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Dover Books on Mathematics : Geometry Books List

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Dover Books on Mathematics : Geometry Books List  (79)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Geometry Books List  (link)


Advanced Euclidean Geometry, Johnson

Algebraic Geometry, Lefschetz

Analytical Conics, Spain

Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions, McCrea


The Beauty of Geometry, Cox

Beyond Geometry : Classic Papers from Riemann to Einstein, Pesic


A Catalog of Special Plane Curves, Lawrence

College Geometry: An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and the Circle, Altshiller-Court

Combinatorial Geometry in the Plane, Klee et al

Convex Surfaces, Busemann

Coordinate Geometry, Eisenhart

Curvature and Homology, Goldberg

Curvature in Mathematics and Physics, Sternberg

The Curves of Life, Cook


Deductive Geometry, Maxwell

Differential Geometric Structures, Poor

Differential Geometry, Kreyszig

Differential Geometry, Wardle

Differential Geometry, Guggenheimer

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, do Carmo

Dirichlet’s Principle, Courant


The Elements of, Sommerville

Euclidean Geometry, Dodge


Famous Problems, Bold

A First Course in, Walsh

Foundations of, Wylie

Foundations of, Tversky,

Fractals, Barnsley

Fundamental, Meserve


General, Morehead

Geometric, Whitney

Geometry and, Kelly,

Geometry and, Yale

Geometry and the, Pedoe

Geometry from, Stahl

The Geometry of Art, Ghyka

Geometry of, Fischer,

Geometry of, Schwerdtfeger

The Geometry of, Busemann

Geometry, Its, S…

Geometry: A, Pedoe


Introduction to, Auslander

An Introduction to, Willmore

An Introduction to, Adrian

Introduction to, Wolfe

Introduction to, Wylie

Introduction to the, Deaux

Introductory, Manning

Invariants of, Wright

Invariants of, Wright

Invitation to, R…

Invitation to Geometry, Melzak


Lectures in, Seidenberg

Lectures on, Struik

Lectures on, Struik

Linear Algebra and, Kaplansky

Linear Geometry, Artzy


A New Look at, Ruane,

Non-Euclidean, Kulczycki

Non-Riemannian, Pfahler


The Penrose, Baston

Practical Conic, Downs

Problems and, Aref,

Problems in, Eggleston

Projective Geometry, Faulkner

Projective Geometry, Busemann

Proof in Geometry, Fetisov,

Pythagorean, Sierpinski


Regular Polytopes, Coxeter

Rotations, Altmann


Solid Analytic, Albert

Spherical Models, Wenninger

A Survey of Minimal, Osserman

Symmetries and, Gurarie


The Theory and, Krantz

Theory of Linear, Akhiezer,

Tilings and, Grunbaum


Vector Geometry, Robinson

A Vector Space, Hausner


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