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This flyer is mainly aimed at women. It provides a checklist of characteristics a woman must have if she is to “get” a “man” at all. Before getting into the list, I need to give some definitions, which map out the discussion.

What do I mean by “get” and what kind of “man” am I talking about? I’ll start with the latter. As more and more men go MGTOW/masculist, i.e. refusing to marry and have kids, spending their money on themselves, women will be FORCED to have to deal with them, because there wont be any traditional manslavable robot males left to be exploited by fluffie parasites. In the US today, the percentage of MGTOW men (in the practical sense, if not by ideological conviction) under 35 is about 70%, and rising. Within a decade, it will probably be over 90%. So if a woman wants to have some kind of relationship with a man, she will have to adapt to his MGTOW/masculist priorities.

By “get” a man, I mean the best she can hope for is to twaytwef with him, i.e. live the twaytwef lifestyle with a man. (Twaytweffing = 2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs, i.e. a FIP man (FIP = financially independent person) and a FIP woman have a relationship. Each has their own apartment, so that when the relationship fails, as the vast majority do, they both walk away, back to their own apartments, cost free to the man. There is no child payments for him, because no kids, no divorce, because no marriage, no alimony, because she is a FIP, i.e. cost free to the man, which is why twaytweffing is so popular with MGTOW/masculists, because it gives them cost free regular sex and some female companionship.

Twaytweffing has the added advantage that it keeps the woman being “nice” to the man, because she knows that if she isn’t, then he can walk away so easily. The only thing keeping the relationship together is its quality. If the relationship is rewarding to him, he will be motivated to stay (and vice versa of course.) If she starts nagging, he walks. If she starts trying to parasite on him, he walks. If she starts limiting the sex, he walks and finds another woman to penis.

MGTOWs/masculists have nothing to do with fluffies (i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man). Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists, whose main political goal is to wipe them out by refusing to have anything to do with them, so that they rot on the shelf to extinction. Fluffies will be manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and increasingly shunned by a society that is becoming better informed about MGTOW/masculist ideas, by the day.

So, here is the list. It consists of 3 main items. If a woman is unable to satisfy these 3 criteria, her chances of “getting” (i.e. twaytweffing with) a “man” are slim.

1. She MUST BE A FIP. This is the top priority for a woman who wants to get a man. This means that she must have studied FIP major (STEM) subjects at high school in her junior and senior years, and at university, otherwise she will be dismissed by MGTOWs/masculists as a “fluffie crapper” i.e. a woman who studied “fluffie crap” (i.e. the easier, soft option, subjects, i.e. not math, not the sciences) so that she locked herself into studying “fluffie crap” at university, and thus ends up a fluffie in her 30s when her INABILITY to earn good money to be able to pay for herself her own middle class house, to raise her kids in, will cause her to look around for some manslave robot male to pay for the house for her. But the supply of such exploitable manslavable male fools is drying up as MGTOW/masculism spreads and spreads.

Increasingly now, men look at women’s “fluffie quotient” i.e. how likely is she to want to exploit a man financially. Women’s FQ is strongly correlated with them being fluffies, who studied fluffie crap in their youth and early adulthood. Men look not only at women’s fuckability, i.e. how sexually attractive they are, but if they are MGTOWs/masculists, their top criterion for a woman will be that she has a low FQ. Women scoring high FQs are much less likely to “get” a man. MGTOWs may fuck them, pump and dump them, time and time again, but high FQ women wont even be able to twaytwef, because few men will want anything to do with them. Masculists go even further – they don’t even fuck fluffies. This is a tactic that masculists use to punish fluffies for being fluffies. Masculists prefer to fuck FIP women. There are now plenty of FIP women, so masculists have plenty of choices. The more men who are masculists, the more they will fuck FIP women, so fluffies don’t get fucked. That motivates fluffies to become FIPs, so eventually this positive circle runs to saturation, where nearly all women are FIPs and fluffiedom dies out, because there are no more fluffies.

2.  She MUST BE A “POM” WOMAN. By “POM” I mean (personality over money), i.e. MGTOWs/masculists expect women they twaytwef with to judge men MORE BY THEIR PERSONALITIES THAN BY THEIR FINANCIAL STRENGTH. Being POM is very difficult for a woman, because women EVOLVED TO BE PROSTITUTES TO MEN. When the prehuman baby’s brain doubled in size, the birth canal had to be bigger which put more stress on the hip bone (pelvis). A pelvic fracture was fatal to prehuman females, so evolution solved this problem by birthing the baby prematurely, so that its brain growth continued after birth. But this made the baby useless, so mothers had to remain close to their helpless infants, so could not hunt protein, so they depended on men to give them protein for themselves and their babies. Human females became the sexiest of mammals as a result, to “bribe” men with sex for male protein that men hunted. So, women have in their DNA the tendency to be prostitutes to men – female sex for male protein (or in today’s terms – male money.)

POM women are still women, so still have instinctive DNA based tendencies to judge men by their exploitability, i.e. their potential to be able to pay for them and their kids.

POM women have learned to suppress this instinct, which is not easy. POM women have learned from bitter experience, that if they show their true instinctual MOP feelings towards a man, i.e. treating him as an exploitable manslave, she will be dumped. MGTOWs/masculists hate being viewed by women as potential manslaves. MGTOWs/masculists demand that women judge men more by their personalities than by how much money they have. Those MOP women (money over personality) are shunned by MGTOWs/masculists and rot on the shelf, so women will have to toughen up and suppress their true genetically determined instincts in judging men. Doing this is not easy, simply because it is instinctive, but the human brain is adaptable, and can learn.

3. She MUST BE NICE. By “nice” I mean she has to make a continuous effort to be nice to the man she twaytwefs with. If not, he can so easily dump her, by simply walking away, that she is in constant fear that if she starts nagging him, or reduces the sex, or starts expressing her true MOP feelings towards him, then she gets punished, she gets dumped. This is the great advantage of the twaytweffing lifestyle for men.

Once these 3 criteria become widely accepted, they will become the cultural norm and young women will be socialized into them. These criteria will become second nature to both sexes. Those women who reject these criteria, will be rejected by the majority of men, and they will suffer as a result. They will become manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and increasingly be shunned by an increasingly POM oriented society.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis



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