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“deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) Ms, PhD Level PUBLISHER SERIES e-LIBRARY (FULL TEXT Refs/Links) for Free Global Education


“deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) Ms, PhD Level PUBLISHER SERIES e-LIBRARY (FULL TEXT Refs/Links) for Free Global Education


Click on 


You will then see a list of 6 topics – 1)  Math,   2)  Physics,   3)  Computing,   4)  Philosophy,   5)  Brain,   6)  Etc

Click on the link of one of these 6 topics. You will then see a list of three categories of publishers (society, trade, university.) Click on the category of publisher you want.  You will then be shown an alphabetical list of publishers in that category. Click on the publisher you want. You will then be shown a list of the book series and their abbreviations of that publisher. Click on the book series you want. You will then be shown the list of book titles in that series with their links to  Click on the book you want to see, and Amazon will then give you its book page, with (in most cases) the “Look Inside” (the book) feature. When all the books of a given series have been linked, this is indicated with done. This work is ongoing, and will take months. Many of the books have full text/full content links to them from If such a full text/full content link exists on, that book is indicated with (full text). Putting up these full text links, for my two e-libraries will take many months, so please be patient. Once this full texting work is done, these 2 e-libraries will be incredibly useful to students, who will be able to read the full contents of a book at the click of a mouse.

NOTE on Using’s “Look Inside” (a book) on an iPad

Most of the books in this PUBLISHER SERIES e-LIBRARY are linked to Amazon, which provides a “Look Inside” (a book) feature that allows free access to a sample of about 10% of the total content of the book. If you are looking at this library using an iPad, you will need to do the following. Once the book cover comes up after clicking on the link to an individual book in the e-library, to be able to get the “Look Inside” feature to work, click on the “arrow out of rectangle” icon at the upper right, then click on “Open in Safari” or “Open in Chrome” then click on the (“Look Inside”) book cover to see the contents of the book.

NOTE on Amazon vs. Google for Reading Book Samples

Most of the books in these e-libraries are linked to   If there is no “Look Inside”  from for a particular book, then try pasting the book title into a google window, to see if has a sample of the content of the book. Both amazon and google give you a sample of about 10% of a book’s contents.

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