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“deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) Ms, PhD Level TOPICS (FULL TEXT) e-LIBRARY (Refs/Links) for Free Global Education

“deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) Ms, PhD Level (FULL TEXTTOPICS e-LIBRARY (References/Links)  for Free Global Education


How to Use the deGarisMPCPBE  TOPICS e-LIBRARY

Click on


You will then see a list of 6 topics – 1)  Math,   2)  Physics,   3)  Computing,   4)  Philosophy,   5)  Brain,   6)  Etc

Click on the link of one of these 6 topics. You will then see  a list of subtopics, e.g. for Math – Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, etc (in alphabetic order). Click on the subtopic you want.  You will  then be shown an alphabetical  list (by first author) of paper, media and book references on that subtopic. Papers will have a link to Google’s GoogleDrive (the non math links) or to Microsoft’s OneDrive (the math links). Many of the books will have a link to Over the past few years, Google has been putting up millions of links to full text, i.e. full content books. Those books in this e-library that have full text (full content) links are marked (full text).


To view .pdf files stored on GoogleDrive or OneDrive in this TOPICS e-LIBRARY, you will first have to install a pdf viewer app  from the Chrome Web Store. See (here) on how to do this. Or try “deskPDF Reader” that you can download from (here). More recently, I have been using the .pdf reader from that you  can download from (here) for free.

NOTE on Setting a Black Background for Reading (with White Text)

Download the free Foxit Reader from  Goto File –> Preferences–>Accessibility; Check “Replace Document Colors”; Select “custom color” and select colors you want; Uncheck “Only change the content in Black/White color”; “OK”  This should make man years of screen reading easier on your eyes.

NOTE on Using’s “Look Inside” (a book) on an iPad

Most of the books in this TOPICS e-LIBRARY are linked to, which provides a “Look Inside” (a book) feature that allows free access to a sample of about 10% of the total content of the book. If you are looking at this e-library using an iPad, you will need to do the following. Once the book cover comes up after clicking on the link to an individual book in the e-library, to be able to get the “Look Inside” feature to work, click on the “arrow out of rectangle” icon at the upper right, then click on “Open in Safari” or “Open in Chrome” then click on the (“Look Inside”) book cover to see the contents of the book.

NOTE on Amazon vs. Google for Reading Book Samples

Most of the books in these e-libraries are linked to   If there is no “Look Inside”  from for a particular book, then try pasting the book title into a google window, to see if has a sample of the content of the book. Both amazon and google give you a sample of about 10% of a book’s contents.

NOTE on Google’s [pdf] and other Fully Downloadable Book Files

Google is putting up “full content” book files, marked with [pdf] that I am now using in this topics e-library. I am now systematically going through all the book titles to see if Google provides them with a [pdf] link, i.e. the user can download the whole content of the book, for free, which is wonderful for the user. Those topics that I have revised this way are marked redone in green. As more and more books are given a [pdf] marker by Google, I will have to revise these links every year or two, to stay up to date, a lot of tedious work, but so valuable for the free online education of the planet.


Those books that are downloadable as FULL TEXT from Google are linked as (full-text). Some free files are quite lengthy, so are linked for example as (free123p) which means the file contains 123 pages.

All topics marked as redone have been checked for the existence of (full-text) files.

Looking for full text files is a tedious and lengthy process, that will take me months, so be patient as I work through my whole e-library, 10,000s of books. BUT, to have mouse clickable access to full content academic books is WONDERFUL and a revolution in high level education (i.e. masters and PhD level education for FREE, using video lecture courses and e-libraries).

Not only pdf files are often fully downloadable. A similar logic holds for .html files on Google, or archive files, etc.

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