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Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Quantum Physics Books List

Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Quantum Physics Books List  (100)

Chapman & Hall Physics Books : Quantum Physics Books List  (link)


A Course in Field Theory, van Baal

A Life In Science, Mott

An Introduction to Gauge Theories, Cabibbo et al

An Introduction to Quantum Fluids, Suraud et al

An Introduction to Quantum Optics : Photon and Biphoton Physics, Shih

An Introduction to Quantum Physics, French, Taylor


Basics of Quantum Electrodynamics, Merches et al

Beyond Quantum, Khrennikov

Blackbody Radiation: A History of Thermal Radiation Computational Aids and Numerical Methods, Stewart, Johnson


Causal Physics: Photons by Non-Interactions of Waves, Roychoudhuri

Classical and Quantum Black Holes, Fre et al

Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Integrable Systems : Theory and Application, Kundu

Computational and Experimental Chemistry : Developments and Applications, Chakraborty et al

Concepts in Quantum Mechanics, Mathur, Singh

Continuous Quantum Measurements and Path Integrals, Mensky


Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Fields : An Introduction, Setlur


Einstein Was Right!, Hess

Electroweak Interactions, Maiani

Elements of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication, Pathak

Excitons in Nanostructures, Kochereshko


Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Erkoc


Gauge Theories in Particle Physics : A Practical Introduction, – 2 Volume Set, Aitchison, Hey

Gauge Theories in Particle Physics : A Practical Introduction, Vol. 1 : From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to QED, Aitchison, Hey

Gauge Theories in Particle Physics : A Practical Introduction, Vol. 2 : Non-Abelian Gauge Theories : QCD and The Electroweak Theory, Aitchison, Hey


Hadron Physics, MacGregor, Kaiser

Hilbert Space Methods in Quantum Mechanics, Amrein

Integrated Quantum Hybrid Systems, Wolters

Introduction to Perturbation Theory in Quantum Mechanics, Fernandez

Introduction to Quantum Control and Dynamics, D’Alessandro

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, Kiselev et al

Introduction to Quantum Physics and Information Processing, Vathsan

Introduction to Topological Quantum Matter & Quantum Computation, Stanescu


Landau Fermi Liquids and Beyond, Tripathi

Light – The Physics of the Photon, Keller


Macroscopic Matter plus Quanta and Relativity, Campos

Mathematical Methods of Many-Body Quantum Field Theory, Lehmann

Mathematics of Quantum Computation and Quantum Technology, Kauffman, Lomonaco

Molecular Applications of Quantum Defect Theory, Ch


Nanomedicine : A Systems Engineering Approach, Zhang, Xi


Path Integrals in Physics : Vol. I Stochastic Processes and Quantum Mechanics, Chaichian, Demichev

Path Integrals in Physics : Volume II Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Physics and other Modern Applications, Chaichian, Demichev

Polarons and Bipolarons : An Introduction, Chatterjee, Mukhopadhyay

Practical Quantum Electrodynamics, Gingrich

Principles of Quantum Scattering Theory, Belkic

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Physics, Ficek


Quantum Computing : From Linear Algebra to Physical Realizations, Nakahara, Ohmi

Quantum Continuous Variables : A Primer of Theoretical Methods, Serafini

Quantum Dynamics : Applications in Biological and Materials Systems, Bittner

Quantum Dynamics of Simple Systems, Oppo et al

Quantum Effects in Tribology, Lyubimov, Dolgopolov

Quantum Error Correction and Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing, Gaitan

Quantum Integrable Systems, Chowdhury, Choudhury

Quantum Mechanics: Foundations and Applications, Swanson

Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction for Device Physicists and Electrical Engineers, Ferry

Quantum Mechanics for Thinkers, Auletta, Wang

Quantum Mechanics I : The Fundamentals, Rajasekar, Velusamy

Quantum Mechanics II : Advanced Topics, Rajasekar, Velusamy

Quantum Mechanics, Davies, Betts

Quantum Mechanics, Rae, Napolitano

Quantum Nanochemistry – Five Volume Set, Putz

Quantum Nanochemistry, Vol. One : Quantum Theory and Observability, Putz

Quantum Optics for Beginners, Ficek, Wahiddin

Quantum Optics for Engineers, Duarte

Quantum Optomechanics, Bowen, Milburn

Quantum Physics, Rogalski, Palmer

Quantum Physics : An Introduction, Manners

Quantum Physics for Beginners, Ficek

Quantum Physics of Matter, Durrant

Quantum Principles and Particles, Wilcox

Quantum Reality : Theory and Philosophy, Allday

Quantum Theory : Density, Condensation, and Bonding, Putz

Quantum Theory of High-Energy Ion-Atom Collisions, Belkic

Quantum Theory of Solids, O’Reilly

Quantum Theory without Reduction, Cini

Quantum Thermodynamic Processes : Energy and Information Flow at the Nanoscale, Mahler

Quantum Trajectories, Chattaraj

Quantum Transport Calculations for Nanosystems, Hirose, Kobayashi

Quantum-Mechanical Signal Processing and Spectral Analysis, Belkic

Quasi-Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics, Ushveridze


Relativistic Quantum Mechanics : An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Fields, Cabibbo et al


Semiconductor Quantum Bits, Henneberger, Benson

Solid State and Quantum Theory for Optoelectronics, Parker

Spin Chemical Physics of Graphene, Sheka

Spin Wave Confinement, Demokritov

Stochastic Simulations of Clusters : Quantum Methods in Flat and Curved Spaces, Curotto

Superfluid States of Matter, Svistunov et al

Supersymmetry In Quantum and Classical Mechanics, Bagchi

Symmetries and Symmetry Breaking in Field Theory, Mitra

Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics : From Angular Momentum to Supersymmetry (PBK), Chaichian, Hagedorn

Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics, Corry


The Confluent Supersymmetry Algorithm in Quantum Mechanics, Schulze-Halberg

The Mystery of the Quantum World, Squires

The Physics of Exciton-Polariton Condensates, Lagoudakis

The Quantum Dice, Ponomarev, Kurchatov

The Quantum Phase Operator : A Review, Barnett, Vaccaro

The Quantum Physics of Atomic Frequency Standards : Recent Developments, Vanier, Tomescu


Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions, Carr

Understanding Spin Dynamics, Kruk


V.A. Fock – Selected Works: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory, Faddeev et al



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