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Dover Books on Mathematics : Logic Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Logic Books List  (48)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Logic Books List  (link)

Alice in Puzzle-Land : A Carrollian Tale for Children Under Eighty, Fitting et al  (unfree)

Applications of Model Theory to Functional Analysis, Iovino  (unfree)

The Axiom of Choice, Jech  (unfree)

Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Logic, Gemignani  (unfree)

A Beginner’s Guide to Mathematical Logic, Smullyan  (unfree)

Boolean Reasoning : The Logic of Boolean Equations, Brown  (unfree)

The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes : Fifty Tantalizing Problems of Chess Detection, Smullyan  (unfree)

Computability and Unsolvability, Davis  (unfree)

The Continuum: A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis, Weyl  (unfree)

Elementary Induction on Abstract Structures, Moschovakis  (unfree)

First Course in Mathematical Logic, Suppes, Hill  (unfree)

First Order Mathematical Logic, Margaris  (unfree)

First-Order Logic, Smullyan  (unfree)

Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics, Eves  (unfree)

Foundations of Mathematical Logic, Curry  (unfree)

Introduction to Formal Languages, Révész  (unfree)

Introduction to Logic, Suppes  (unfree)

An Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Hodel  (unfree)

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, Russell  (unfree)

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking : The Formation of Concepts in Modern Mathematics, Waismann  (unfree)

Introduction to Proof in Abstract Mathematics, Wohlgemuth  (unfree)

An Introduction to Stability Theory, Pillay  (unfree)

An Introduction to Symbolic Logic, Langer  (unfree)

Introduction to Symbolic Logic and its Applications, Carnap  (unfree)

Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, Wilder  (unfree)

An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, Boole  (unfree)

Lapses in Mathematical Reasoning, Kharcheva et al  (unfree)

Logic for Computer Science : Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving, Gallier  (unfree)

Logic for Mathematicians, Rosser  (unfree)

Logic in Elementary Mathematics, Exner, Rosskopf  (unfree)

Mathematical Logic, Kleene  (unfree)

Mathematical Logic : A First Course, Robbin  (unfree)

Model Theory, Chang, Keisler  (unfree)

Natural Deduction : A Proof-Theoretical Study, Prawitz  (unfree)

On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems, Gödel  (unfree)

Popular Lectures on Mathematical Logic, Wang  (unfree)

A Profile of Mathematical Logic, DeLong  (unfree)

Proof Theory, Takeuti  (unfree)

Regular Algebra and Finite Machines, Conway  (unfree)

Satan, Cantor and Infinity : Mind-Boggling Puzzles, Smullyan  (unfree)

Studies in Logic & Probability, Boole  (unfree)

Topoi : The Categorial Analysis of Logic, Goldblatt  (unfree)

Toposes and Local Set Theories : An Introduction, Bell  (unfree)

Undecidable Theories : Studies in Logic and the Foundation of Mathematics, Robinson et al  (unfree)

The Undecidable : Basic Papers on Undecidable Propositions, Unsolvable Problems and Computable Functions, Davis  (unfree)

What is Mathematical Logic? Crossley et al  (unfree)

What Is the Name of This Book? : The Riddle of Dracula and other Logical Puzzles, Smullyan  (unfree)

Zermelo’s Axiom of Choice : Its Origins, Development, and Influence, Moore  (unfree)

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