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Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Mathematical Physics Books List

Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Mathematical Physics Books List  (84)

Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Mathematical Physics Books List  (link)


Accurate Condensed-Phase Quantum Chemistry, Manby

Actions and Invariants of Algebraic Groups, Santos, Rittatore

Algebras, Rings and Modules: Non-Commutative Algebras and Rings, Hazewinkel, Gubareni

Algebras, Rings and Modules, Vol. 2 : Non-commutative Algebras and Rings, Hazewinkel, Gubareni

Applications of Lie’s Theory of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Dresner

Applied Bohmian Mechanics: From Nanoscale Systems to Cosmology, Pladevall, Mompart

Approximation with Quasi-Splines, Kirov


Beyond Quantum, Khrennikov


Chaos, Noise and Fractals, Pike, Lugiato

Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Integrable Systems : Theory and Application, Kundu

Commutation Relations, Normal Ordering, and Stirling Numbers, Mansour, Schork

Computer Modelling of Heat and Fluid Flow in Materials Processing, Hong

Computer Simulation Using Particles, Hockney, Eastwood

Computing in Nonlinear Media and Automata Collectives, Adamatzky

A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences, Polyanin, Chernoutsan

The Confluent Supersymmetry Algorithm in Quantum Mechanics, Schulze-Halberg

Cosmology in Gauge Field Theory and String Theory, Bailin, Love

A Course in Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Herman

CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica, von Seggern


Database Systems in Science and Engineering, Rumble, Smith

Differential Forms and the Geometry of General Relativity, Dray

Discrete Mathematics : Proofs, Structures and Applications, Garnier, Taylor

Dynamics of Third-Order Rational Difference Equations with Open Problems and Conjectures, Camouzis, Ladas


Effective Action in Quantum Gravity, Buchbinder et al

Electrodynamics of Density Ducts in Magnetized Plasmas: The Mathematical Theory of Excitation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasma Waveguides, Kondratiev et al

Essential Dynamics and Relativity, O’Donnell


Fractional Calculus View of Complexity : Tomorrow’s Science, West


Geometric Algebra and Applications to Physics, de Sabbata, Datta

Geometry and Physics of Branes, Bruzzo et al

The Geometry of Special Relativity, Dray

Geometry, Topology and Physics, Nakahara

Goedel’s Way : Exploits into an Undecidable World, Chaitin et al

GROUP 24 : Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries, Gazeau et al

Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Pogosyan et al

Group Theoretical Methods in Physics. Vol. II, Markov et al

Group Theory for High Energy Physicists, Saleem, Rafique

Group Theory for the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Beyond, Barnes

Groups, Representations and Physics, Jones


High-Precision Methods in Eigenvalue Problems and their Applications, Akulenko, Nesterov


The Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook:  Introductory Theory and Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Finance, Addison

Integral Representations for Spatial Models of Mathematical Physics, Kravchenko, Shapiro

An Introduction to Beam Physics, Berz et al

An Introduction to Groups: A Computer Illustrated Text, Asche

An Introduction to Unconstrained Optimisation, McKeownet al


A Level of Martin-Lof Randomness, Tice

Line Integral Methods for Conservative Problems, Brugnano, Iavernaro


Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence, Cannon, Shivamoggi

Mathematical Methods in Physics: Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Series, and Special Functions, Henner et al

Mathematical Optics: Classical, Quantum, and Computational Methods, Lakshminarayanan et al

The Method of Moments in Electromagnetics, Gibson

Molecular Modeling Basics, Jensen


Neural Computing – An Introduction, Beale, Jackson

Neural Network Analysis, Architectures and Applications, Browne

Neural Network Perspectives on Cognition and Adaptive Robotics, Browne

Noncommutative Geometry and Cayley-Smooth Orders, Le Bruyn

Nonlinear Physics of Ecosystems, Meron

Numerical Methods in Astrophysics : An Introduction, Bodenheimer et al


Optical Computing, Tooley, Wherrett

Oscillation Theory for Neutral Differential Equations with Delay, Bainov, Mishev


Parallel Computers 2 : Architecture, Programming and Algorithms, Hockney, Jesshope

Parallel Computing : Methods, Algorithms and Applications, Evans, Sutti

Path Integrals in Physics: Vol. I Stochastic Processes and Quantum Mechanics, Chaichian, Demichev

The Pursuit of Perfect Packing, Weaire, Aste


Quantum Nanochemistry, Vol. Two : Quantum Atoms and Periodicity, Putz

Quantum Theory of High-Energy Ion-Atom Collisions, Belkic

Quasi-Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics, Ushveridze


Radiation and Solid State Physics, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Mathematical Physics: Radiation and Solid State Physics, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Mathematical Physics – Part 1, Delsanto, Saenz

REDUCE for Physicists, MacDonald


Scientific Programmer’s Toolkit : Turbo Pascal Edition, Beilby et al

Selected Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics, Krainov

Self-Field Theory : A New Mathematical Description of Physics, Fleming

Smooth Manifolds and Fibre Bundles with Applications to Theoretical Physics, Johannesen

Spectral Theory of Guided Waves, Silbergleit, Kopilevich

The Standard Model and Beyond, Langacker

Statistical and Thermal Physics : Fundamentals and Applications, Sturge

Structure of Space and the Submicroscopic Deterministic Concept of Physics, Krasnoholovets

Supersymmetry Beyond Minimality : from Theory to Experiment, Khalil, Moretti

Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics, Corry


Time and Consistent Relativity : Physical and Mathematical Fundamentals, Gruyitch


Understanding Optics with Python, Lakshminarayanan et al

Understanding Physics and Physical Chemistry Using Formal Graphs, Vieil


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