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The masculists/MGTOWs have a huge educational task ahead of them. They need to educate men about the hazards of marriage, the hypergamy of women, etc. They need to educate fluffies that they will not get a man, they need to educate the gender politicians that they are genocidal criminals who need to menfair the gender laws. They need to educate society that men are going on strike against the traditional male gender role of being a manslave to a parasitic fluffie wife.

When I listen to Sandman, or Turd Flinging Money (TFM), Thinking Ape (my favorite 3 MGTOWs) I get frustrated that they are concentrating mostly on an analysis of the gender status quo, rather than emphasizing more on how that status quo needs to be changed and reformed. To quote Marx, “Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point however is to change it.”

I had a similar problem with the US men’s lib leaders in the 80s who would visit the European leaders when they made trips to Europe. Their focus was much more concrete on specific problems, such as divorced fathers rights, and almost nothing on the bigger picture of how these traditional gender roles came about in the first place, or what was needed to change these gender roles. I felt a part of the problem was the cultural differences between old world and new world mentalities. I’m not surprised that most of the world’s isms/ideologies have been invented by Europeans. Europeans are just so much better at such things, taking a deeper and broader perspective on social issues, with a much deeper cultural memory, and a cultural tradition of looking at the bigger picture. I’m reliving these experiences now with the North American MGTOWs. They are not looking at the bigger picture, and not giving enough attention to how the gender status quo should be changed and how to do that.

This flyer focuses on what MGTOWs/masculists can do to convert fluffies into FIPs, which is seen by the masculists as being a critical step in forcing the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, so that men can be freed from the financial massacring of the divorce courts, be given a Parer (paternity rejection right), etc.

With say a third of women being strongly sympathetic to MGTOW/masculist ideas (i.e. female masculists), then together with that third of women, plus most men voting as a “men’s lib” bloc, the gender politicians can be voted out of power if they don’t menfair the gender laws. There will be enough votes from men plus the female masculists to do that.

So more concretely, how to convert more women, more fluffies into becoming FIPs, and becoming more sympathetic to men’s gender problems?

There are lots of things that can be done and need to be done. Many of my flyers are on this broad topic. In broad terms, MGTOWs and especially the masculists, who are a lot more political than the MGTOWs, need to educate men, educate women, educate the journalists, educate the gender politicians, to reform the gender laws and change women’s attitudes towards men, so that men can lead happier, less abused, lives.

Specifically, what can the masculists/MGTOWs do to convert fluffies into FIPs? Lets start with the high schools. Older MGTOWs/masculists can go to the high schools and give talks to encourage the creation of high school men’s lib groups, one per high school, so that the male high school students can start working on the female high school students to become FIPs.

These male high school students first need to be educated themselves on MGTOW/masculist principles and once they have these ideas under their belts, they can start working on the fluffie students in their schools. These high school MGTOW/masculist leaders can then give talks and have conversations with their female classmates teaching them about such things as –

The financial massacring of men in the divorce courts, so that 70% of young men under 35 in the US refuse to marry and have kids. They can tell these women that they will not find a traditional husband. These women will not have a baby. Tell them that if they become a FIP, then at least they may have a twaytwef relationship with a man, but if she is a fluffie, having chosen the soft fluffie option of studying fluffie crap in her junior and senior years in high school, then not only wont she get married, wont have a baby, wont have a relationship with a man, SHE WONT EVEN BE FUCKED.

Men will be so angry against fluffies, that they will not even want to sex them, preferring to sex FIP women, who make the effort to become financially independent persons, by studying FIP majors (e.g. the professions, the techs) that will allow them to earn good money so that they can pay their own way and not need to parasite off the money of a man.

In other words, these high school males need to SCARE their female classmates into becoming FIPs, otherwise these young fluffies will lead manless, loveless, sexless, childless, poor, lives, and be shunned by society as FIPdom (creation of the FIP Society) becomes increasing the expected social norm.

Tell university student women to convert from their fluffie majors to FIP majors, but that will be more difficult, because the real damage has already been done at the high school level, since FIP major departments at universities have prerequisites that students have to have passed before being allowed to enter a FIP major department, i.e. math and the sciences.

Male high school students need to put enormous moral pressure on their female classmates, that if these fluffies choose the soft lazy option, then they are destined to become parasites on men, but they wont get a man. These young men can refuse to date or sex these young immoral, future fluffie parasites. They can punish them by rejecting them as people, considering them so immoral that they are not even considered worthy of being fucked, the ultimate insult from a man to a woman.

Older masculists need to make more effort to persuade the journalists and TV producers to write/film topics on MGTOW/masculism. With two thirds of young men refusing to reproduce, the population will be wiped out within a century, so it is only a question of time before the media latches on to this enormous problem.

Professors need to set up Men’s Studies courses at universities to educate university students about the oppression of men, and persuade young men to avoid fluffies like the plague, to force fluffies to become FIPs with FIP attitudes. They need to lash out at the psychopathic mentalities of the quarter of married women who will divorce their husbands and then financially massacre them in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts.

Once the journalists/TV producers have really informed the whole of society about the man strike, then MGTOWs/masculists can push hard to educate men to adopt the twaytwef lifestyle.

Men will continue to boycott marriage and fatherhood until the gender politicians menfair the gender laws, but that may take a decade or more. In the meantime, men can still get the regular sex they want from women, but not be subject to the criminality of fluffie divorcing wives, and the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts.

Twaytwefing is a life style in which a man and a woman are both FIPs and both have their own apartment (i.e. 2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs.) When the relationship goes sour, they return to their own apartments, cost free for the man.

Women evolved to be parasites on men’s protein, and in today’s world, men’s money, so women have a natural tendency to behave like parasites once they feel they have their man under her control. She can then nag him, spend his money, deny him sex, etc.

This is not possible with a twaytwef lifestyle. If the woman stops behaving nicely to the man, then he just quietly walks out of the relationship, back to his apartment, and looks for another FIP woman to put his penis into and get a bit of (agreeable) female companionship from.

From the FIP woman’s perspective, the only way she will be able to get sex and companionship from a man will be to twaytwef. If she is a fluffie, then she will get NOTHING from a man, not even a penis. She will be left rotting on the shelf to extinction, being utterly ignored by men. It is as if she has been branded on her forehead with the dreaded word “Fluffie.” Men in her social circle will know that she is a fluffie, a career incompetent, immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin. The social pressure against her will be enormous.

In the past, women’s genetic tendency to look on men as exploitable check books and to dump men easily when men ceased to be exploitable, has been kept in check, through religious beliefs, by male dominated law and custom. With today’s gynocentric society, women have now too much power over men, and their true psychopathic natures can manifest themselves, so it is now up to the MGTOWs/masculists to take back some of that power to create a power balance between the two sexes.

Men are traditionally socialized to be FIPs, so men have it in their power to force fluffies to be FIPs. Men need to be educated about this basic reality. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some robot male, who is prepared to be parasited upon by her, but the supply of such robot male manslaves is drying up, thus forcing fluffies to become FIPs or they rot on the shelf. With men shunning fluffies, fluffies will die out. With the MGTOWs/masculists educating society, of the massive injustices committed against men by fluffies and fluffie feminists, then men are really starting to hit back now, using their male FIP power to wipe out fluffies, and to put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs.

Women are becoming increasingly scared that a male hurricane is brewing that will wipe out the excessive political/legal power that fluffie feminists have acquired over the past few decades at men’s expense. All this will change as more and more fluffies convert themselves to being FIPs, due to MGTOW/masculist education and moral pressure.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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