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deGarisMPCPBE Masters, PhD Levels TOPICS e-LIBRARY Computing Topics List

“deGarisMPCPBE” Masters, PhD Levels TOPICS e-LIBRARY 

Computing Topics List

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5, 13, 25, 26, 58, 75, 79, 93, 129, 136,

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)  (link)  to do

Artificial Intelligence  (link) 136

Cognitive Science  (link)  26

Computer Science  (link)  79

Data Mining  (link)  58

Deep Learning  (link)  to do

Genetic Algorithms  (link)  25

Machine Learning  (link)  93

Neural Networks  (link)  13

Quantum Computation  (link)  75

Theory of Computation  (link)  129

Turing  (link)  5

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