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The Jewish elite were behind the creation of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) i.e. the “blacks lib” organization. They created it, funded it and led it behind the scenes. For many centuries the Jewish elite have learned that an effective strategy to stop the dominant ethnic group within a country from oppressing them, was to divide and conquer, i.e. promote division within the culture by promoting dissenting minorities. The Brits did this very successfully in their colonial period in the 1800s, e.g. with the Indians and the Pakistanis (before separation).

I don’t have any hard evidence yet, that the Jewish elite did the same by promoting division between the sexes by bribing the gender politicians to pass divorce laws so massively unjust towards males that inevitably it would create a massive backlash from men and hence divide the whole population, because there are only two sexes. This opportunity, with the early rise of second wave feminism, must have seemed too good an opportunity for the Jewish banksters who rule the US behind the scenes, to pass up. What a wonderfully huge distractor it would be to have half the goy (non Jew) population pitted against the other half and hence distract them from the fact that the Jewish banksters are stealing their taxes and making debt slaves of them. So you can see why I’m so deeply suspicious that the Jewish banksters were behind the creation of the profoundly misandrist divorce laws of the 70s.

The Jewish elite promoted second wave feminism, by funding Gloria Steinem of “Ms. Magazine.” The major US second wave feminists, e.g. Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug etc were Jews, whose legislative proposals were readily passed in Congress. Aaron Russo in a YouTube interview (

) claimed that the Jewish elite wanted feminism in order to increase taxes.

So, lets assume that my suspicion is correct, that the Jewish elite bribed the gender politicians to pass misandrist divorce laws, how can this behind the scenes control of the gender politicians be combatted and defeated?

Pushing directly at the gender politicians may have some effect. They are after all politicians, and can be thrown out of office if they become unpopular enough, so men need to become more conscious that they are being financially massacred in the divorce courts and learn to bloc vote against the gender politicians.

That is definitely one approach. Another, is to stop the bribing of the gender politicians by Jewish banksters, who have tremendous power over the politicians. When US presidents threatened or did remove control to issue the nation’s money out of the hands of the Jewish banksters, these banksters simply assassinated them. The last such president to be assassinated this way was JFK, and after him Reagan, whose assassin’s bullet was only a centimeter from his heart.

If JFK had gotten his way, when he signed executive order 11110 which created a treasury note instead of a Federal Reserve (i.e. a private company of Jewish banksters) note (i.e. the dollar bill, issued by the government, interest free, instead of being issued by the Jewish banksters’ Fed, with interest, thus doubling the debt burden) then it would have cost the Jewish banksters, particularly the Rothschilds, trillions of dollars, literally. SO of course they killed him. The Jewish banksters have killed 6 US presidents (4 successfully, 2 almost), and for similar reasons. These presidents wanted to restore the constitutional  assertion that control of the issuance of money should lie with the people i.e. the congress, and not with Jewish banksters, who merely abuse this power for their own massive greed and power.

After the Jewish banksters blackmailed Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, nearly all those politicians who voted against the act lost their next election, because the Jewish (now central) banksters printed money (costing them nothing) to support the election campaigns of the opponents of these politicians, so they lost. The politicians who were elected soon learned that to oppose the Jewish controlled Fed was political suicide, so these Jewish banksters were then able to bribe them, threaten them any way they wanted. It is in this way, that Jewish banksters destroy democracies. The US has not been a democracy for a century. Presidents are selected, groomed and controlled by Jewish banksters. The appearance of elections, is merely a sham. The US presidents are mere puppets of the Jewish banksters. Obama was brought in to docilely sign the police state executive orders needed by the Jewish bankster controlled Illuminati to create a fascist dictatorship of the US, hence the 800 FEMA concentration camps, the 3 billion hollow tipped bullets bought by the Jewish bankster controlled DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security), the militarization of the police force, the millions of 4 body plastic coffins, the suburban tanks, etc. (It looks as thought the dreams of the Jewish banksters to fulfill the Talmudic prophecy of ruling the world with their capital in Jerusalem, is nearing completion. The economies of the US, Europe and Japan are about to crash into 3rd world levels. All three powers have been put into massive, unrecoverable, debt by the Jewish central banksters.)

SO, one effective way to get rid of the Jewish banksters is to teach the population that these Jewish banksters hate us, they kill us, they push us into world wars, that they largely engineer, they inflate the currency, thus robbing old people of their savings, they make debt slaves of us all with their debt note paper dollar. The more one studies the massive crimes against humanity of the Jewish banksters, the more one inevitably hates them. They need to be removed, i.e. sent to the Hague (the international criminal court), prosecuted as massive criminals against humanity and then executed. These Jewish central banksters are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people in the 20th century (e.g. the two world wars (50-100 million), the Russian purges (60+ million), Mao’s famine and purges (80 million), etc.)

Ordinary Jews need to be educated that they have the rottenest of rotten apples in their midst and learn to hate them too. Jewish banksters use their genius level intelligence in evil ways. They are “evil genii.” Ordinary Jews who are not religious (and so are not taught to hate the goy by being exposed to the hate speech in the Talmud against the goy) are harmless and should be treated as such. Religious Jews are taught to hate the goy, and this explains why Jews over 2000 years have been the most hated people in history. When your very religion teaches you to hate everyone else, not surprisingly, everyone else hates you right back. Jewish antigoyism has generated anti-Semitism wherever Jews have settled in large numbers. Jewish communities have been thrown out of European countries, dukedoms, cities, etc. over 100 times over the past 1000 years, according to Jewish scholars.

Another way to combat the Jewish banksters is to discredit their religious beliefs. Many Jewish banksters, even today, are still Satanists, i.e. Shabbetean Frankists (YouTube it!) i.e. they believe that the more evil they do (especially towards the hated goy) the sooner their Jewish messiah will return to earth and save them. These Satanist beliefs are still religious beliefs, and hence subject to the hugely discrediting power of modern science.

So these Jewish banksters are still medievalists. They are still mental slaves to archaic religious beliefs. Gods and antigods, beneficent and evil gods, are still gods, and hence readily dismissible by modern scientific knowledge. So ridicule them, pressurize them to modernize their world views. Undermine their Satanist religious beliefs by sneering at them.

In Israel today, 85% of Israelis are secular, i.e. non religious. They don’t read the Talmud, and hence are not corrupted by it, not taught by it to hate the goy. In the US, 80% of Jews marry non Jews, so within a century in the US there will be no more Jews due to genetic dilution. So ordinary secular Jews should attack the Jewish banksters and drive them out of their communities.

So should the goy majority. The internet is a powerful force to spread ideas and knowledge. The Jewish elite have been trying to control the minds of the goy for over a century, by taking monopoly control of the outlets of information, i.e. Hollywood, the media, publishing etc. You can bet your life they are working hard on finding ways to censure the internet so people like me are unable to criticize their Satanist murderous behaviors against the goy. (The TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership – has provisions to control the internet. Lets hope it is rejected by the US people, but with the Jewish banksters controlling the media, brainwashing the peakers, this may not happen.

So, aim to root out the hated Jewish banksters, send them to the Hague, and then vote out all the corrupted politicians, including the gender politicians, so that the gender laws can be made men fair, so that we can live in an ethically healthier political environment.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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