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Dover Books on Mathematics : Algebra Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Algebra Books List (55)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Algebra Books List  (link)

Abstract Algebra, Deskins  (unfree)

Abstract Algebra and Solution by Radicals, Maxfield, Maxfield  (unfree)

Abstract Lie Algebras, Winter  (unfree)

Algebra, Grove  (unfree)

Algebraic Extensions of Fields, McCarthy  (unfree)

Algebraic Logic, Halmos  (unfree)

The Algebraic Structure of Group Rings, Passman  (unfree)

Algebras of Holomorphic Functions & Control Theory, Sasane  (unfree)

Basic Abstract Algebra, Ash  (unfree)

Basic Algebra I, Jacobson  (unfree)

Basic Algebra II, Jacobson  (unfree)

A Book of Abstract Algebra, Pinter  (unfree)

Boolean Algebra, Goodstein  (unfree)

Boolean Algebra and its Applications, Whitesitt  (unfree)

A Course in Linear Algebra, Damiano  (unfree)

Elementary Algebraic Geometry, Kendig  (unfree)

Elementary Matrix Algebra, Hohn  (unfree)

Elements of Abstract Algebra, Clark  (unfree)

Foundations of Galois Theory, Postnikov  (unfree)

Fundamental Concepts of Abstract Algebra, Ehrlich  (unfree)

Fundamental Concepts of Algebra, Meserve  (unfree)

Geometric Algebra, Artin  (unfree)

Homology Theory on Algebraic Varieties, Wallace  (unfree)

Hyperbolic Functions  with Configuration Theorems and Equivalent and Equidecomposable Figures, Shervatov et al  (unfree)

Infinite Crossed Products, Passman  (unfree)

Introduction to Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Loomis  (unfree)

An Introduction to Algebraic Structures, Landin  (unfree)

Introduction to Field Theory, Adamson  (unfree)

An Introduction to Linear Algebra, Mirsky  (unfree)

An Introduction to Linear Algebra & Tensors, Silverman et al  (unfree)

Introduction to Modern Algebra & Matrix Theory, Schreier, Sperner  (unfree)

Introduction to the Theory of Abstract Algebras, Pierce  (unfree)

An Introduction to Theory of Linear Spaces, Shilov  (unfree)

Lectures on Linear Algebra, Gel’fand  (unfree)

Lie Algebras, Jacobson  (unfree)

Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and some of their Applications, Gilmore  (unfree)

Linear Algebra, Shilov  (unfree)

Linear Algebra, Berberian  (unfree)

Linear Algebra & Group Theory, Smirnov  (unfree)

Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Stoll  (unfree)

Linear Algebra and Projective Geometry, Baer  (unfree)

Linear Mathematics : A Practical Approach, Clark  (unfree)

Linear Systems and Operators in Hilbert Space, Fuhrmann  (unfree)

Logic and Boolean Algebra, Arnold  (unfree)

Matrices and Linear Algebra, Schneider   (unfree)

Mind Tools: The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality, Rucker  (unfree)

Modern Algebra, Warner  (unfree)

On Riemann’s Theory of Algebraic Functions and their Integrals, Klein  (unfree)

Partially Ordered Algebraic Systems, Fuchs  (unfree)

Probabilities on Algebraic Structures, Grenander  (unfree)

Rings and Homology, Jans  (unfree)

The Rules of Algebra, Cardano  (unfree)

Semi-Simple Lie Algebras and their Representations, Cahn  (unfree)

The Skeleton Key of Mathematics, A Simple Account of Complex Algebraic Theories, Littlewood  (unfree)

Substitutional Analysis, Rutherford  (unfree)

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