicians from Basel, Tent

Linear Algebra : A First Course with Applications, Knop

Linear Algebra and Probability for Computer Science Applications, Davis


Maple Animation, Putz

Math and Art : An Introduction to Visual Mathematics, Kalajdzievski

Math Unlimited : Essays in Mathematics, Sujatha et al

Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of the Internet, Luccio et al

Mathematical Card Magic : Fifty-Two New Effects, Mulcahy

Mathematical Methods in Contemporary Chemistry, Kuchanov

Mathematical Mind-Benders, Winkler

Mathematical People: Profiles and Interviews, Albers, Alexanderson

Mathematical Puzzles : A Connoisseur’s Collection, Winkler

Mathematical Techniques in GIS, Dale

Mathematical Wizardry for a Gardner, Pegg et al

Mathematically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations, Gaither, Cavazos-Gaither

Mathematicians of the World, Unite!: The International Congress of Mathematicians-A Human Endeavor, Curbera

Mathematics: A Minimal Introduction, Buium

Mathematics & Common Sense: A Case of Creative Tension, Davis

Mathematics and Music : Composition, Perception, and Performance, Walker, Don

Mathematics at Berkeley: A History, Moore

Mathematics for the Environment, Walter

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts, Brown

Maths Made Easy, Booth

MATLAB Primer, Davis

Measure and Integral : An Introduction to Real Analysis, Wheeden

Measure Theory and Fine Properties of Functions, Evans, Gariepy

Measured Tones : The Interplay of Physics and Music, Johnston

Method of Discrete Vortices, Belotserkovsky, Lifanov

Modern Problems in Computational Aerohydrodynamics, Cyn/Chus


Number, Shape, & Symmetry: An Introduction to Number Theory, Geometry, and Group Theory, Herrmann, Sally

Numbers at Work : A Cultural Perspective, Taschner


Optimization : Principles and Algorithms, Bierlaire

Origami 4, Lang

Origami 5: Fifth International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics, and Education, Wang-Iverson et al

Origami Inspirations, Mukerji

Origami Polyhedra Design, Montroll

Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs, Gjerde

Origami^{3}, Hull

Ornamental Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs, Mukerji


Physics Curiosities, Oddities, and Novelties, Kimball

Practical Handbook of Curve Design and Generation, von Seggern

Project Origami : Activities for Exploring Mathematics, Hull

Proof Theory : Sequent Calculi and Related Formalisms, Bimbo

Pursuit of Genius : Flexner, Einstein, and the Early Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study, Batterson

Puzzlers’ Tribute: A Feast for the Mind, Wolfe, Rodgers

Puzzles 101: A Puzzle Masters Challenge, Yoshigahara

Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problem Solving : An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Reba, Shier


Quantification in Science: The VNR Dictionary of Engineering Units and Measures, Melarango


Real Analysis and Foundations, Krantz

Recountings: Conversations with MIT Mathematicians, Segel


Saunders Mac Lane : A Mathematical Autobiography, Mac Lane

Schrödinger’s Killer App : Race to Build the World’s First Quantum Computer, Dowling

Secret History: The Story of Cryptology, Bauer

Selected Research Papers, Pontryagn

Sets, Functions, and Logic : An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, Devlin

Six Simple Twists : The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design, DiLeonardo-Parker

Slippery Math in Public Affairs : Price Tag and Defense, Adams

Solution Techniques for Elementary Partial Differential Equations, Constanda

Special Integrals of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik: the Proofs – Volume I, Moll

Special Integrals of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik: the Proofs – Volume II, Moll

Sports Math: An Introductory Course in the Mathematics of Sports Science and Sports Analytics, Minton

Standard Math Interactive, Zwillinger

Strange Attractors : Poems of Love and Mathematics, Glaz, Growney

Student Handbook for Discrete Mathematics with Ducks : SRRSLEH, Belcastro

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