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Dover Books on Mathematics : Fourier Analysis Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Fourier Analysis Books List (13)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Fourier Analysis Books List  (link)

Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods, Boyd  (unfree)

Distribution Theory and Transform Analysis: An Introduction to Generalized Functions, with Applications, Zemanian  (unfree)

An Elementary Treatise on Fourier’s Series: and Spherical, Cylindrical, and Ellipsoidal Harmonics, with Applications to Problems in Mathematical Physics, Byerly   (unfree)

Fourier Analysis in Several Complex Variables, Ehrenpreis  (unfree)

Fourier Series, Tolstov  (unfree)

Fourier Series, Hardy, Rogosinski  (unfree)

Fourier Series and Orthogonal Functions, Davis  (unfree)

Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials, Jackson  (unfree)

Fourier Series, Transforms, and Boundary Value Problems, Rowland  (unfree)

Fourier Transforms, Sneddon  (unfree)

Harmonic Analysis for Engineers and Applied Scientists, Chirikjian, Kyatkin  (unfree)

An Introduction to Fourier Series and Integrals, Seeley  (unfree)

An Introduction to Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Series, Myers  (unfree)

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