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Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : Real, Complex & Functional Analysis Books List

Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : Real, Complex & Functional Analysis Books List (277)

Chapman & Hall Mathematics Series : Real, Complex & Functional Analysis Books List (link)


A Basic Course in Real Analysis, Kumar, Kumaresan

A Bridge to Higher Mathematics, Deaconu, Pfaff

A Concrete Introduction to Real Analysis, Carlson

A Course in Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Folland

A Course in Real Analysis, Junghenn

A First Course in Functional Analysis, Shalit

A First Course on Wavelets, Hernandez, Weiss

A Functional Analysis Framework for Modeling, Estimation and Control in Science and Engineering, Banks

A Generalized Taylor’s Formula for Functions of Several Variables and Certain of its Applications, Riestra

A MatLab® Companion to Complex Variables, Wunsch

Abstract Cauchy Problems: Three Approaches, Melnikova, Filinkov

Abstract Volterra Integro-Differential Equations, Kostic

Advanced Calculus: An Introduction to Modern Analysis, Voxman

Advanced Calculus: Theory and Practice, Petrovic

Advances in Shannon’s Sampling Theory, Zayed

Algebraic Number Fields and Their Completions, Childress

Algebras, Graphs and their Applications, Cho

Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations in Banach Spaces, Hino et al

An Illustrated Introduction to Topology and Homotopy, Kalajdzievski

An Introduction to Complex Analysis: Classical and Modern Approaches, Tutschke, Vasudeva

An Introduction to Fourier Analysis, Herman

An Introduction to Multicomplex SPates and Functions, Price

An Introduction to Several Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations, Begehr, Dzhuraev

Analysis: Geometry, and Probability: Proceedings of the First Chilean Symposium of Mathematics, Chuaqui

Analysis and Applications, Dikshit, Jain

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Mischa Cotlar, Sadosky

Analysis with Ultrasmall Numbers, Hrbacek et al

Analytic Hilbert Modules, Chen, Guo

Analytic Methods for Coagulation-Fragmentation Models, Banasiak et al

Analytical Methods for Markov Semigroups, Lorenzi, Bertoldi

Applied Functional Analysis, Oden, Demkowicz

Applied Functional Analysis. Approximation Methods and Computers: Applied Functional Analysis, Approximation Methods and Computers, Kutateladze

Approximation-solvability of Nonlinear Functional and Differential Equations, Petryshyn

Asymptotic Analysis and the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Kaper, Garbey

Asymptotic and Computational Analysis: Conference in Honor of Frank W.j. Olver’s 65th Birthday, Wong

Asymptotics and Special Functions, Olver


Bessel Functions and their Applications, Korenev

Beyond First Order Model Theory, Iovino

Bivariant Periodic Cyclic Homology, Groenbaek

Bounds for Determinants of Linear Operators and their Applications, Gil’


C* – Algebras and Numerical Analysis, Hagen et al

Calculus in Vector Spaces, Corwin, Szczarba

Calkin Algebras and Algebras of Operators on Banach Spaces, Caradus

Cats Are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics, Gould

Chaos Expansions, Multiple Wiener-Ito Integrals, and Their Applications, Houdre, Perez-Abreu

Characterization of C(x) among its Subalgebras, Burckel

Classical and Quantum Models and Arithmetic Problems, Chudnovsky

Classical Theory of Arithmetic Functions, Sivaramakrishnan

Classification of Lipschitz Mappings, Piasecki

Completeness of Root Functions of Regular Differential Operators, Yakubov

Complex Analysis: Selected Topics, Gonzalez

Complex Analysis: Conformal Inequalities and the Bieberbach Conjecture, Kythe

Complex Analysis and Applications, Jeffrey

Complex Analysis and Geometry, Ancona et al

Complex Analysis and Geometry2, Ancona et al

Complex Analysis and its Applications, Yang et al

Complex Analysis in Number Theory, Karatsuba

Complex Analysis with Applications to Flows and Fields, Campos

Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Applications, Deville et al

Complex Dynamics: Families and Friends, Schleicher

Complex Geometry, Komatsu

Complex Variables: A Physical Approach with Applications and MATLAB, Krantz

Composition Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions, Cowen, MacCluer

Conceptual Data Modeling and Database Design: A Fully Algorithmic Approach, Volume 1 : The Shortest Advisable Path, Mancas

Conference Harmonic Analysis, Volume II, Calderon

Confidence Intervals on Variance Components, Burdick

Conjugate Gradient Type Methods for Ill-Posed Problems, Hanke

Continued Fractions and Orthogonal Functions: Theory and Applications, Cooper, Thron

Continuous Lattices and Their Applications, Hoffmann

Continuum Theory, Illanes et al

Control of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems, Chen et al

Convex Analysis, Krantz

CounterExamples: From Elementary Calculus to the Beginnings of Analysis, Bourchtein, Bourchtein

CRC Handbook of Engineering in Agriculture – 3 Volume Set, Brown


Data Quality Control: Theory and Pragmatics, Liepins, Uppuluri

Degenerate and Other Problems, Dzhuraev

Descriptive Theory of Sets and Functions. Functional Analysis in Semi-ordered Spaces, Kantorovich

Developments in Nonstandard Mathematics, Cutland et al

Difference Equations and Inequalities: Theory, Methods, and Applications, Agarwal

Differential Geometry with Applications to Mechanics and Physics, Talpaert

Differential Geometry, Calculus of Variations, and their Applications, Rassias, Rassias

Differential-Operator Equations: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Yakubov, Yakubov

Dirac Operators in Analysis, Ryan, Struppa

Direct Integral Theory, Nielsen

Discovering Evolution Equations with Applications : Volume 1-Deterministic Equations, McKibben

Discovering Evolution Equations with Applications : Volume 2-Stochastic Equations, McKibben

Discovering Group Theory: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, Barnard, Neill

Distribution, Integral Transforms and Applications, Kierat, Sztaba

Dynamical Systems: Stability, Symbolic Dynamics, and Chaos, Robinson

Dynamical Systems, Labarca et al


Eigenfunction Expansions, Operator Algebras and Riemannian Symmetric Spaces, Kauffman

Elements of Concave Analysis and Applications, Kythe

Elements of Real Analysis, Al-Gwaiz, Elsanousi

Elliptic Polynomials, Lomont, Brillhart

Ensemble Modeling: Inference from Small Scale Properties to Large Scale Systems, Gelfand

Envelopes and Sharp Embeddings of Function Spaces, Haroske

Essentials of Topology with Applications, Krantz

Exploring Calculus: Labs and Projects with Mathematica, Arangala, Yokley

Exploring the Infinite: An Introduction to Proof and Analysis, Brooks


Fighting the Silent Killer: How Men and Women Can Prevent and Cope with Heart Disease Today, ????

Fixed Point Theory, Variational Analysis, and Optimization, Al-Mezel et al

Foundations of Analysis, Krantz

Fourier Series in Several Variables with Applications to Partial Differential Equations, Shapiro

Fractional Calculus View of Complexity: Tomorrow’s Science, West

Fractional Cauchy Transforms, Hibschweiler, MacGregor

Function Spaces and Applications, Edmunds et al

Functional Analysis and Valuation Theory, Narici

Functional Analysis for Physics and Engineering : An Introduction, Shima

Functional Analysis in Applied Mathematics and Engineering, Pedersen

Functional Analysis with Current Applications in Science, Technology and Industry, Brokate, Siddiqi

Functional Analysis, Holomorphy, and Approximation Theory, Zapata

Functional Analytic Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Tanabe

Functional Differential Equations: II. C*-Applications Part 1: Equations with Continuous Coefficients, Antonevich et al

Functional Differential Equations: II. C*-Applications Part 2: Equations with Disontinuous Coefficients and Boundary Value Problems, Antonevich et al

Functional Equations with Causal Operators, Corduneanu

Functions of a Complex Variable, Pathak et al

Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis, Gleason

Fundamentals of Applied Functional Analysis, Mitrovic, Zubrinic

Fundamentals of Infinite Dimensional Representation Theory, Fabec


Gamma-Lines: On the Geometry of Real and Complex Functions, Barsegian

General Theory of Partial Differential Equations and Microlocal Analysis, Qi, Rodino

Generalized Analytic Functions in Fractional Spaces, Bliev

Generalized Cauchy-Riemann Systems with a Singular Point, Usmanov

Generalized Functions, Operator Theory, and Dynamical Systems, Antoniou, Lumer

Generation of Multivariate Hermite Interpolating Polynomials, Tavares

Geometric Function Theory in One and Higher Dimensions, Graham, Kohr

Geometry and Complex Variables, Coen

Geometry of Feedback and Optimal Control, Jakubczyk, Respondek

Global Methods in Optimal Control Theory, Krotov


H-Transforms: Theory and Applications, Kilbas

Handbook of Conformal Mapping with Computer-Aided Visualization, Ivanov, Trubetskov

Handbook of Special Functions: Derivatives, Integrals, Series and Other Formulas, Brychkov

Harmonic Analysis and Applications, Benedetto

Harmonic Analysis and Integral Geometry, Picardello

Higher Order Derivatives, Mukhopadhyay

Holomorphy and Calculus in Normed Spaces, Chae

Hyperbolic Differential Operators and Related Problems, Ancona, Vaillant

Hyperbolic Sets, Shadowing and Persistence for Noninvertible Mappings in Banach Spaces, Lani-Wayda

Hypersingular Integrals and their Applications, Samko


Improper Riemann Integrals, Roussos

Inequalities: Fifty Years on from Hardy, Littlewood and Polya, Everitt

Inner Product Spaces and Applications, Rassias

Integrable Hamiltonian Systems: Geometry, Topology, Classification, Bolsinov, Fomenko

Integral and Discrete Transforms with Applications and Error Analysis, Jerri

Integral Theorems for Functions and Differential Forms in C(m), Rocha-Chavez et al

Integral Transforms and their Applications, Debnath, Bhatta

Integral Transforms, Reproducing Kernels and their Applications, Saitoh

Introduction to Abstract Analysis, Light

Introduction to Analysis, Dunn

Introduction to Functional Equations, Sahoo, Kannappan

Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable, Curtiss

Introduction to Holomorphic Functions of Several Variables, Volume I, Gunning

Introduction to Holomorphic Functions of Several Variables, Volume II, Gunning

Introduction to Linear Operator Theory, Istratescu

Introduction to Mathematical Proofs, Roberts

Introduction to Operator Theory, Yoshino

Invitation to Linear Operators: From Matrices to Bounded Linear Operators on a Hilbert Space, Furuta

Isometries in Banach Spaces: Vector-valued Function Spaces and Operator Spaces, Volume Two, Fleming, Jamison

Isometries on Banach Spaces: Function Spaces, Fleming, Jamison

Iterative Methods without Inversion, Galperin


KKM Theory and Applications in Nonlinear Analysis, Yuan


Lineability: The Search for Linearity in Mathematics, Aron et al

Linear and Complex Analysis for Applications, D’Angelo

Linear and Quasilinear Complex Equations of Hyperbolic and Mixed Types, Wen

Linear Theory of Colombeau Generalized Functions, Nedeljkov et al

Localization and Perturbation of Zeros of Entire Functions, Gil’


Malliavin Calculus with Applications to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Sanz-Sole

Mathematical Inequalities : A Perspective, Cerone, Dragomir

Mathematical Quantization, Weaver

Mathematical Theory of Hemivariational Inequalities and Applications, Naniewicz, Panagiotopoulos

Mathematics : A Minimal Introduction, Buium

Measure and Integral: An Introduction to Real Analysis, Wheeden

Measure and Probability, Athreya, Sunder

Measure Theory and Fine Properties of Functions, Evans, Gariepy

Measure Theory and Integration, Rao

Method of Averaging for Differential Equations on an Infinite Interval: Theory and Applications, Burd

Methods for Solving Inverse Problems in Mathematical Physics, Prilepko et al

Methods of Noncommutative Geometry for Group C*-Algebras, Diep

Methods of the Theory of Generalized Functions, Vladimirov

Metrizable Barrelled Spaces, Ferrando et al

Morrey Spaces: Introduction and Applications to Integral Operators and PDE’s, Sawano et al 

Morse Theory for Hamiltonian Systems, Abbondandolo

Multivalued Linear Operators, Cross

Multivariable Calculus, Corwin


Necessary Conditions for an Extremum, Pshenichnyi

Neutrices and External Numbers : A Flexible Number System, Dinis, van den Berg

Nonlinear Analysis, Gasinski, Papageorgiou

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, Singh

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, Lakshmikantham

Nonlinear and Convex Analysis: Proceedings in Honor of Ky Fan, Lin

Nonlinear Controllability and Optimal Control, Sussmann

Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Zheng

Nonlinear Functional Analysis in Banach Spaces and Banach Algebras: Fixed Point Theory under Weak Topology for Nonlinear Operators and Block Operator Matrices with Applications, Jeribi, Krichen

Nonoscillation and Oscillation Theory for Functional Differential Equations, Agarwal et al

Nonsmooth Critical Point Theory and Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems, Gasinski, Papageorgiou

Norm Estimations for Operator Valued Functions and their Applications, Gil

Number, Shape, & Symmetry : An Introduction to Number Theory, Geometry, and Group Theory, Herrmann, Sally


On Functions and Functional Equations, Smital

Operational Calculus and Related Topics, Prudnikov, Skórnik

Optimal Control of Nonlinear Parabolic Systems: Theory: Algorithms and Applications, Neittaanmaki, Tiba

Oscillation Theory for Second Order Dynamic Equations, Agarwal et al


p-adic Function Analysis, Bayod

p-adic Functional Analysis, Schikhof et al

P-Adic Functional Analysis, Katsaras et al

p-adic Functional Analysis, De Grande-De Kimpe et al

Parabolic Equations on an Infinite Strip, Watson

Partial Differential Equations: Topics in Fourier Analysis, Wong

Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis, Krantz

Partial Differential Equations on Multistructures, Mehmeti et al

Partial Differential Equations with Variable Exponents : Variational Methods and Qualitative Analysis, Radulescu, Repovs

Partial Integral Operators and Integro-Differential Equations: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Appell et al

Pocket Book of Integrals and Mathematical Formulas, Tallarida

Principles of Fourier Analysis, Howell

Problems and Examples in Differential Equations, Biler, Nadzieja

Progress in Holomorphic Dynamics, Kriete

Pseudodifferential Analysis on Symmetric Cones, Unterberger, Upmeier


Qualitative Methods in Nonlinear Dynamics: Novel Approaches to Liapunov’s Matrix Functions, Martynyuk

Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems, Michel et al


Random Probability Measures on Polish Spaces, Crauel

Real Analysis : An Introduction to the Theory of Real Functions and Integration, Dshalalow

Real Analysis and Foundations, Krantz

Real Analysis and Foundations, Third Edition, Krantz

Real Analytic and Algebraic Singularities, Fukui et al

Real and Complex Analysis, Apelian, Surace

Real And Complex Singularities, Mond, Saia

Real and Complex Singularities, Bruce, Tari

Real and Complex Singularities, Marar

Real and Stochastic AnalysisRecent Advances, Rao

Real Function Algebras, Kulkarni, Limaye

Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras, Bercovici et al

Recent Developments in Evolution Equations, Roach, Mcbride

Reconstruction from Integral Data, Palamodov

Rings of Continuous Functions, Aull


Search Theory: Some Recent Developments, Chudnovsky

Semigroup Algebras, Okninski

Semigroup Theory and Applications, Clement

Semigroups Associated with Dissipative Systems, Liu, Zheng

Semitopological Vector Spaces: Hypernorms, Hyperseminorms, and Operators, Burgin

Series and Transforms with Applications to Probabilities and Diffusion, Campos

Set Theoretical Aspects of Real Analysis, Kharazishvili

Set Valued Mappings with Applications in Nonlinear Analysis, O’Regan, Agarwal

Several Complex Variables and the Geometry of Real Hypersurfaces, D’Angelo

Sinusoids: Theory and Technological Applications, Kythe

Smooth Homogeneous Structures in Operator Theory, Beltita

Sobolev Inequalities, Heat Kernels under Ricci Flow, and the Poincare Conjecture, Zhang

Spectral and Scattering Theory for Second Order Partial Differential Operators, Mochizuki

Spectral Theory and Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Lopez-Gomez

Stability, Instability, and Direct Integrals, Scarpellini

Stochastic Analysis and Applications, Pinsky

Stochastic Cauchy Problems in Infinite Dimensions: Generalized and Regularized Solutions, Melnikova

Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis: A Volume of Recent Advances in Honor of M. M. Rao, Krinik, Swift

Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis: In Celebration of M.m. Rao’s 65th Birthday, Goldstein et al

Strain Solitons in Solids and How to Construct Them, Samsonov

Strange Functions in Real Analysis, Kharazishvili

Strange Functions in Real Analysis, Third Edition, Kharazishvili

Strict Convexity and Complex Strict Convexity : Theory and Applications, Istratescu

Strongly Irreducible Operators on Hilbert Space, Jiang, Wang

Symmetric Properties of Real Functions, Thomson


Tangency, Flow Invariance for Differential Equations, and Optimization Problems, Pavel, Motreanu

The Cauchy Transform, Potential Theory and Conformal Mapping, Bell

The Divergence Theorem and Sets of Finite Perimeter, Pfeffer

The Kurzweil-Henstock Integral and Its Differential: A Unified Theory of Integration on R and Rn, Leader

The Wraparound Universe, Luminet

Theorems of Leray-Schauder Type and Applications, Precup

Topics in Abstract Differential Equations II, Zaidman

Topics in Pseudo-Differential Operators, Zaidman

Topics on Continua, Macias

Topological Degree Theory and Applications, Cho, Chen

Topological Quantum Field Theories from Subfactors, Kodiyalam, Sunder

Topological Vector Spaces, Narici, Beckenstein

Transformations, Transmutations, and Kernel Functions, Volume II, Begehr

Transport Theory: Invariant Imbedding, and Integral Equations: Proceedings in Honor of G.m. Wing’s 65th Birthday, Nelson

Trends in Theory and Practice of Nonlinear Differential Equations, Lakshmikantham


Unbounded Functionals in the Calculus of Variations: Representation, Relaxation, and Homogenization, Carbone, De Arcangelis

Understanding Real Analysis, Zorn, Zorn


Volterra and Functional Differential Equations, Hannsgen


Weight Theory for Integral Transforms on Spaces of Homogeneous Type, Genebashvili et al

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