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de Garis on Alex Jones Show (4 times)

de Garis on Alex Jones Show  (4 times)

On the afternoon show of Feb 19th, 2015 I was interviewed for an hour by David Knight, the right-hand man of Alex Jones, the conspiratologist. The theme was the Rise of the Machines, the Artilect War, Cosmists, Terrans, the movie Transcendence, etc.

1st. hour (link)  intro by David Knight

2nd. hour (link)  the interview

3rd. hour (link)  questions from listeners

4th. hour (link)  2nd speaker (on fake food)

For an ad free (thank god) video version, see (link) or (link).

On the evening of Sept 22nd 2017, I was interviewed by David Knight again for about 25 minutes on his show “Infowars : True News” on the remark made by Putin “When are the machines going to eat us?” The link is (here).

On the evening of Nov. 30th 2017, I was interviewed by David Knight again for about 20 minutes on his show “Infowars : True News” on the idea that public consciousness on AI seems to have passed from main stream media awareness into its political consequences. The link is (here).

On the evening of 11th Sept. 2018, David Knight interviewed me for a 4th time on the theme of the Artilect War. David Knight and Tom Horn are the first two journalists/commentators to truly “get it” i.e. see the full implications of the rise of massively intelligent machines, so I am grateful to them for that, since it is due to their efforts that a public awareness  is growing that a possible Artilect War is coming. The very next morning, from Melbourne, Australia, where I had recently migrated to, I set off to Branson, Missouri, to be a keynote speaker, along with David Might, Steve Quayle, etc at the 2nd “True Legends” conference, where I asked the 3000 people audience to vote on whether they were Terran or Cosmist/Cyborgist. I was blown away when the audience voted 99% (literally) in favor of Terranism. I now know that there is a strong correlation between Terranism and evangelical Christians, a new data point, that will be useful to governments in the future. The link to this interview is (here).


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