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Culture Bashing


See links to essays on culture bashing near the bottom of this page.

Culture bashing is heavy criticism of the norms of a culture by (usually) multis (multicultured people) who have lived in that culture and know its inferiorities first hand when compared with the norms of other cultures that the multis have lived in.

Culture bashing is the very opposite of PC (political correctness, which encourages people to be uncritical of other cultures). The attitude of PC may make some sense within migrant nations, where the host culture is trying to welcome the new migrants, but is seen as being counter productive by multis, and especially by globist multis (see below) who inevitably compare and rank the norms of the cultures they have lived in.

Multis are much more likely to be favorable to PR (political realism), calling a spade a spade. When the differences between the cultures they have lived in are large,  the level of disdain shown by multis towards a given culture is much more likely to be strong, so that the criticisms of the multis are less likely to be mild and more likely to be harsh, hence culture bashing.

To globist multis (i.e multis who would  like to see the creation of a (fully democratic) global state), culture bashing is seen as something both positive and needed, to “shake the nationalist complacency of the monos” (i.e. mono cultured people).

According to the BBC Travel Service, every year a billion of the world’s citizens travel internationally, and every year about 100 million people are working outside their first culture/country. Soon, a tipping point will be reached, where there will be more multis than monos. Since multis look down on monos, (in the same kind of way as city slickers looked down on country bumpkins), monos will really start feeling the moral pressure on them coming  from the multis. Multis will become more vocal about the narrow mindedness of monos, whom multis see as “one country bumpkins,” as “hick monos.”

Globists want the creation of “Globa”, a fully democratic global state (i.e. a world government, and hence no more war, no arms trade, no ignorance, no  poverty) and see that one of the preconditions for its creation (along with the creation of a global media and a global language), is the cultural homogenization of the planet.

Culture bashing serves the useful purpose of hastening this cultural homogenization, by making the monos more aware of their differences that are seen by the multis as being inferior and worthy of being given up by the monos.

As more  monos become conscious of the inferiorities of their own values and customs, especially when being culture bashed from all sides, from dozens of other cultures independently, in the global media, they will then be more likely to become motivated to change, and adopt superior customs as seen by the majority of more advanced cultures. When all cultures do this, only the “best” norms will survive, leading to cultural homogenization. The whole planet will then probably adopt the same set of norms. Traditional national norms will face stiff competition from global norms coming in from the whole planet via the global media.  As a result, national mentalities will die out, and be replaced by a vastly more attractive and superior global mentality that the citizens of the world (“Globans”) will adopt.

Hence a useful stepping stone towards the creation of a globally homogenized world, and hence a global state (Globa),  is culture bashing.

Culture bashing may be painful for the monos at first, but the multis argue that it is for their own good. Most people do things by habit and dont reflect on the relative desirability of their cultural norms relative to those of other cultures, largely through ignorance and inertia. When monos have their cultural egos bruised by a global onslaught of culture bashing from across the planet, they will be made aware that there “may be superior customs/norms they could adopt”

One of the major beliefs/experiences of the multis is that “billions of people suffer unnecessarily due to their adherence to stupid customs, but dont know they are stupid, because they are customs.”  The aim of the culture bashing multis (and especially of the globist multis) is to make monos aware that “there are better customs to be adopted.”



The following  links are to essays that culture bash the following 4 cultures.

“The Culture Bashing of Japan” (link)

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“The Culture Bashing of the US” (link)

“The Culture Bashing of Israel” (link)  



About half of my second book “Multis and Monos : What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured : Towards the Creation of a Global State” is devoted to the pros and cons of  8 cultures. A lot of the content in the above essays is taken from that book. If you want to buy it in paper format, its link to is (here). If you want to download it in electronic form, you can get it for free (here).


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