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Dover Books on Mathematics (DBM) Books List

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The Foundations of… Leonard J. Savage

Foundations of… M. M. Rao

Gaussian… H. Dym, H. P. McKean$19.95

Good Thinking: The… Irving John Good

A Graduate Course… Howard G. Tucker

Harmonic Analysis… Salomon Bochner

How to Gamble If… Prof. William…

Individual Choice… R. Duncan Luce

Integration, Measure… H. R. Pitt

Introduction to… John E. Freund

Introduction to… Lester L. Helms

An Introduction to… James L. Melsa…

Introduction to… E. S. Keeping

Introduction to… Erhan Cinlar

Lectures on the… Torgny Lindvall

The Logic of ChanceJohn Venn

Mathematical… A. Y. Khinchin

Mathematical… M. H. Quenouille, A… $12.95

Monte Carlo… Jerome Spanier, Ely… $14.95

The Nature of… George P Shultz, W… $14.95

Outline of Basic… John E. Freund…

A Philosophical… Pierre-Simon Laplace$12.95

Practical Statistics… Dr. Russell A. Langley$16.95 – See more at:

Principles of… M. G. Bulmer

Probabilistic Metric… B. Schweizer, A. Sklar$29.95 – See more at:

Probability TheoryAlfred Renyi

Probability Theory:… Y. A. Rozanov

Probability… Richard von Mises

Probability: An… Samuel Goldberg

Problems in… A. A. Sveshnikov

Sequential AnalysisAbraham Wald

Some Theory of… William Edwards… $22.95

Stationary and… Harald Cramér, M… $21.95

Statistical… W. Edwards Deming$14.95

The Statistical… John Mandel

Statistical InferenceVijay K. Rohatgi

Statistical Inference:… Robert B. Ash

Statistical Method… Walter A. Shewhart

Statistical and… Hugues Leblanc

Statistics ManualMargaret W. Maxfield… $15.95

Statistics of ExtremesE. J. Gumbel

Stochastic ProcessesEmanuel Parzen

The Subjectivity of… S. James Press…

Theory of Markov… T. Kovary, E. B…

Real and Complex Analysis (76)

Analytic Inequalities, Kazarinoff

Applied Algebra and, Michel

Applied Complex, Dettman

Applied Functional, Griffel

Applied, Davis

Approximate, Krylov

Approximation of, Aubin

Asymptotic, Bleistein

Attacking Problems, Kahn

Banach Spaces of, Hoffman

Basic Methods of, Pryce

A Brief Introduction, Bellman

A Collection of, Aramanovich

Complex Analysis, Silverman

Complex Integration, Watson

Complex Variable, England

Complex Variables, Flanigan

Complex Variables, Paliouras

Complex Variables, Fisher

Complex Variables, Ash

The Concept of a, Weyl

Conformal MappingZeev Nehari

Conformal Mapping, Cohn

Constructive Real, Goldstein

The Convolution, Isaac

Elementary, Shilov

Elementary Real, Shilov

Elementary Theory, Cartan

Elements of the, Knopp

Elements of the, Kolmogorov

A First Course in, Davis

A First Look at, Sawyer

Foundations of

Foundations of, Friedman

Function Theory on, Fisher

Functional Analysis, Bachman

Functional Analysis, Riesz

Functional Analysis, Edwards

Functionals of Finite, Schiffer

The Gamma Function  Artin

General Theory of, Taylor

Infinite Sequences,  Knopp

Integral, Measure, Shilov

Intermediate, Labarre

Introduction to, Goldstein

Introduction to, Rosenlicht

Introduction to, Bowman

An Introduction to, Chihara

Introduction to Real, Schramm

Introductory, Silverman

Introductory Real, Silverman

Invariant Subspaces, Radjavi

Lectures on, Aczel

Lectures on Integral, Widom

Lectures on, Widom

Linear Analysis and, Gaal

Nonlinear, Deimling

Nonstandard Analysis, Robert

Nonstandard, Raphael

Problem Book in the, Knopp

The Radon, Deans

Real Analysis,

Real Analysis, Haaser

Real Analysis, Klambauer

Real Variables with, Ash

Real-Variable, Torchinsky

The Riemann, Ivic

The Schwarz Lemma, Dineen

Selected Topics in, Heins

A Short Course in, Lehner

Special Functions , Lebedev…

Special Functions, Bell

Theory of, Achieser

The Theory of, Graves

Theory of Functions, Natanson

Theory of, Knopp

Reference (20)

Basic Concepts in Modern Mathematics, Hafstrom  (unfree)

Challenging Math Problems, Stickels  (unfree)

Companion to Concrete Mathematics, Melzak  (unfree)

Conformal Mapping : Methods and Applications,  Schinzinger, Laura  (unfree)

Extremal Graph Theory, Bollobas  (unfree)

A First Course in Graph Theory, Chartrand, Zhang  (unfree)

Fractional Graph Theory: A Rational Approach to the Theory of Graphs, Scheinerman, Ullman  (unfree)

Graph Theory, Gould  (unfree)

Handbook of Mathematical Functions : with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables, Abramowitz, Stegun  (unfree)

Ingenious Mathematical Problems & Methods, Graham  (unfree)

Introduction to Spectral Theory in Hilbert Space, Helmberg  (unfree)

Levels of Infinity : Selected Writings on Mathematics and Philosophy, Weyl, Pesic  (unfree)

Mathematics for the Physical Sciences, Schwartz  (unfree)

Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Applications, Kubicek, Hlavacek  (unfree)

Planar Graphs, Nishizeki, Chiba  (unfree)

Theory of Linear Operations, Banach  (unfree)

The World of Mathematics, Vol. 1, Newman  (unfree)

The World of Mathematics, Vol. 2, Newman  (unfree)

The World of Mathematics, Vol. 3, Newman  (unfree)

The World of Mathematics, Vol. 4, Newman  (unfree)

Theory (117)


Abstract Analytic Number Theory, Knopfmacher  (unfree)

Abstract Sets and Finite Ordinals, Keene  (unfree)

Abstract and Concrete Categories : The Joy of Cats, Strecker et al  (unfree)

Advanced Number Number, Cohn  (unfree)

An Adventurer’s Guide to Number Theory, Friedberg  (unfree)

Algebraic Number Theory, Weiss  (unfree)

Algebraic Theory of Numbers, Samuel  (unfree)

Algorithms for Minimization without Derivatives, Brent  (unfree)

Analytical Methods of Optimization, Lawden  (unfree)

Applications of the Theory of Matrices, Gantmacher  (unfree)

Axiomatic Set Theory, Suppes  (unfree)


Basic Set Theory, Levy  (unfree)

A Book of Set Theory, Pinter  (unfree)

Boundary Value Problems and Fourier Expansions, MacCluer  (unfree)

Building Models by Games, Hodges  (unfree)


Character Theory of Finite Groups, Isaacs  (unfree)

Combinatorial Group Theory : Presentations of Groups in Terms of Generators and Relations, Solitar et al  (unfree)

Combinatorics of Finite Sets, Anderson  (unfree)

The Compleat Strategyst, Williams  (unfree)

Concepts of Mathematical Modeling, Meyer  (unfree)

Continued Fractions, Khinchin  (unfree)

Convex Sets and their Applications, Lay  (unfree)

A Course in Algebraic Number Theory, Ash  (unfree)

A Course on Group Theory, Rose  (unfree)


Differential Forms, Cartan  (unfree)

Differential Games, Friedman  (unfree)

Differential Games : A Mathematical Theory with Applications to Warfare and Pursuit, Control and Optimization, Isaacs  (unfree)

Differential Geometry, Graustein  (unfree)

Differential Topology : An Introduction, Gauld  (unfree)

Diophantine Approximations, Niven  (unfree)


Elementary Matrix Theory, Eves  (unfree)

Elementary Number Theory, Bolker  (unfree)

Elementary Number Theory, Dudley  (unfree)

Elementary Theory of Numbers, LeVeque  (unfree)

Elements of Number Theory, Vinogradov  (unfree)

Essays on the Theory of Numbers, Dedekind  (unfree)


Fibonacci Numbers, Nikolaevich  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Number Theory,  LeVeque  (unfree)


Galois Theory, Artin, Milgram  (unfree)

Game Theory and Politics, Brams  (unfree)

Game Theory : A Nontechnical Introduction, Davis  (unfree)

Games and Decisions : Introduction and Critical Survey, Luce, Raiffa  (unfree)

Games, Theory and Applications, Thomas  (unfree)

The Genesis of the Abstract Group Concept, Wussing  (unfree)

Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science, Deo  (unfree)

Group Theory, Scott  (unfree)


History of the Theory of Numbers, Vol. I : Divisibility and Primality, Dickson  (unfree)

History of the Theory of Numbers, Vol. II : Diophantine Analysis, Dickson  (unfree)

History of the Theory of Numbers, Vol. III : Quadratic and Higher Forms, Dickson  (unfree)


Information Theory, Ash  (unfree)

Information Theory and Statistics, Kullback  (unfree)

An Introduction to Information Theory, Reza  (unfree)

An Introduction to Information Theory : Symbols, Signals and Noise, Pierce  (unfree)

Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations, Finkbeiner  (unfree)

Introduction to Matrices and Vectors, Schwartz  (unfree)

Introduction to Minimax, Dem’yanov, Malozemov  (unfree)

Introduction to Stochastic Models, Goodman  (unfree)

Introduction to the Theory of Games, McKinsey  (unfree)

An Introduction to Theory of Groups, Alexandroff  (unfree)

Introduction to the Theory of Sets, Breuer  (unfree)

Introductory Discrete Mathematics, Balakrishnan  (unfree)


Lady Luck : The  Theory of Probability, Weaver  (unfree)

Lambda-Matrices and Vibrating Systems, Lancaster  (unfree)

Lattice Theory : First Concepts and Distributive Lattices, Grätzer  (unfree)

Linear Algebra and Group Theory, Smirnov  (unfree)

Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Stoll  (unfree)


Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory, Khinchin  (unfree)

Mathematical Methods of Game and Economic Theory, Aubin  (unfree)

Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis, Bender, Williamson  (unfree)

The Mathematics of Games, Beasley  (unfree)

The Mathematics of Games of Strategy, Dresher  (unfree)

Matrices and Linear Transformations, Cullen  (unfree)

Matrices and Transformations, Pettofrezzo  (unfree)

Matrix Theory, Franklin  (unfree)


N-Person Game Theory : Concepts and Applications, Rapoport  (unfree)

The Number System, Thurston  (unfree)

Number Theory, Andrews  (unfree)

Number Theory and its History, Ore  (unfree)


Optimization Theory for Large Systems, Lasdon  (unfree)

Optimization Theory with Applications, Pierre  (unfree)

An Outline of Set Theory, Henle  (unfree)


Permutation Groups, Passman  (unfree)

Philosophical Introduction to Set Theory, Pollard  (unfree)

The Philosophy of Set Theory : An Historical Introduction to Cantor’s Paradise, Tiles  (unfree)

Problems in Group Theory, Dixon  (unfree)

Pursuit Games : An Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Differential Games of Pursuit and Evasion, Hájek  (unfree)


Rational Quadratic Forms,  Cassels  (unfree)

Recreations in the Theory of Numbers : The Queen of Mathematics Entertains, Beiler  (unfree)

Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Burrow  (unfree)

Riemann’s Zeta Function, Edwards  (unfree)


A Seminar on Graph Theory, Harary  (unfree)

Set Theory and Logic, Stoll  (unfree)

Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis, Cohen  (unfree)

Set Theory and the Continuum Problem, Smullyan, Fitting  (unfree)

Special Matrices and their Applications in Numerical Mathematics, Fiedler (unfree)

Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation : Theory and Practice, Kanatani  (unfree)

A Survey of Matrix Theory and Matrix Inequalities, Marcus, Minc  (unfree)

Symmetry : An Introduction to Group Theory and its Applications, McWeeny  (unfree)


Theory and Application of Infinite Series, Knopp  (unfree)

The Theory of Algebraic Numbers, Pollard  (unfree)

Theory of Continuous Groups, Loewner  (unfree)

Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions, Blackwell, Girshick  (unfree)

The Theory of Groups, Zassenhaus  (unfree)

The Theory of Matrices in Numerical Analysis, Householder  (unfree)

The Theory of Remainders, Rothbart  (unfree)

Theory of Sets, Kamke  (unfree)

Three Pearls of Number Theory, Khinchin  (unfree)

Topics in Number Theory, Vols. I and II, LeVeque  (unfree)

Topics on Tournaments in Graph Theory, Moon  (unfree)

Topological Methods in Galois Representation Theory, Snaith  (unfree)

Transcendental and Algebraic Numbers, Gelfond  (unfree)

Two-Person Game Theory, Rapoport  (unfree)


Uniform Distribution of Sequences, Kuipers, Niederreiter  (unfree)


Variational Methods in Optimization, Smith  (unfree)

Vector Spaces and Matrices, Thrall, Tornheim  (unfree)

Topology (39)

Algebraic Topology, Maunder  (unfree)

Algebraic Topology, Homology & Cohomology, Wallace  (unfree)

Cohomology Operations and Applications in Homotopy Theory, Mosher, Tangora  (unfree)

Cohomology & Differential Forms, Vaisman  (unfree)

A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology, Henle  (unfree)

Combinatorial Topology, Alexandrov  (unfree)

Counterexamples in Topology, Steen, Seebach  (unfree)

Differential Topology, First Steps, Wallace  (unfree)

Elementary Concepts of Topology, Alexandroff  (unfree)

Elementary Point-Set Topology : A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, Bowers  (unfree)

Elementary Topology, Gemignani  (unfree)

Elements of Point Set Topology, Baum  (unfree)

A First Course in Topology: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Conover  (unfree)

Formal Knot Theory, Kauffman  (unfree)

Foundations of Combinatorial Topology, Pontryagin  (unfree)

From Geometry to Topology, Flegg  (unfree)

General Topology, Sierpinski  (unfree)

General Topology, Willard  (unfree)

A Geometric Introduction to Topology, Wall  (unfree)

An Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Wallace  (unfree)

Introduction to Knot Theory, Crowell, Fox  (unfree)

Introduction to Topology, Gamelin, Greene  (unfree)

Introduction to Topology, Mendelson  (unfree)

Intuitive Concepts in Elementary Topology, Arnold  (unfree)

Invitation to Combinatorial Topology, Frechet, Fan  (unfree)

Modern Methods in Topological Vector Spaces, Wilansky  (unfree)

Point Set Topology, Gaal  (unfree)

Principles of Topology, Croom  (unfree)

Shape Theory : Categorical Methods of Approximation, Cordier, Porter  (unfree)

Topological Graph Theory, Gross, Tucker  (unfree)

Topological Spaces : Including a Treatment of Multi-Valued Functions, Vector Spaces and Convexity, Berge  (unfree)

Topological Vector Spaces and Distributions, Horvath  (unfree)

Topological Vector Spaces, Distributions and Kernels, Treves  (unfree)

Topology, Hocking, Young  (unfree)

Topology and Geometry for Physicists, Nash, Sen  (unfree)

Topology for Analysis, Wilansky  (unfree)

Topology of 3-Manifolds, and Related Topics, Fort  (unfree)

Topology : An Introduction to the Point-Set and Algebraic Areas, Kahn   (unfree)

Undergraduate Topology, Kasriel  (unfree)

Variational Methods (6)

Dynamical Systems, Sternberg  (unfree)

Methods of the Theory of Functions of Many Complex Variables, Vladimirov  (unfree)

Splines and Variational Methods, Prenter  (unfree)

Variational Analysis: Critical Extremals and Sturmian Extensions, Morse  (unfree)

Variational Principles, Moiseiwitsch  (unfree)

Variational Principles and Free-Boundary Problems, Friedman  (unfree)

Vectors, Tensors, Spinors  (22)

About Vectors, Hoffmann  (unfree)

The Absolute Differential Calculus (Calculus of Tensors), Levi-Civita  (unfree)

Applications of Tensor Analysis, McConnell  (unfree)

Cartesian Tensors, An Introduction, Temple  (unfree)

Concise Vector Analysis, Eliezer  (unfree)

Elements of Tensor Calculus, Newman  (unfree)

Introduction to Vector and Tensor Analysis, Wrede  (unfree)

Introduction to Vectors & Tensors, Bowen, Wang  (unfree)

Matrix Vector Analysis, Eisenman  (unfree)

Optimization in Function Spaces, Sasane  (unfree)

Problems and Worked Solutions in Vector Analysis, Shorter  (unfree)

Tensor Analysis on Manifolds, Bishop, Goldberg  (unfree)

Tensor Calculus, Synge, Schild  (unfree)

Tensor and Vector Analysis : With Applications to Differential Geometry, Springer  (unfree)

Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles, Lovelock, Rund  (unfree)

The Theory of Spinors, Cartan  (unfree)

Vector Analysis, Newell  (unfree)

Vector Analysis, Brand  (unfree)

Vector Methods Applied to Differential Geometry, Mechanics, and Potential Theory, Rutherford  (unfree)

Vector and Tensor Analysis, Hay  (unfree)

Vector and Tensor Analysis, with Applications, Borisenko, Tarapov  (unfree)

Vectors and their Applications, Pettofrezzo  (unfree)

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