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Dover Books on Mathematics : Applied Mathematics Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Applied Mathematics Books List (17)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Applied Mathematics Books List  (link)

Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, DuChateau  (unfree)

Applications of Green’s Functions in Science and Engineering, Greenberg  (unfree)

Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists, Pipes, Harvill  (unfree)

A Bridge to Advanced Mathematics, Sentilles  (unfree)

Elasticity and Plasticity: The Mathematical Theory of Elasticity and The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity, Goodier, Hodge  (unfree)

Elements of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Lass  (unfree)

Foundations of Applied Mathematics, Greenberg  (unfree)

How to Solve Applied Mathematics Problems, Moiseiwitsch  (unfree)

Initial Boundary Value Problems in Mathematical Physics, Leis  (unfree)

Integrals of Bessel Functions, Luke  (unfree)

Interpolation and Approximation, Davis  (unfree)

An Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students, Stephenson  (unfree)

Invertibility and Singularity for Bounded Linear Operators, Harte  (unfree)

Principles and Techniques of Applied Mathematics, Friedman  (unfree)

Probability, Statistics, and Decision for Civil Engineers, Benjamin, Cornell  (unfree)

Solved Problems in Analysis: As Applied to Gamma, Beta, Legendre and Bessel Functions, Farrell, Ross  (unfree)

Variational Methods for Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Elliptic Equations, Lavrent’ev, Radok  (unfree)

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