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de Garis : Who Should Rule? Humans or Machines, Shanghai 2015

de Garis : Who Should Rule?

Humans or Machines, Shanghai 2015

Ben Goertzel and I spoke at a meeting in Shanghai in the fall of 2015, organized by a Norwegian trade organization in China.

My talk was called “Who Should Rule? Humans or Machines?” which is on YouTube that you can view (here).

Ben’s was called “Artificial General Intelligence and its Broader Implications” which can be viewed (here).

The organizer of the meeting, Ivar Moesman’s talk was called “Exponential Growth of Technology : Disruptions, Implications, 3D Printing and Bitcoin” can be viewed (here).

For a YouTube channel called “Rise of the Robots : Disruptive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Growth” of the three talks, which appeared in the order – Moesman, Goertzel, de Garis, look (here).

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